Recap: Men’s Ice Hockey at Brown

[Music] ANNOUNCER: Out ahead it comes, here comes Bowlby, breaking in. Tries a shot off the crossbar, and scored! [Music] Out ahead Dawson has it broken up and here comes Harvard with numbers. The drive, the shot and a score! R.J. Murphy following the Dawson turnover. Kept it himself, and it’s 3-1 Harvard! A 2-on-1 break here for Harvard Dornbach, the drive and a score! Another turnover for Brown turns into a break for the Crimson. And Harvard is out to a 4-1 lead, Casey Dornbach! Stillwell gets around the defender, works his way in through traffic the shot, kicked away by Gibson Who comes up with another stop Dives, backhander, a shot in front into Gibson. Puck loose again! [Music]

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