Red Bull Campus Cricket World Finals 2015 (Behind the Scenes)

I think, the opportunity to come over to India and play against some of the best college cricketers from around the globe is an amazing opportunity and it gives people the exposure of playing for their country at a young age. T20 format, one of the most popular formats in the world, so we couldn’t ask for anything other than exposure like this. It’s just like international cricket. By the grace of god, moving ahead, cricket will become easier for us. It’s a massive platform, you get obviously get a lot of exposure and you play against different countries. It’s the first time I sat in an aircraft, I’d like to thank Red Bull for this international tour. Just the way cricket is taken, its taken very seriously, am glad I came here and experienced it for myself so I can see how its run and how good it is. I think it’s a good opportunity for campus student to showcase their talent and represent their country. We’ve come here and played against some of the best cricketers in our age, just a great experience. It’s a good thing to play here because everyone here is from university. Well get recognition not only in Pakistan, but the whole world, because it’s live on cricinfo worldwide. Its fantastic out here, the boys are loving it, sites fantastic. Love the food, big fan of the curry and also the naan bread. Nice weather, nice people. I’m finding it very nice, it’s the first time I have come. You’re wearing the Indian kit and representing India different countries, on a personal level it’s a very big achievement for any player. Red Bull Campus Cricket in one word? I don’t know, one word is not many words. Outstanding. Fantastic. Very nice. Exciting. Amazing. Extravagant. Fast. Phenomenal. Adventurous. Fantastic. It’s really good. Inspiring. Phenomenal. Amazing. Excitement. Unique. It’s Amazing. Great Tournament. Excellent. Amazing. Indescribable. Exciting. Perfection. Pioneering. Red Bull Campus Cricket….. in one word?

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