Rekor Pertemuan Marcus/Kevin Vs Ahsan/Hendra

The all Indonesian final will again occur between men’s doubles pair Marcus Fernaldi Gideon / Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo and Mohammad Ahsan / Hendra Setiawan at the 2019 Denmark Open final match. Sunday (10/20/2019). The meeting between the two couples is not just a derby of fellow Indonesian couples The final between Marcus / Kevin and Ahsan / Hendra is arguably the ideal final, considering they are the world’s first and second ranked pair. The match at Odense Sportspark, Odense, Denmark was not the first to occur throughout 2019 Marcus / Kevin and Ahsan / Hendra had met 4 times this year before the 2019 Denmark Open finals. What is impressive is that all these matches took place in the final round. The inaugural meeting in 2019 took place at the 2019 Indonesia Masters final at the end of January. At that time, Marcus / Kevin won two games over Ahsan / Hendra. The Indonesian derby again occurred at the 2019 Indonesia Open final. Again, Marcus / Kevin won Ahsan / Hendra and won the title. The pair nicknamed the Minions continued their impressive record of Ahsan / Hendra in the next two finals namely at the 2019 Japan Open and 2019 China Open. Overall, Marcus / Kevin and Ahsan / Hendra have met 11 times since 2015 Marcus / Kevin are still superior head-to-head with a total of nine wins. [End]

10 thoughts on “Rekor Pertemuan Marcus/Kevin Vs Ahsan/Hendra

  1. Siapa pun juara… Tapi tetap Indonesia… semangat para atlit bulutangkis Indonesia semoga juara umum aminnn

  2. Mereka Saling Menutupi,,
    Saat Minions gagal Juara, Ahsan/Hendra yg Juara,, dan Sebaliknya,,
    Karna Mereka Masih satu perguruan,,

  3. Buat minions Dan dady siapa pun yg menjadi juara Kalian ber 4 adalah kebangaan Indonesian….. Maju Dan Semagat trus kedapanya

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