Rebecca Zamolo Takes Lie Detector Mixture from Game Master (Hidden Secrets and Code 10 Reveal)

it’s Rebecca and I’m here at the Zen
room you guys saw in my last video that the gamemaster took one of your giveaway
prizes which was an iPad Mini and revealed a clue on the GoPro that said
that it was here I asked you guys in the zamfam if you thought I should go and
try to get this iPad Mini back and you guys voted and it’s honey you wanted me
to do it so I’m here now let’s get that back ok Zamfam so give this video a
thumbs up if you are one of the ones that voted for me to come here and
really nervous I hope what we’re looking for is inside hold on if I lost you guys oh my gosh
you guys saw in my last video that the game master transformed my house into a
giant funhouse which had a ball pit and a bounce house and so many games that I
had to complete in order for me to get back here guys this price ever final
game where we had to make a box for it there was a knock on her door and Matt
and I ran down and there was a box and there was pumpkin patch that was running
away and Matt has been chasing pumpkin patch and is currently spying on him I
think we’re gonna figure out who pumpkin patch is and I called him on my way here
to let him know so he should be meeting me really soon I just need to figure out
how to get into the actual Zen room which is over here
come on save him look it’s like a white long dress and it says where me and then
this this is where the Zen room is get in here this is where the iPad Mini
is you guys let me know what you think I should do opening I can see where you’re
at right now you can Rebecca it says white I think it
was white white there’s a white dress maybe I’m supposed to wear it Matt so
exams let me know if you think that I should wear this matt said the clue was
white this is the only waiting in the room so I think I’m gonna put it on and
see if something happens right okay then kept going in all white
now what did it that was a clue with you guys you
know who’s the Clooney of your common zamfam this is not what I remember
the Zen room being like an old phone there’s green potion what’s the green
potion that’s like the only thing that isn’t white in here a washing machine
there’s oh my gosh there’s like a cuckoo clock
what is that there’s a TV yes sir I don’t want to you don’t want to if you
want to feed math again Rebecca I need you to drink this serum it’s truth serum
only way ever released that is if you drink the truth serum I can bet you and
I were both hypnotized and that you both have information about project disorder
unlock your mind take the serum how do you feel
okay is your name Rebecca Duvall yes my name is Rebecca swallow if the 24 hours
in your attic did you see I didn’t see you when I was doing the 24 overnight
challenge but my Zamfam said they saw you when I was filming my tape talk and
then when I looked at the tape top video I saw you peeking your head and watching
me I’ve ever taken a lie detector test before yes we had a professional come
and Stephen sharer and grace sharer did a lie detector test on me to prove that I
was not the game master did you like the funhouse I made for you yes I did like
the funhouse I like the ball pit I like the bounce
house but I didn’t like the fact that you broke into my house and hit all of
the gifts for my family did you tell that they were working for the
game master I told Matt when we went to go spy on pumpkin patch at his hideout
with skiing and sharing fresh air behind me I know you told me not to but I felt
like I had to trust even cuter yes how did you know I was in your hotel room in
Hawaii we used a spy gadget water bottle which had a hidden camera in a
that you were in the cart that was rolled into our room the project’s order
took down YouTube did you take part in that do you know the Doomsday date the more you resist the more pain you
feel I know that doomsday day people have told me that it’s November 3rd but
you’re not supposed to know do you think that I’m good no nobody I don’t work for
anybody do you know what code 10 stands for thank
you for your candor I haven’t everything I D what is this we
absorb all this rooster well where’s the a mess game Esther’s
not here Sam Pam did you see the game master where
did he go look it’s the Olympic rings Zamfam what do you think that means what Matt it’s my Matt Matt it’s lost okay
I don’t know how to get you out any clues I have a piece of paper with some
rings on it okay let me look around I’ll get you out okay okay okay
there’s some rings on this piece of paper do you have any idea what that
would be in this room I was a gymnast what if it was it’s a pull-up bar do you
guys see anything let me know in the comment section below if you see
something what if I have to actually get up on here let me try to do a pull-up – four five 245 I got it
zamfam two four five you got it is there a code somewhere Tony you seem
like a walk something you at 3 3 4 5 ok I’m turning that hold on
4c yeah it worked what is this so 3 agent number 3 6 9 you
guys I have no idea what I’m supposed to do with this number 3 6 9 you see
anything um do you guys think I should pick it up give this video a thumbs up
if you think I should do it yeah I’m gonna do it
hello taking master it’s fortunate watching hello hello hello
so the game master said you’re fortunate that I’m watching you fortune watching for my cookie 3-digit come on
in here at second three six nine what if we use three six night on this code
maybe that’ll open this okay let’s try it
three six nine it worked let me know if you think the next clue
is inside this fortune cookie we got to do this you got to get my out it says
scene what does that mean see oh my gosh it’s the star spangel banner dream they’re kids Ric Flair that our
flag was still there what my scene I’ve never won me anything
before I can’t believe it actually worked they wait there’s a credit card
on the string it’s the back of it it’s like the CD number it’s a three-digit
code eight two one snap film let me know if you’ve seen anything that reminds you
of a credit card there’s a table we’ve used this for the fortune cookie I don’t
think this is it this is some type of like like washing machine ATM this is an
ATM machine you guys maybe if I punch it eight to one something will happen eight
to one door opens oh my gosh like a room these please comment what you think
these are it looks like a carrot pepper potatoes oh my gosh they’re making
itself okay I don’t know what to do back okay let’s keep looking you guys the
music shut off look zamfam it looks like oh my gosh I do not want to put my
hand in toilet but it looks like something’s in there and it looks like a
cloud would you do this if there was a clue inside the toilet would you reach
your hand in I’m gonna do it oh my gosh Matt I’m reaching my hand in a toilet it’s like an owl who’s there comment
below what you think the cuckoo is there greetings Rebecca’s are more viewers we
are projects or go tomorrow is November 3rd the doomsday date we have taken
control of Rebecca’s on wallows channel by the end of tomorrow we will have
complete control of you will only be able to watch the videos we
allow you to watch the only way to stop us is if 1 million people type the
special passcode into the youtube comment section welcome to the new
YouTube where no videos are allowed unless they have been approved by
projects or go and always remember project Zorro is watching

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