Recap: Men’s Ice Hockey at Boston University

[Music] ANNOUNCER: Now the Crimson trying to jailbreak a man down. Creating a 3-on-2, pass to the middle and a goal. Reilly Walsh, the middle man on that 3-on-2. Fortuitous bounce for the Crimson, Abruzzese gets it back. Rathbone and Walsh handle it up high. Glanced off a skate but it stayed in. Rathbone with a missile, pad save there. Puck is cleared in. The shot came through, puck loose. Bouncing puck off the top of the cage and then reeled in. Back to Farrance now McCarthy Sent it up high, rebound attempt, denied there as Armstrong was on the doorstep. Abruzzese carries, got a man trailing, Walsh. In front, and a goal. Jack Drury, on the power play, 4-2 hockey game. [Music]

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