Recap: Women’s Hockey at Quinnipiac

Petrie back to the right side for Della Rovere Della Rovere, trying to slash her way out in front backhand chop they score right at the doorstep Keely Moy The puck was bounding in front of the circle the puck found Keely Moy and she scores to make it one nothing Coming in over Willoughby Ogsworth gets it back Straightaway deployed flips it in and Lindsay Reed the 6-foot goaltender just steps out in front of that crease cross to the left wing side Della Rovere on the circle shoot flawed and the Harvard Crimson take one back the other way in a neutral zone rush This is a great play by Becca Gilmore to buy some space Abby Ives isn’t able to control the rebound and this is just a lapse on defense for the Bobcats Ogsworth shot gets blocked by Glover You can’t allow any of those players on the first line to skate free and that was Kat Hughes who originally found that puck got It towards the net and Anne Bloomer picking up goal number six on the season already

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