Recap: Men’s Ice Hockey vs. Dartmouth

From the Bright Landry Hockey Center at
Harvard this is the Ivy League on ESPN tonight the Dartmouth big green are back
at the scene of their last two postseason exits against the 19th ranked
Harvard Crimson for both teams and a lot of new faces to get to know
as Gornet goes diving forward O’Connor was right in his lap back out the other
way on Farahnachi from Red Bank New Jersey cycled in front and Harvard
scores. Diving effort than a swing with the stick reversal and score. Great puck movement by the Crimson Indirect pass went right to the big green now Strong from behind the goal
and a self passed in front Burbank watched it deflect into the mesh to step
in his Lane but as long as you’re bottling it up he’s gonna pass deflected
shot in a goal for Dartmouth went down to his knees there’s another goal Markell from the point this game is tied 2-2 great chance for Quinn Foreman on
the go and a second shot goes in Quinn Foreman. He is wearing 16 great
feed in front off the pipe and they score the program products right ongoing
Rathbone scores it. Sniped by Jack Rathbone his second of the night
give me chase Farahnachi he’s got the open target and scores John Farahnachi
notches first collegiate goal take its first lead
why not add some more there it is Nick Abruzzese see right on cue after
Farahnachi and the final score tonight
Harvard opens the home schedule the right way with a 7-3 win over Dartmouth

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