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Hello Guys, Welcome to Nothing But Cricket In this video I’m gonna tell you how to improve reflex for catching Reflex helps you to respond to the balls coming to you quickly and catch them with ease Reflex depends on flexibility of the body It helps in taking some difficult catches I’m not giving exact meaning for reflex.. but something relate to it Reflex should help you with quick response for taking tough catches to improve reflex the first important thing is fitness I cannon help you with fitness in a single video Everybody should focus on their fitness levels By being active and doing proper physical activities If you are having good levels in fitness then obviously your reflex will be better Even after having good fitness level if you have stiffness then the drills which I’m gonna tell you guys in this video will help you with reflex focusing on the fitness is the first thing If you follow the drills from this video definitely the reflex of your body will increase So before going into the video please do subscribe and also press the bell icon to get updates from NBC Please follow in Instagram to get cricket knowledge regularly lets go into the video In this video I’m gonna talk about 2 drills to improve relfex along with that your catching ability will also improve so the first drill is Catching with wrong hand Generally we catch with both hands together but here we will catch the balls which come in left side with right hand and catch the balls on right with left hand and we should use only one hand When we stretch our wrong hand and catch the ball We give maximum effort for taking that catch so the elasticity of our body will increase our bending and stretching limit will increase So this is the first drill the second drill is catching by standing with our back facing the ball and on the count of three we should jump and face the ball and then anticipate and catch it In this method we are twisting our body and then we anticipate the ball and reach out and catch it our brain gives signal to body to reach the ball and the body respond to the signal and move towards it this is the second drill So we twist our body, anticipate and stretch for the ball and catch it in this drill therefore it increases the flexibility and reflex of our body 3..2..1 these 2 drills will improve your reflex if you practice regularly this will give good results Irrespective of height and weight of our body, flexibility is important for catching the ball do fitness regularly if you are lacking reflex even after doing fitness constantly.. these drills will help you improve thanks for watching the video. don’t forget to like, share, subscribe. and also press the bell icon to get constantly notified by NBC Thanks for watching keep supporting

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  1. Haha..i still remember your reflex catch @ Short cover da..Tirunelveli la…I remember it so well that it gave me on a hat-trickπŸ˜‚πŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ

  2. Bro ! Harrow bat size senior players use panalam ah my height 5.7" . Qick reply . SH romba costly ah eruku . But Harrow vs SH different therila …

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  4. Hai Bro.. Nanga weight Tennis ball player dhan,
    Tournament fixtures some confusions iruku, so tournament fixtures poda cleara oru video post pannunga bro, theriyathavanga therinjikirom,

  5. Anna na cricket academy saranum please enaku help pannuga na cricket veyadanum .indian teamuku na velayadanum please reply me

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