Recap: Football vs. Dartmouth

The path to an Ivy League championship
is like walking the tightrope one false step could mean the difference between
lifting a trophy and an offseason of disappointment today number 14 Dartmouth
looks to stay on track in its quest for perfection but a tough test awaits this
afternoon with the Harvard Crimson the handoff
Darington he has the first down breaks a tackle and Isaiah Swann brings him to the
turf at the 31 yard line keeps it on the play-action he’s going deep down the
middle of field this is Astrata he hauls it in! Here comes Max Jones at the end of the play. It’s an interception first and ten from the 37 all over the
middle bit tight in John Stivers team it likes
to run it they’re gonna throw it here go But no option available It’s Anthony Nelson Didn’t have anything to the left now scrambling he finds his Estrada First down! third and one Darrington he won’t get it
Dartmouth defensive line makes another big stop over the middle Estrada he’s
got a first down inside the 45 to the 43 with 8 seconds left this should be the
final play of the ballgame Kyler gets free throws Endzone
tip drill touchdown Dartmouth touchdown! And the Big Green win it. there’s a huge crowd on hand for
Dartmouth to watch this one and they are rewarded as the big green move to 7-0

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