Recap: Women’s Volleyball vs. Yale

Good job on the back end there by
Roberts Burbank to keep it alive, bumped over by Mabry. Arnott at the net, it is blocked. 17 starts on the year for Mabry set up here.
Block at the net. Bumped over quickly here by Rauser again they try
and set it up on the blocking game at the net. First tipped over by Bray back
and forth we go easily the longest rally we’ve had in Mabry says you know what
I’ve had enough nice dig on the back end by Zeng, left
here for Fields and she wastes no time getting serviced back for Harvard. For Mabry, she’s got her fingers are all over the match. Mabry
now with some heat Now Almanza at the net for Mabry and she
comes in for the kill nice recovery right there by Rao, over
for Mabry blocked off hands and out. Point will go to the Crimson. Comes over to Mabry off hands and that’s going to do it rock but
out of bounds they’re gonna say point goes to the Crimson

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