Real Cricket 19 – Gameplay

hello everyone I got a notification a
couple of days ago of real cricket 2019 at I have never played real cricket
before I used to play another game called sachin saga champions which was quite good but let’s see this will be my
first impression on this game we have achievements very low XP there
162 achievements you know in all I used to be achievement hunter for a while I
did some hunting just like in steam okay so these are unlockable at levels and
also you can purchase it directly at tournaments we have ok I guess these are
all purchasable and also they will be unlocked as you play along we got the
profile system in this one I just synced it with my Google Play Store so it is
going to calculate all my progress through Google Play link I think and we
have regular I mean you can train the player as well and also we have the
goals which refresh every 2 days I guess and the store of course we have the shop for single-player and
multiplayer and the settings screen shows controllers our cameras help just
the regular stuff alright let’s practice on nets let’s see
the game plays what that really matters in cricket games we shall see on the
nuts we have batting bowling option defensive balanced radical and fruit
let’s go a left-handed okay we have the stances front and back we have the
joypad to hit turtle direction that giant circle reminds me of the old EA
Sports cricket game it used to be a thing okay we can also try lofted short
then we can also push and let’s see okay it’s difficult to play with the mouse ah perfect perfect timing
it’s always easier on the nuts let’s try a straight left it short nice is it too easy on the tutorial or maybe
I’m waiting on the perfect timing you can check it out at the top maybe it’s
just showing me where to hit the timer is not moving I think okay let’s see the
boiling for a little and just want to see the gameplay okay we need to switch
directions with this it’s difficult with it’s definitely
difficult with the mouse equipped for mobile I guess I cannot click on two
spots I need to equip my custom key on this eMeter try I guess for falling actually that circle goes back to the
original position after I select I goes back to being a short fetch delivery this is difficult
well I need to reconfigure I’ll be back after this fall let’s try this one and I
shall put a key on the top a button that was a cool shot and he was be right back
okay so I put my extra button right where the okay was maybe I can bowl now
the batting wasn’t difficult with the mouse but it’s the bowling that okay we
have international teams here let’s play India against any team oh we have a lot
of teams is anything missing let’s we have also an Eightball when
it’s done wonders let’s go Bangladesh for the first match I don’t want to get
beaten on the first day itself we have stadiums to unlock and it is
going to require coins I think coins will be earned during matches stadiums
London we have the original names I hope they have the license to use the
original names maybe it’s just India or I need to see further teams also have
the original names usually games don’t use official names so no if they are all
my sister extra studios where we will be bringing
you live action shortly I am joined by our experts who are all really excited
yeah I think this will be a great gaming so these prayers are in the form of
their lives I wouldn’t want to miss a moment the conditions at al explain it
and the tops could be very important all right then let’s head straight to the
stadium and catch the captains in the middle we have both the captains in the center tails is the call and tails ADIZ it’s a
good toss to win they really need to make most of the conditions now let’s go
for whirling I need to battle I’ll let’s chase the target
I want to skip the bowling for the first one okay I see what they’re trying to do
this completely simulating what TV broadcast it’s supposed to be like so we
have the extra innings where people talk it’s not working we had the National
Anthem I don’t know if this button is not
working oh I need to select okay it’s my bowling turn so I need to select the
bowler a lovely day to play cricket and here we
have the two umpires walking in with a brand new ball in comes the fielding
side then they charged up and ready to go here come the openers meet pace
bowler into the tank five four three two Hey Podrick first ball of the innings wait a second
my okay button isn’t working again I think I equipped my that’s when getting
into position two pairs the first ball of things anyways let’s see the first ball bad start bad start first ball hit 406 I
think I need to skip this part anyways I feel like there is an autoplay
option and to play full innings add one thing that annoys me in the mobile games
anyways I’ll skip this okay I had to restart after the add the game closed
for some reason I did auto play and I had to sit through another ad extract
links again all right we get the point now let’s see the batting on the real
field what ok select disk Rohit Sharma and see that the one we are through with
the innings break and your backline at the stadium the batting team has a
target the umpires lead the fielding team keeping wickets in hand would be
vital the game is set on pace bowler into the tank all right they see that they have been
getting into position to face the first ball of them’s nice first word for for we’re chart but it still went before that was an absolute gift for the
batsman and he cashed in here we go wonder where the next one is going to
fly it’s under powers and nasty delivery
very late on to that Ebola will have to be extra-careful off the line he bowls
to the speed white blood maybe all of mine here and
that’s of wine in the placed at point let’s stay a cover drive my sing low
short saw the boy inside making the batsman go for shots like those on the
other excellent captaincy that’s fine let me try that one more time if I hold
it right on that spot let me try a little up unlucky there and once again it straight
to the beam down that is a negress appeared in place I like how they’re
going public which at least age come on it’s sweet getting a cover drive at the beginning
another ad or maybe after every over we also get an ad that’s sucks
they say to do is from the other way a right left hander nine point eight nine
tons very really don’t want to talk over the Coventry if you guys want to hear
the quarter do let me Oh it closed again man this game has issues okay I’ll
restart back again into the game and the game actually starts from where I
stopped all right first six they won’t let me
push through the fielders so maybe I can put it on the left side white ball I don’t know whether the sound seems bit
Scratchy maybe it’s the emulator or I don’t know
I’m not sure and you pay the price don’t feel good about the sound we’re chart
another good game he seems to have carried his form from the last match that’s it straight to the fender
the thing about the other game it’s such in saga champions was I could push
through the covers but in this game it’s not it hasn’t happened yet before trying
something again person there was definitely a difficulty another and after all all right we get
it I think I’m playing on much easy
difficulty so everything is going for a six we have been frustrating having you
start on the last one oh that’s you
way into the stand another beauty oh he has got a wide
range of shots what is he going to do next awesome short the other game doesn’t offer make this
kind of a short it’s more about placement I’m not in this one still not cover it’s difficult to find
the gaps in this one I guess that went into the gap somehow chef’s my seventeen together one has to happen like that in real life make medicine strike all right the difficulty is too easy I
need to change if I play this again oh yeah another I’d skip this skip this reading team can now have more than two
fielders outside the inner circle even the audio is not cleared up so the
disturbance in the recording I in before trying something extravagant ok I have my eye in into something we
saved an extra run let’s try to go a leg side this time laughter oh no massive massive alright let’s go this side then
still no contact I had a clue make contact this time 50 for India and not appeal team this is scintillating Danny
wonder where the next one is going you never know what’s going on the outside
and it’s going for a six again it is show time
Rob wingman yeah here at melon perfect we’ll have the Duggar reactions as well do we have the cheerleaders – we’ll have
to be extra careful of the line boards to this right well the bowl of is he was mine
here and that’s why there’s a fever and extra cover or shot but only a single the drives
what poor running has been ruthless against the spinners in this series the
drives do feel good but this game I don’t think it offers much room for
placement may be change it differently will change the gameplay as well alright
let’s see even a single is considered as a poor
running can you read again yes I can do it again who it success all over success success 49 we have she got the one on 4917 I
think Roy should be one for richer muscle the other ones going to get a
half century you know filter was right behind the bowler let’s go for a single
or maybe a six yeah it’s easy difficulty I guess once
you hit the loft or charted see going to be a 6:55 of 16 only in video games I don’t watch much cricket but I think
someone has made a 16 ball 50 run in real life Oh matches over they have done a lot of
work on the animations I can see that nice light a match and for a few words alright that was the match so okay one
achievement and these are current objectives that I have that I did not
accomplish we get XP and coins for every game we can also collect okay W by
watching an ad nope not required all right that was real
cricket rather had to end this that’s a long add 30 minute damn which mobile I believe is this Lord
snow well the icon looks like Lord Sagi the mobile handle this much particle
effects at a time not plate Lord snow well yet all right now my impressions on
this game there is too much emphasis on making this game look authentic as the
TV broadcast maybe that’s the goal that’s why they
made so many animations in this game the gameplay still could be better I think I
played better to get games on mobile and they were saying such in saga champions
was the best so far considering the gameplay but this game
has definitely done much more work than that one for me putting the boundaries
through the fielders getting the right placements is all I care about I mean
it’s better than hitting success every time oh maybe I was playing on easy
difficulty and maybe that’s the issue I need to see more about the gameplay
anyways guys if this was just the first impression on this game this just got
released so maybe I thought I would make a video on it
if you guys are interested give it a like and I will try to make another
video on expert or maybe hard difficulty until then see ya bye bye

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