Recap: Women’s Volleyball vs. Columbia

[Music] Roberts Burbank back to the line off her
second kill. Pass from Pan, Cheng sets the middle. Ikwuazom is blocked.
How about Adeleye. When she was a youth and boy, that was not the most
graceful way of getting the ball over the net, a little chess pass but she’ll
take it. Set out for Mabry, hammered down the line. They’re able to pick themselves up and yes let them take the lead or tie it but they are down by a lot. A lot of
different ways. Kalie Wood the Libero with the serve. Roberts Burbank to pass.
Almanza the back set. Rao blocked. Roberts Burbank saves it. Almanza goes the other way and it’s Mabry finding the back line. Would certainly, help Ashley
Wang comes into serve. Woodall tough pass. Wood the bump set back to the
first-year she is blocked. Get strings holding her up her or she’s in her own the
antigravity zone. She rises it’s a really graceful. Second set point for
Harvard, Almanza’s serve challenges Teehan. Wood to the back. Woodall swing dug, by
Mabry. Almanza to Roberts Burbank puts it away. Again clipping it off the
high hands of the block. She was one of the best centers in the state of Florida
when she was in high school. Gray drives it off Teehan. Cheng will chase it down.
Wood calls off Woodall, interesting decision there. Wang to the middle. Campbell back for her first serve of the
day. Mabry the pass, Wang flings it out, Roberts Burbank squeezes. 15 kills for
the senior, Ikwuazom. She needs 10 more to get to 500. Set to the outside Roberts.
Fort Worth area, is a legacy at Columbia. Her mom Tracy played there, an Ivy League honorable mention. Now 16 kills. Sometimes keeping it simple is the
best recipe. Almanza has to chase that one down. Rao squares up for the swing,
Pan, Campbell, Ikwuazom.

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