Recap: Men’s Ice Hockey at RPI

[Music] ANNOUNCER: Clean win off the draw in the offensive zone. Shot comes, tipped on in and a goal! A goal for Bowlby on the redirection. [Music] Shot comes in save by Savory, a rebound and they put it home! Baker Shore on the backhand beats Savory five-hole. Ture Linden in the corner, leaves it there. Mahshie, cycling, gets some help from Johnson in deep. And now Burgess in front, a shot. Oh, a glove save! Gibson! Near side half wall. Walsh up top. Feeding it down low, one time. Oh they score! Dornbach. A bang bang play, it’s 4-3 on a power play goal by Casey Dornbach. [Music] And now stolen back in front, Abruzzese across a shot and they score. It’s a hat trick for Casey Dornbach! It’s 5-3! Now given away, right out in front. Savory can’t stop this one. Frederic Gregoire his first goal of the year and 10th of his career. [Music]

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