Recap: Field Hockey vs. Dartmouth

[Music] ANNOUNCER: Doing a good job of keeping the ball. Now here’s a shot and that one’s going to go in! Incredible turnaround shot, that was Rachel Greenwood, the sophomore. Coming through with the first goal on Senior Day. It does go to van Vlijmen, she’ll take the shot and that one that time, no doubt about it. van Vlijmen on the board and Harvard now up 2-0 with 3:30 left here in the third quarter. Olivia Hoover, working the ball up methodically sends that one in, now a free shot attempt. But instead here’s a shot now, that time in the net again and Maddie Earle the senior Getting one of her own. Now flying forward is van Vlijmen, she has the ball, maybe a shot coming, there it is. And that one is in the back of the net. Here’s van Vlijmen, left inside, there’s a shot, and that one is in the net! Here’s van Vlijmen, she already has three today and make that four! [Music]

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