Red Bull Under My Wing with Hernan Pitocco – Paragliding in Peru

My name is Hernan Pitocco I’m an acrobatic paragliding pilot. I’m here in Lima, Peru. The Red Bull Under my Wing is an event where renowned athletes are invited. Hernan Pitocco is a world renowned pilot. He is a world-well known pilot. A world champion. These are going to be very intense days, but very goods days. If you make a hard turn, you easily load 6 or 7 Gs. If you weigh 100kg with the equipment, this means your total weight is something like 600/700 Kilos. Peru is a very privileged country if we talk about locations to fly. Thanks to the geography here in Peru, we can fly from the coast, for example from the “Green Coast”, that let us fly above the city. Well, we are going to do a take off with a “paramotor”. I’m going to take a “dieback”, which is a bag which folds the paraglide like a parachute. We are going to take off with the motor, with height, then I will jump and the paragliding is going to open very fast. How many times did you do this jump? I have never jumped from a paramotor with the paraglide. Let’s see. I trust in my colleague Juancito. Connecting the paragliding with the paramotor made me gain some extra height to do some radical maneuvers. I wouldn’t have been able to make them without today’s weather. I wanted to do 4 different maneuvers but we were not high enough, so I just did one. I decided to do the “infinity” jump. I don’t know if there were 5,6 or 7 flips but this was people wanted to see mostly.

19 thoughts on “Red Bull Under My Wing with Hernan Pitocco – Paragliding in Peru

  1. How the sport was invented: man wanted to kill himself while paragliding but accidentally flips full circle instead… freestyle paragliding is born.
    Hats of to these guys for sure!

  2. 5/5 This video is Currently featured on The Adrenaline Addicted Channel, The BIGGEST Paragliding Channel on Youtube!

  3. I like the way he speaks, only don't understand what he's trying to speak.
    Just like French people, nice way to say and talk but don't understand them (A)

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