Recap: Women’s Volleyball vs. Brown

Almanza right back. This time it’s Allen
and it cannot be saved up front. Switch it out, two-player serve receives
and gets it sits in the middle, Fields can’t put it away, her second try! Mabry gets set, jams it through this time. Set Vorhies again, high off the block. Easy play Sellers, Miller will set it up gets rejected. For the Bears looking to
take it two sets to none lead, Sellers to the middle, Curtin rejected by Fields. Off
the block, Mabry’s on top of it Almanza back to Grey again this time she
finds the line. Vorhies a swing finds the corner well spotted that time by the
first year Vorhies. Vorhies blocked punched over. Sellers to the middle
rejected great double. Zeng’s third ace, make it four. Miller blocked, Rao that time. Nice save
Roberts Burbank, Almanza pops it up for Mabry, roll shot will drop. Wang to
the middle, Mabry pushes through the corner and she hits it.
Wang takes it Zend sets it up. Vorhies around the block and down. Vorhies brings the heat. Rejected big stuff Fields with a dig, Almanza, Mabry roll
shot it falls.

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