21 thoughts on “RBI Baseball 20 Review | SGO

  1. Customisation =zéro
    Game looks better but it still sucks, can believe I bought that first thing when it came out. Back playing SMB2

  2. For people on PC and XBOX its better wait for Super Mega Baseball 3 that will come out in few days, isnt MLB licence but there is lot of fun in gameplay

  3. Commentary needed and MLB has players making 330 million but can't afford announcers I don't want to hear about retro gaming.

  4. Bought this Just as a placeholder till the show comes to xbox next year. I do like the new pitching but just like the reviewer I had to switch back to classic hitting. The graphics look great but the animations on the field are laughable. Still I am having a little fun just because it's the only baseball game I can play till next year.

  5. I like rbi 20 sure it’s buggy but I still give it a 7/10 it’s a better step then rbi 19 which 19 was a 5/10 for me hopefully rbi 21 keep improving on series even tho the show coming to Xbox soon

  6. Trust me if u get use to the modern hitting it’s better imo bc I don’t like how you can move the batter around. If they fixed some fielding bugs I think the game would be better. Best thing for me tho is I got the game for free😂

  7. Terrible review. Is this ign? I've never been able to play the other rbi games cuz of how bad they were. This game is way better then the past games and I found no issue with modern hitting. Fielding deff has bugs but I found the game enjoyable. And it clearly has some presentation issues. But a step in the right direction. However it wont compete with mlb the show next year.

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