Rc Paraglider EDF Powered DIY Project Test Flights V1, 2, and 3

hello everybody welcomes to a new episode of How To DIY Rc this my EDF Rc Powered Paraglider DIY Project we are making a long series about this Project how to make Rc paraglider under 50 dollars and we start at the beginning of the project with footage from two years ago this is my newest project already got it’s maiden flight this is just testing the thrust angle it need to make if FLY Yes Sir We can’t steer it’s doing it all on it’s own less throttle before i Crash in my Privet lake we got the thrust angle correct next test we added two steering servo’s with long arms with a string attach that runs to the back of the parafoil we are using a 50mm EDF unit at the moment that was just enuff the get it airborne but we like to have more you can see the DIY rc paraglider is performing really good for the price Build for under 50 dollars in the store the price runs up to 1500 dollars this DIY Project is all about getting it done for under 50 Dollars that’s even cheaper than HobbyKing who hoe Looping This is an upgrade 64mm EDF unit giving a lot more power maybe a little bit to much power Hahaha it’s very hard to control the power but still a fun project but also bvery difficult this is the End Hope you like the paraglider and Subscribe for the next week Episode we got a lot of related playlist about Rc paraglider built and fly video’s to help you with your Project!

10 thoughts on “Rc Paraglider EDF Powered DIY Project Test Flights V1, 2, and 3

  1. Fantastic Project I have been debating building something similar but with a small quad motor. It may be time to get the sail from Hobby King and give it a whirl.

  2. I cant wait till my parafoils comes in..I have extra 64mm EDF laying around. Crap load
    of plastic coat hanger and garage full of kiddie's toys that been gathering from 3 generations of kids.lmao….You can get giant 70" kites or whatever the hell for under $10
    Just slap foam sheet elevons for the tail….Mount an EDF instead of a prop.lmao

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