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All right, my name is Lawrence and today I’ll be reacting to hockey injury videos Okay, so first things first, this may be the last time we will be filming here Because I’m moving to another apartment I’m now currently living somewhere in the south of Amsterdam, and I’m actually moving way more than the center actually, so Very nice This is something new also for the other hockey Heroes. So yeah, I’m moving surprised but that’s not why you’re watching this videos because I’ll be reacting to hockey injury videos And I did some research on YouTube and I found a few of them I haven’t seen the video because well if you’ve already seen it then react to it then You already know what to expect So I found from two different other hockey channels who do compilation as well The first video is from field hockey – and the video titles field hockey injuries 18 plus so if you’re not found if so if you’re under 18 Don’t watch it. He posted on January 13 2007 instead so that’s from last year. This guy is from South Africa Compilation videos and I’m quite curious how this video go. So let’s watch the video Oh Geez there wasn’t even to just miss the ball That was some speed in it She’s alone Quite some speed in it Facilities working No in his face Why would you hit that that’s so stupid that’s so stupid In his face, oh That’s that’s terrible good enough no, that’s a rat Park that India Rhett sorry Dabney shower Oh No In his face as well. How would you do that? That’s the most stupid thing to do Oh God well, that was like Almost two minutes of he live a very very heavy injuries Well, what I saw in the videos is actually a few of them are Well, they’re really my accident. It couldn’t do anything about it myself then. I think there were a bit on purpose so Let’s hope that’s not the case I’ve got a second video which is from the channel love monkey and This video is called field hockey accident also again 18+, so if you’re not over 18, don’t watch the videos He or she published it on march 12 2007 t let’s watch the heat Oh Get his things what is it with people in our faces? All right, oh that’s right this is from seven He lost a lot of tooth with this one a Lot of them my body. It wasn’t really cleared nicer than another guy’s as well. Oh, no It was a clear red card. He’s just swinging Straight in his face. Oh my god. I Just wanted to the same from the last one. All right copy that even that’s not good That was pretty easy it’s from the same team that’s pretty stupid There was a second video already and As I can see again a few of them were on purpose. I know the one well, I don’t think actually but it looks like the one with With Sev who’s lost his teeth. I don’t I’m not saying it Vali, but it could be Sure look like the swing was quite big not saying you’re a nice guy. I know you gotta choke But still a lot of incidents by extends Third video again from field hockey – and the posted is December 11th 2017 and this one is a difference the worst field hockey tables ever So let’s watch the video Not really heavy one I’ve seen heavier who got one was really heavy Really it was someone in the back so Yeah, it wasn’t that well on it Wow Not sure if he really was tackled there it was a small dime in it I’m not really saying it’s a radio car Farris. I think he was diving of it Yeah Yeah This it’s a bit of a diver actually My breathe ferret Gets one spare. Oh, yeah, that’s a card, but she walked in a really smart as well. So Yeah, that’s not a good one He was actually searching for us out Again Vali, he’s a very smart fucker. Oh No, that’s not that’s not really fair Swinging a stick as well So that’s like a Ruffy won-ho with two legs on it That’s no But I think this one wants in the other videos well This legs over his head. Whoo. That’s my stupid one ever Oh in the boarding, yeah Well, he was well, that’s not it’s not clean so But it’s still hard to defend the force when using full rush Of course the skin you can see was man already Yeah Funny So that was the last video I’ve seen from field hockey tube worst field hockey type of evidence I got in this video a little bit accidents, but a lot of them were actually Maybe on purpose you never know and that’s something I that I wanted to discuss actually because And field hockey is actually really a gentleman sport so where rugby is a game for hooligans played by gentlemen’s and Football is actually game for chance – played by hooligans. That’s what they say. And I feel that is actually a gentleman sports It’s just clear out gentlemen Everybody’s respectful data for for each other there It’s always fair play and as I can see in these videos are not a lot of field hockey injury videos of them so things that again for field hockey tube and love hockey for making the compilation, but as I can see in these videos that there are still a lot of players who Still think unfair. So that’s something that I that’s very strange so a tip for for me for you, let’s all play the game fair and Respectful to each other so you don’t end up in one of these videos and then I reacts on them Of course, that’s not good So that brings us to the end of the video if you liked it Then that like button of course. If you know some other field hockey videos that I should react on leave it in the comments and If I should do some other YouTube related videos, or maybe my other hockey hero friends should do a hockey related videos Also leave the net accounts. I’d like to do a combination of YouTube and field hockey together let’s say we did already a mukbang and we did a Some challenges and I did some what’s in my bag and I did some hockey flux, of course Oh, well leave it in the comments and maybe I’ll bail you will do it. And of course and I Hit that subscribe button to see more videos of us every week and if you don’t follow us on Instagram yet that’s also from our because we do some a lot of feet photo if you posting on Instagram, so Follow us also there and Facebook, of course, and we’re trying to figure out snap yet. Not really working Well, but we’re trying and thank you, of course for watching

18 thoughts on “React to Hockey Injury videos – Lawrence Hockeyvlog #7 | Hockey Heroes TV

  1. Iemand deed tijdens een wedstrijd heel dom en deed zijn stick heel er omhoog en toen kwam hij tegen de rechterkant van men hoofd, maar het deed heel even lijn dan niet, ik heb ook een paar keer een bal heel hard tegen me voet gehad

  2. that feeling u get when you are infront of the guy and you have your stick down but he still lifts his stick and goes for the shot😨😨😨

  3. Can we see Laurence play his guitar (it's in the background)?
    What other hidden talents do the rest of the hockey heroes have? Perhaps we could see them in a new video?! 😀

  4. Ik heb een bal op mijn linker wenkbrauw gehad,.. wij waren alle 2 naar die bal gelopen en ja hij pusht hoog gwn richting mij en ja bam op mijn wenkbrauw😅 6 draadjes 😅 maja tis genezen nu, 😊 gooie vlog Lawrence maat👊👊 groeten uit België,🇧🇪

  5. Seen two bad ones in my time playing. The first one was a lad must have been 14 running after loose ball in the d. Keeper wound up and leathered it to clear it. The ball lifted and hit him in the forehead from the ground must have been six foot away he went down like a tree KO. The other one guy fell awkwardly at an odd angle straight, popped his arm out to stop himself and his shoulder snapped out of the joint that one was loud!

  6. Nice video guys! Thanks for reacting on our videos 👌🏼 We should definitely do some type of collaboration in the future 🔥

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