Alright so the first trickshot we’re gonna
do is arguably one of the most famous ones. It’s by the Danish guy… Mickeyyyyy… no you. Peter Gade. I’m talking about Peter Gade. I’m not Peter Gade. You’re not Peter Gade. I’m not Peter Gade. Anyways that’s the famous backhand whatever
you call that. Let’s give that one a go. Many players frequently do the behind the
back shot, but not many of them can get a winner from it. That’s exactly what I’m gonna do. That’s exactly what we’re gonna do. Lee Chong Wei smashes the shuttle down, and
Chen Long does a between the legs defence winner This one is Lin Dan’s signature trickshot
shot. He pretends to leave the shuttle and at the last
moment he whacks it behind his back hitting a winner Ko Sung Hyun fucks up and does a half court
lift. Fu Hai Feng pounds the shit out of it and
the Korean does a no look over the back block. This one’s gonna be the hardest to recreate. Very good. Thanks for watching guys. Which trickshots should we recreate next? Comment down below. Hope you enjoyed the video and I’ll see you
guys next time.


  1. Taufik Hidayat's behind the back running sideways defense.
    Taufik Hidayat's spinning 360 backhand smash.
    Taufik Hidayat's awkward backhand drive hitting the net version. I don't know how to describe this. It is the one where Hidayat did backhand drive at the very last moment with wrist flick.
    Vittinghus' between the legs facing backward version backcourt to backcourt (vs. Lee Chong Wei, I think).
    Dive defense with spinning cartwheel. I forgot who did this, but it's quite amazing!
    Gideon's awkward defensive shot, dubbed "The most bizarre shot I've ever seen" by Gill Clark.

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