Recap: Men’s Hockey vs. Princeton

from bright Landry hockey Center the
campus of Harvard University this is the Ivy League on ESPN tonight another
chapter of Harvard and Princeton is written as both outfits look to stay
unbeaten early in the season 152 career points you mentioned Kevin the
all-time leading scorer Gibson rebound in front this has the second line long
breakout pass chance here for a breakaway for Harvard to score Nick Abruzzese
finishes it off all along to I pass in second of the year and a crimson lead
one-nothing centering feed tip oh what a save by Ferland, certainly they give you a
leg up in the recruiting game another long outlet pass chance here for Bowlby
Bowlby and he scores! Henry Bowby on a similar-looking play
in the first period strike and Harvard extends its lead for the former Dexter
school chance here on a two-on-one drag shot that one ran the pipe back in the
sixth round of the 18 NHL draft another odd man rush here for Harvard shot off
the pipe and it goes off the goaltender and in! is gonna totally open up that
breakout even more for Harvard chance here on the steal in comes Evans he
shoots and he fired it to high up to the D knuckle puck right on Gibson
rebound chance this will to the outside of the cage and we’ll play on O’Neal strong
start to this third period off of a double deflection in front Kirsten
centering feed out front Gibson makes the stop Tigers up ice once
more six on five Princeton with the empty net big hit right in front of the
Harvard bench two saves in the final ten seconds gonna be a 31 save shutout as
Harvard’s gonna pour over the bench to congratulate the young first-year goaltender in Mitchell Gibson first-year from Pennsylvania and his first career
start records his first career shutout Congrats to the young man as Harvard
wins by a final score tonight a three zip

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