Remo – Tamil Full Movie | Sivakarthikeyan | Keerthy Suresh | Bakkiyaraj Kannan | Anirudh Ravichander

Every life born in this world
will feel love and crave for it. If not, he is not a Human. How does one fall in love? See the one with that stupid face?
Well, he is “The Cupid”. What he does? He is the one who
hits love inside us. If cupid triggers his arrow.
It has no barriers or rules. He will get addicted with love. To be simple CUPID the
Greatest Love god. Next project of this
little Eros is our Hero. His name is SK. He is well talented,
Cool, Brilliant, Strong. And also studious. While he was at school… He watched movie BASHA (DON)
and decided to become a hero. If he does score good
marks in studies. His life might take a turn
into Doctor or engineer. So he failed his 10th exams. He started chasing his dreams.
Cupid fed up chasing him. 10 years passed by. He never made into
the Film industry. Cupid couldn’t finish up
the project SK as well. But, He kept on searching
on all Film Companies. Now he is a Hero
in a drama troupe. It’s not that easy to be a hero.
Especially for you, No way. He ignored those who discouraged
him, and he never gave up. Who you think you are? Go and perform. Do you know why we
have brought you here? It’s because you are scared that
I’ll take your daughter elsewhere. Do you know what’s the punishment
for arguing with the king. I’m sure the punishment given is much less
than what is given for fools like you. …who oppose the idea of love. Kathikeya? -What? How dare you call
the king a fool? Even called a half-burnt
corpse like you too. I don’t like you at all. I don’t love you,
so I don’t care. Let your daughter tell me
that she doesn’t like me. My daughter will
obey only my orders. Don’t think you
have an edge here. More than your orders, these girls
will fall for whatsapp words…. …like “honey, sweety,
you look sexy, etc” Isn’t he performing well ? I agree that he is
a good performer. But the problem starts
when he sees a girl. Ask her to come and
share stage with me. Just see how romantic
I’m going to be. Darling! See how nervous he
becomes to face girls. Our cupid is going to make him
fall in love with a girl. Which is going to get him
everything in this world. Come, let us see. Why did you turn it Off? You were doing good. -Really? The people who danced at yesterday’s
funeral were paid with huge sum. I will recommend you.
Just give it a try. Mom? Do I dance like someone
dancing in funeral ceremony? Don’t under estimate my talents.
keep an eye on me. One day the entire Tamil Nadu
audience will be cheering me. Entire Tamil Nadu? -Ya. I bet that’s never going
to happen anyways. Useless… useless… How dare you bark at me? Don’t make me serve
you what she cooks. Mom You are under-estimating me. Either come to my
drama sometime. Even the yesterday’s play
received tremendous response. They compared me to Superstar. Shall I call him on the phone
and you can ask for yourself. I did spoke with him yesterday He started weeping. Which is why I am asking
you to quit acting. The least is, you could have got a job
if you had completed your education. Now you can do neither.
-Mother… I’ll only get a
job if I study… …but if I become a hero I’ll get
fanatics from all over the country. Don’t irritate. -Punch Dialogue Go and eat. Upma? Even a beggar get variety
of recipes these days. Why do you want me to
have this Upma every day? Should BAN this Upma
from Tamil Nadu. What? Is SK home? -What’s the matter? There is a young girl from Kerala
who’s new to our neighbourhood. If SK is free and interested.
Vallikanth asked him to join us. Tell him, I’ll beat him to pulp. He is the one spoiling my son. Don’t you know that my
son is afraid of girls. Don’t worry, We will
take care of him. Is he inside or not? Get out. I wonder how can be kids
so spoilt these days. They asking for you
to join them idiots. Where is he? Well… Right now I’m
acting on a movie. There is a vacancy for
heroine friend role… Mind sharing your number…? Sorry, Not interested. But I’m interested. How easily they are
chatting with girls. I’m Santhosh… Mohana Santhosh. My name is beautiful. Your name is beautiful. And again… Santhosh… what are you doing? I was preparing myself
to chat with her bro. 98… SK… Guess he got her number. So what? He won’t share it with me. So can you ask him and
Whatsapp me her number? Take off your hands. Being with me won’t make
you a hero’s friend. Bro…? Am I not handsome? No you are not. Siva.. Siva… Save me from this
west indies bowlers. Bro… Bro… Hold on guys. What happened? This crazy aliens attacked me. What is this bro? Don’t
you guys have sense? Just stop sounding like some school
kids singing carols in chorus… One bald guy, one beard guy
and four road rollers. May I know who is the
leader for this gang? Yes sure. -Who is he? He is the one. Just now you mentioned
him as lady. Well… Well… wait…
I’ll get back to you. Let me tell you guys a story. There were 100 Crows in a tree. A hunter fires a shot with
his gun pointing at a crow. Then how many left? 99. Sure? -Of course. Now blow your sound
horn for me once again. Oopsss…. Now tell me. How many crows left? Only one will be
left and that’s you. Uncle please leave me. How dare you come up
with this hairstyle. Beat me however you want
to, but spare my face. Why? I don’t want to lose my charm. I didn’t knew that you had a
face, so why need to worry. Boss, Mind your words. I’m attending audition tomorrow at K.S
Ravikumar’s office for hero selection. Don’t I have to look good? That’s what I’m asking don’t
the hero have to look good. Boss, Is there audition
at K.S.R Office? When and Where? Why you asking that for? Doesn’t it make us proud to know
boy next door become a hero. What are you talking about? He even can’t manage to do stunt
like monkey that does in circus. Please don’t insult
someone with his looks. Sorry, forgot your presence. Keep quite. So just tell me the address bro. Tomorrow morning 7am
7th floor at AVM. Dude,
we both are going
for audition tomorrow.. OK? Mummy. Not mummy. Tomorrow
you will look dummy. Hey, K.S Ravikumar’s
auditon bro. Movie ‘NAATTAMAI’ comes to my mind
when I think of KS Ravikumar. Since I was so much in love
with the Teacher character. Get out, You Fat pig. Who is next? Come. What happened? They couldn’t see my beautiful
face hidden behind this plaster. Was it a joke? Joke? idiot. Oh my god… Conjuring Ghost. What happened to them
Are they feeling Shy? Have I seen them before? Better not to see him again. Boss, my Greetings. -Our
greeting to you too. What should I do now? Boss check your pant zip It’s ok, I want you to see it. Yuck. It looks disgusting. Then apply some powder on it. Why should he ask me to do that? Go and try on some ghost movies.
That might suit you better. Hey Siva. Please get the
hero chance this time. Why? I’m planning to join
you as your comedian. Hey… Don’t worry.
Just wait and watch. Does he acts well? I might be bad in studies,
but I do act brilliantly. The scene happens in a hospital. You will have to inform the
parent about his son’s illness. Please Listen to me. Your Son has a terminal illness,
He just has 2 or 3 Months to live. So Please keep him happy. Happy? Happy. -Happy. Are you ready? -Ready sir. Action… Please listen sir. Your son is a terminator,
He is 2-3 days leave, And keep him ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’. Sir, may I ask who
wrote the dialogues? Why? Though it’s in English,
It’s hilarious. It’s not a funny scene.
It’s an emotional scene. The boy is terminally ill. The doctor asks them to
take care of their son. You have feel sad, Don’t
make the audience feel bad. I just have to say
that the son is ill. Sir, rather than voicing the
dialogue out, won’t it be better.. …if I just enact the
emotions than talk this out? How? Arun. -Sir. Come here. Kudos to my acting skills. Superb selection. Idiot,
ask him to get out. Sir… Sir…Sir… Sir, you were right. Dialogues are more
important here. Get me a cup of tea. ‘Neruppuda’… Wait bro.. Sir, I don’t need tea.
Just give me Hero role. Let me accept that I don’t know English.
But I act well. Give me a chance with
another dialogue. Will you act if I give
you another scene? Have you been in love? Let me narrate a
romantic scene for you. Here it goes… On a
summer day evening. Crowded road. You are standing at the bus
stop with your phone fidgeting. Suddenly, it starts to breeze
like something struck you… You take a look at the
other side of the road. There stands a gorgeous girl.
That’s our Heroine. While walking away from you. Suddenly
she turns back and looks at you. From nowhere a cupid
arrow hits you. Like someone whispering
at your ears… …don’t loose her.
She is yours. Trying to get those
words into your heart. You are supposed to give
the girl a romantic look. That’s the situation. Mind blowing situation, sir. The moment I saw her… …an arrow which Kattappa
triggered in Bahubhali hits me. Historical arrow in
this modern film. Very Good. Very Good. With the cupid arrow in my heart. 
see how romantic I’m going to perform. Now you be my heroine. Is the arrow tearing
you with pain? Yes, sir. Me too. Arun? -Sir. Should I sent him sir? You think he will leave? Better I’ll leave. I will get dates from Kamal
Hassan and Rajinikanth. Well, you are good at comedy. But that’s not enough. The character in this script
need to perform in lady getup. Nurse character. ” Avaishanmughi ” part 2. You too? Don’t you want me
to be in trend. But please do give me a role in this movie,
I’ll suit the character if I do a shaving. So do one thing. Be
ready with shaved look. I’ll give you a call when
we plan for a sequel later. Sir… Please. -Can’t
you wait for 6 months? Arun, I’m leaving to home
first ask this chap to leave. Seriously is the next movie
about Lady getup? -Yes. Nurse getup??? A great opportunity for us dude. I
somehow need to bag this chance. Dude, seriously I don’t understand
how you are sounding this confident. He is not our drama
troupe Mouli sir. Where you can cheat
and get away with. Also there is one more problem? What problem?
– You need to act for real. You don’t even know how
to act romance scenes. Yes, I agree that I don’t
act Romantic scenes well. Ask me why? How can I do romance with
a grumpy face heroine? Romance is a felling. I would have acted marvellously
if it had been that kind of girl. That kind of girl? What? I meant asking
what kind of girl. A girl that would make me feel
music instead of heartbeat. Who will bow arrow in my
heart, The moment I see her. My Kind of Girl. He’s gone nuts. When am I going to see her? Suddenly, it starts to breeze
like something struck you… Love symptoms around you. “Whistle” Like someone whispering
in your ears… Don’t loose her.
She is your life. Is he trying to tear
off his shirt pocket? Hey what? Take this one out for me.
-Which one? This arrow! -Where’s the arrow? Are you not able to see it?
-Nope. I’ve finally managed to see her. Who? “When I saw the look in your
eyes, Girl you knocked me off” “Without showing mercy on
me, She knocked me off” “She gave me a blew on ma
heart, She blew me off” “Which blossomed a
love book inside me” “With a glance she blew me off.
She knocked me off” “Her love arrow pierced through my heart.
Which knocked me off” “She knocked me off” “I never want to
get you that easy” “With some chit chat I can
make you fall in love with me” “I don’t want your love
without any effort” “I don’t really care for your parent’s
approval and horoscope compatibility” “I don’t even want your assests” “My heart is pounding
celebrating you in it” “By seeing you its slipping off from me.
My heart goes crazy” “My heart goes crazy
searching for you” “My heart is pounding
celebrating you in it” “By seeing you its slipping off from me.
My heart goes crazy” “My heart is pounding
celebrating you in it” “My heart goes crazy
searching for you” “Like an LED light. She
turned my dark room lighted” “Like a scooter without petrol i was,
She fuelled petrol into my scooter” “I was so scared
of girls once…” “…showing off my teeth like
a baby now I’m chasing her” “An angel who came
for me from heaven” “I was born to be with you” “20 years i was waiting for
this moment to become true” But even though… “I never want to
get you that easy” “With some chit chat I can
make you fall in love with me” “I don’t want your love
without any effort” “I don’t really care for your parent’s
approval and horoscope compatibility” “I don’t even want your assests” “When I saw the look in your
eyes, Girl you knocked me off” “Without showing mercy on
me, She knocked me off” “She gave me a blew on ma
heart, She blew me off” “Which blossomed a
love book inside me” “With a glance she blew me off.
She knocked me off” “Her love arrow pierced through my heart.
Which knocked me off” “She knocked me off” “My heart is pounding
celebrating you in it” “By seeing you its slipping off from me.
My heart goes crazy” “My heart is pounding
celebrating you in it” “My heart goes crazy
searching for you” “She knocked me off…” “She knocked me off…” I think she not at home. Seems you might have
proposed her if she was. I am going to propose
her tonight. What if she rejects
me seeing this car. Well said, Anyhow she
is going to reject you. Show me your face. How
charming your face looks? UFF! She is here. Go and
propose her now. She is going… she is going…. Yes,she went upstairs to her room.
We’ll also leave. No need to hurry, anyhow you
are not going to propose her. ‘Whistle blows’ No one can trespass me. Just give me 2 minutes.
Pleas… please… Stop it. I said you to get out. I’m a very strict officer. How hideous he drinks? But it suits him well. Officer sir, try this fish. Bro, you take it. Why is he cat walking like
some ramp walk models? Officer sir, You should have told us if
you are not satisfied with the liquor. How dare you finish the
entire bottle and walk off. Hey bald skull, why
did you poke him? You are never going get her. You should have told us before
sipping this drink we offered. Listen kids. Though she may appear modern,
she’s very old-fashioned girl. She listen to her parents,
especially to her dad. What ever you do, its
just time wasting. That’s all. – Not enough? Only the girl who obeys her parents
will obey her husband too. And more… This one
could blow your heart. What? Is she having Cancer? Hey, cant you tell
us things straight? Why are you confusing us. Their parents have already started
looking alliance for her. Now you got it right? That’s so sweet of you. It’s
getting even better now. Guys, her parents are in search
for her marriage proposals. So what? My mom have to do
all these works. How sad… I need to marry a girl, so
that my mom can take rest. Hey, I have never seen you
taking care for me this much. Its you who isn’t
taking care of me. What? Please ask our neighbours, the small
boy, our sister, and everyone… …to come with us carrying
flowers and fruits. Why? Are you planning to
tonsure your hair in temple? I saw a girl last day.
she was gorgeous. She will be apt for our family and
I have fallen in love with her. We shall visit her formally and
finalize her hand in marriage. Moron.. Moron… I guessed you would have done something
silly, when you were overdoing. Why are you hurting
an upcoming hero? I didn’t want to
elope with the girl. I just wanted your help to officially
finalize this girl to be my bride. For how long will i have
to get beat from you? I want a wife to
do all this to me. Who will give their daughter’s hand
to an irresponsible bloke like you? I’m 27 years old. That’s why! May i know what job
you are doing? You asking me? What should we tell the family
if they raise such a question? I don’t want a girl’s life to
get spoiled because of me. Get lost. Are you not coming? Are you even planning to go? I don’t care if you
don’t come with me. I have my friends
queuing up for me. All the best bro. Listen I’m not good with
formally visiting the bride. Instead, if you want to
kidnap her let me know. I’ll bring my car. Hey come fast, its already
late for the match. Captain… two minutes captain. Come fast you idiot. You take him with you. He
can be your best mate. Are you trying to
push me into this? No. Are you mad? How can you believe that
boozed security’s words… …and formally ask
her hand in marriage. It’s easy to love a girl, But to marry
the same girl is not that easy. Anyhow her parents are looking
for her marriage proposals. What if they likes me at this situation.
What else? First Night? You are jobless, the girl
might like someone jobless. But never her parents. What if you had a sister? She will look super hot. Can’t you keep quite!!! Will you accept such a
guy for your sister? If you still want to go, they
will beat the hell out you. I’ll manage all that, you
coming with me or not? Getting angry bro? I’ll be your best mate
for your marriage. All the best. Take care. Very well, Don’t think that I
have no one except you guys. I’m not alone. Anyways I’m
going to propose her tonight. If she doesn’t accept.
I will kidnap her. You are stepping out
on ‘Karthikai Deepam’. You are stepping out
on ‘Karthikai Deepam’. Go and get yourself kicked out. Hi…. I…I’m… Don’t lose your confidence SK. Hi.. For the very first time I’m
facing a girl, Like this. It took me 27 years to find you. I can’t wait anymore. So ill be quick with what I
have to say ‘I love you’. They are all upstairs. Wedding of their children, Vishwa and Kavya
will happen on ‘Avani’ this month… Both of you now can
exchange engagement rings. Hey don’t worry dude. Chill. Why should I worry man? Don’t you know that I’m the leader
of ‘Varuthapadatha Valibhar Sangam’ Then why your eyes seems wet? I was just rehearsing myself. Why should I worry man? As
if we loved each other. She doesn’t even know me. So it doesn’t matter. Anyway my dream in life is
to become like Superstar. One day we should have
a banner of our own. I’m the hero and you
will be my comedian. Super bro… First
you climb up!! Wonder just half a beer
made you this high. Whatever it was, I should
have had a chance with her. I wish I met her a few days
back and got to know her. Anyway it’s not possible henceforth.
It’s over. Hey… -Then why she
came to my sight? I didn’t feel any grief even
for my father’s demise. But I just know her the past
5-6 days and she made me cry. Only time pass for a girl
is to make a boy cry. Exactly… Well said… There’s no point grieving. As of now I’ll impress KS
Ravikumar with my acting skills. You might have seen me as normal SK.
But not with a make over. Let me show what
I am capable of! Okay, we are ready. Hey Dicaprio, I’ve spent
a lot for this makeup. Will he be looking good? Check it out boss. You
will fall for her. Wait let me see. WOW… Tickled Pink. Can I hug you once? Come darling? Damn, I feel horny hugging you. Stop it bro, Don’t make
me feel like a girl. Hey! Loose me you idiot. You are
disturbing my prosthetics. Stop it. What are you doing? Why are you shamelessly hugging
her in the middle of the road? Aunty, please don’t hurt him. Take your hands off. Who’s this girl? Are you sure you don’t
recognize who this is? No I don’t. Take a good look. Siva… If had a female sibling, it
would just resemble her. You are very brilliant aunty. It’s not his sibling, it’s… I’m his lover aunty. Next month we are going
to elope and get married. Moron… I’ll slap you with my slipper. What about broomstick? Its already standing here. See how I managed my Mom? Now I can figure out why
your dad died young. What a tremendous blow! See, even my mom couldn’t
guess me with this makeup. Here after no more sufferings. No more tragedies,
no more insults… …no more criticism
and no more. What about this? No more things like
that here after. Now all we need to look forward
is KS Ravikumar Audition. 222 runs. Not out. Now, Clean bowled. Mr.SK I think we took a wrong
turn to Jurassic park. Mr.Vallikanth, Don’t panic. I think we can manage
these dinosaurs. Hello… Look at this pigeon. Step back you idiot. Beautiful Girl. How big the buttons
on her dress are… It’s getting late for my duty. So better you guys carry on. I’ll leave. I will also come with you. Take off your hands…
Take them off from her. Darling… You please carry on. Please carry on. Thanks brother. Brother?!? Do i look like her brother? How foolish this pig nose is. Excuse me lady! Don’t call me brother
the next time. Ok, uncle. Uncle?!? Just kidding. Don’t imagine yourself as a
romantic hero
it looks disgusting. Hold on, I’ll make
you look ugly. Who is she? sister? Can’t you figure it
out from her costume. She’s a sister. I didn’t ask that? I asked
whether she is your sister? No, she is my friend. Boys, take him to our custody.
I need to enquire him. You look exactly like a girl. Nice… The getup
suits you well. Now smile. Don’t overdo things… This much is enough. Now walk. Ok, sir. Not like that. You should give some bend to your
back like Ambassador car dicky. Don’t push too much. Now walk. Keep Straight. Think of character
‘Neelambari’ for this. Now mix your expressions
with Rajini sir’s attitude. Fine. Now perform any serious
situation like a lady. Siva, you were
starring at my hip. For the past 1 minute you were
pretending of reading something. But was starring at my hip. I didn’t see it Sir? I meant, I couldn’t see your performance
you should keep your face straight. I was imitating ‘Kushi’
movie ‘Jothika’. You know dancing? Just try dancing like
any old heroines. “I am a gorgeous women,
and so is my eyes” “What i have with me is only self
respect, I am a gorgeous women” “I am a gorgeous women,
and so is my eyes” Enough… enough… Now let’s try with our script. Is it a nice script sir? I like my script. Now, ‘LOVE’. Sir? First Love. Now a days 99% of guys face
failure in their first love. Only 1%of them succeed
in their first love. Our hero is one
among the 1% guys. Like every other guys. Our hero was also chasing
his love of his life. Hey.. Can’t you hear
what I’m saying? You are lost in some
other thoughts. Ask him to get out. GET OUT. Dude, will meet at
Anirudh’s studio tomorrow. Getting inside a moving bus? Sorry, Driver. Well It’s me the
conductor, idiot! Very well then share that sorry. WOW! “I feel the rain in my heart,

Lotus is sinking in the water” “Sudden change in climate” “Girl, Fault is on your side” In daylight you look like MILK.
During Night, you shine like SILK. Don’t mistake me. I have to tell you something. Oh my god! What a sexy shoulder. Let me use soap on your shoulders
while you at bath after marriage. So before all that
let me tell this. I love you. Do You love me baby? Hello? Don’t say hello. Say I Love You. Excuse me. Yes. Why? I’ve been observing you. You seem to misbehave
with her, you rascal. Lady? Hey miss I am her lover. Let’s settle this in police station.
-Yes. Who was that? You should have slapped him tight.
Never keep silent in such situations. Where do you work? Sister? I meant to ask which
hospital are you placed in? I know that you are
in your uniform. Work… I’m looking for a job. I’m KAVYA. What’s your name? What’s your name? Name?!? My name… Hansika Motwani. Hansika Motwani? Similarly… My name Regina Motwani. Regina Motwani? Your name is so lengthy. How about RE – From REGINA and MO
– From MOTWANI. REMO. How about that? I’ll call you REMO. Yes, it sounds awesome. Something is going to happen. I guess you have a sore throat. Slightly you sound like a guy. Slightly you sound like a guy. I’ve seen you before. But
couldn’t recollect where it was? Can we take a Selfie. So that it won’t be difficult for
us to recollect the next time. Look sister… Look here. Say cheese. Now what, You need
a job in hospital. Such a silly thing. You give me your phone number. It’s ok. No need for all that. It’s ok. Give me your number. I’ve reached my destination. This is my phone number. Just give me call when
your reach IMF hospital. I’m giving you so much trouble. Don’t worry, I’m working at the
same hospital as a Doctor. We will meet at IMF
hospital on Monday. Bye REMO sister. She did not ask you to
come for an audition. Its nurse job. You couldn’t even manage
to perform in nurse getup. It’s not so easy to fake. Bro, nurse job is not
that easy as it seems. There are stuffs like Injection,
Stitching, Medicines, Prescription etc. And also if someone dies you’ll
have to inform their family. Bro, breathe while you talk. Can’t understand anything. You thought of getting a
nurse job that easily? Did I tell you guys
that I’m going to work. I’m going to act like
a nurse, that’s all. There is no use of you
doing anything now. She is already engaged. Not yet married! It’s just an arranged marriage. She might have seen
him only once. She might not even
remember his name now. Luckily sometimes, we get a
dish ordered by someone else. Of course, yes. Like so it can happen.
I’m confident. If so, why you want
to go as a nurse. Cant you go and show yourself
to her and then propose. Brilliant idea! She is engaged. If I
propose as myself… …she will slap me with
whatever she gets with. Guys, I need to know what she
has to say about her engagement Then only I can move
forward with my plans. What if she is interested? -I
will confuse her being a nurse. If not interested? -I
will propose her as SK. If you get caught, you
will be in big trouble. Nothing matters me. I also thought that I could
easily get her off from me. But yesterday when he
said the word LOVE. I felt the real pain inside me. The only thing that which now I
need is her to be in my life Leave everything
whatever we tell you. Tell us, don’t you realize yourself
that what you are saying is weird. Why should we have met
for the second time? I hope there is
something between us. I’m going to try no matter what! Let me
take forward this as the last chance. What you are going to do is a crime.
Its consequences are big. One who never tries to win… …the love of his life doesn’t deserve
to feel for the loss of his love. No matter what? I’m
moving forward. Yes. My girl is here. Excuse me, Doctor Kavya? Just a minute ma’am.
Let me check. You can Wait there. She
is on rounds with dean. Are they both Cycling? Just for fun aunty. Why is she frowning at me? I’ve told dean about you. You will have to attend an interview.
Please wait. Excuse me. You’ve given me a
second chance in life. Thank you so much. It’s ok sister. Today you look more pretty. Kudos to my make-up. Just a minute. Relax Nancy. Nothing. Just a minute. That’s all. Brave girl. She need to take 4
injections daily. Since she has to be ready for
the operation next month. So take care. Nancy is showing fits
worse day by day. So Don’t force her to
take the injection Ok? You are responsible for that. Attention. Doctor, she is REMO sister. Come to my room. What is he going to do
to me in that room? For interview sister. I don’t even consider these
certificates nowadays. I paid 5000 bucks to get them. What? Don’t misunderstand that I
bought them with 5000 bucks. I got them through my hard work.
Trust me, sir. Good. I hope that you are a
well educated girl. Girl? Do I Really look so? Yes. Awesome! So let me shoot my questions. Shoot? Yes. Who discovered insulin? Stop this. Do I look like a nurse? Of course. Even after looking at my
makeup and qualifications… …if you are not yet convinced,
I don’t want this job. Better I’ll leave. Hey wait… Sit down. Am I appointed? I hope you are not
comfortable with theories. Let’s try practically then. Now What? A 3 year old kid
has got epilepsy. How would you handle him? Only way to stop this owl eye… I have a different name. A different face. I’m in love with a
girl working here. I am planning to propose
her and get married. Need your help for that. Doctor sir, hope you will
not create any trouble. Am I appointed or not? Tell me. Mimicry sir. I can entertain children
with my mimicry. I think children will like you. I will appoint you
at child ward. Follow Doctor Kavya. That’s what I came for. What happened? Dean asked me to follow you. Congratulations! “Moustache beauty” “Most intelligent lady” “She is naughty. She is
sweet cooking factory” “Changed the style,
looking glamour” “Now competition
to the miss world” “Showing off his style, now
salwar changed to Dhoti” “Jobless” “Unwanted he was walked
lonely in the streets” “What magic he does, now
everyone chasing him with love” Sister. Sister. Yes. Get that patient this Injection. She lost her parents. That’s why I got too
attached with the kid. She not allowing anyone
to interact with her. If she doesn’t get operated
within a month…. Her chances are less. Excuse me. “Changed his hairstyle Blue
whale turning into a duck” “The whole world is changing” “Every day He is blessed with
watching her so closely” All men out now. Where are you going? Keep this. “Its devils biggest plan
also his perfect chance” “If revealed no one can save him.
Will it happen?” “With his acting and performance.
Let the whistles blow” “Will I win scoring
runs, to be with you” “Without you what will I be…” “A gun unloaded…” “When i was chatting with god
I asked for a deal with him” “My only goal in life,
And that’s you” Oh my god! “Moustache beauty” “Most intelligent lady” “She is naughty. She is
sweet cooking factory” “Changed the style,
looking glamour” “Now competition
to the miss world” “Showing off his style, now
salwar changed to Dhoti” “Jobless” “Unwanted he was walked
lonely in the streets” “What magic he does, now
everyone chasing him with love” What move should I plan next? What happened? I think we are out of petrol. Wow, superb! No problem. I like this night lighted road. Lets walk. Superb chance, Don’t
miss this opportunity. Then? Hope you like the idea of love? Why? I saw you deeply enjoying
that romantic movie. Blushing? So definitely there is
some guy in your life. No way. Why? Who the hell is this?
He looks very comic. What a funny… What a funny. He is my fiancé. I was just kidding. I’m sorry, if I
hurt your feelings. Here after I won’t
tellyou the truth. Is it a love marriage? No, He works as a
doctor in Pune. I accepted because my
parents liked him a lot. Then it’s arranged and
not love marriage ? I just waited for this moment. Can you please show
me his picture again? You look super
gorgeous, look at him. Even I wouldn’t have
accepted this proposal. Listen, You shouldn’t get
married to a doctor… …you should marry an
actor, in my opinion. Actor? What I meant was, he
should look like a hero. What’s wrong with my fiancé.
He too looks good like a hero. He will not suit you.
So reject him. I shouldn’t have shown
this picture to you. I’ll ask you one last
time, how’s my fiancé? I won’t change my opinion,
how many times you ask me. I have to say only
one thing about him He looks sh*t! I hate you sister. Its difficult to control girls,
but they can be easily confused. Hello. Hey Tell me. How does he look? What’s wrong with you? How many times are you planning
to ask me the same question? If you aren’t interested,
then tell me I’ll marry him. Whom should I ask next? This isn’t good. Goofy. It’s tasting disgusting. Where are you going? I need to attend this call. Whatever should not go
meanwhile having dinner. I will come back mom. Sit here and talk. Hello. Look sister I know
that he looks good. But i will ask you one last time.
How is my fiancé? He looks like some
Demo for groom. You will get someone like Remo. I mean, someone handsome
brilliant charming like me. I hate you again sister. I love you Doctor. What’s going on here? It’s just a rehearsal mom. For what? -For going to jail. Give that, stay starved tonight. Stop there. I asked
for mask not flask. Now I’m caught. You looked very old and tired. So I thought you might
ask for some tea. Do you really know
anything about nurse job? I was keeping and eye on you. Coming to hospital grooming yourself
and you walk here and there . Are you acting? Trying to act as if
you knows everything. I want to see your work now, Go and check that
patient at that bed. That old man? -Yes check him. What kind of language
is she speaking? Come here. Hands up. Don’t flirt. Go to your bed. Sister, I checked
him thoroughly. He has nothing. I mean, not even a single penny
to pay the hospital bills. Please check me also sister. Okay. Get out… You don’t want me to give a try? Get out. ‘OUT’ How beautiful you are… uff.. Acting like a girl is the
most difficult thing on earth. Look sister I’m 23. Both me and my parents know with
whom should I get married with. Mind your own business. Oh my god! She saw me! She saw me! She saw me without my wig. Where is my wig? Wasn’t something missing? Topless. -What? I mean I’m helpless. That I couldn’t make you
understand anything. Tell me why you don’t like him? Tell me why you like him? Because, He is smart. Well educated, Doctor,
well settled family. And above all this, my dad
mom likes him. Enough? What is this doctor? My mom and dad likes him.
My pet likes him. Is this all a reasons? Come to current trend doctor. Girls do arranged marriage only when
they are not looking good and smart. What about you? You are
looking good and smart. You are a doctor, can’t you
decide which suits you better. Stupid girl. What are trying to say? Marriage is not about
exchanging rings. It’s heart that
has to be shared. I hope it never happened
to you both and it wont. Just wait. A guy will come for your love.
Love him and get married. Look at her. She is doing her graduation. Just 20 years old.
Acid attack victim. You know why? Because she rejected a
boy’s love proposal. He would have loved her right? Then how did he have the
heart to do this to her? You asked me why I opted for
an arranged marriage right? See the status of the so
called LOVE with guys. It all boils down to this. Love is totally lust. Listen Doct… Look sister… You told me that you were
searching for a job. So I got one for you.
There it ends. Don’t try to get into my
personal life here after. Remo sister. Why are you sad? Nothing dear. I am fine. You go and get some sleep. Don’t lie. I know. Whenever I used to be sad. My
mom used to do this to me. It makes me feel better.
You too will be fine. Hi… Hello small gents
and small ladies. Meet Nancy. Your new friend. Okay? Let me show you guys a magic. My dad can perform
better tricks than this. Hey… Keep quiet. Don’t
interrupt when I’m performing. Not only your daddy, I can
perform a great trick that.. …no other magician
in this world can do. Will you be doing that
great trick now ? I’ll do it only if you start
being friendly with Nancy. And only if she asks me to. What’s that magic about? Elephants? Nope. It’s much better
than all those tricks. When will you be
showing us that magic? Only when you start taking
your medicines regularly. At least tell me what’s
the magic about? Wow! Really? Then for sure you have to perform
that one day for me promise? Promise. We will be Nancy’s friend. Will you
show us that magic trick now ? Only when everyone of you
become friends with Nancy. Take care of Nancy. She will be alright. Ok dear. I am feeling really happy. I feel like she is
getting better now. Don’t worry Ramya. My love for you, wasn’t
because of your looks. Will get married once
you get discharged. The girl is conscious now.
She can speak. I enquired her. She remembers who hit acid on
to her but don’t know his name. The guy is from velacherry. He
used to follow her on bus stop. I’m the one who you
are looking for. Don’t move or I’ll
slash her throat. Don’t make any noise. It’s
better if you guys get out. Kill her. Will kill you all. Don’t you have any conscience.
You wrecked her life. Now you want to kill her too?
Are you guys even human? You stay out of this.
-No, get out. Stab her too. Look at her. Guess, who got guts? Wait…Wait.. Wait. There are 3 conditions
before we start this fight. Condition 1. This is a hospital. So I don’t want anyone to
scream in-between the fight. Condition 2. Everyone who gets knocked out, should
get admitted in this hospital. Condition 3. No one should disturb my makeup. Where is this guy staring at? Idiot… Where are
you staring at? You got me or what? So what are you
guys waiting for. Lets start. What did you say
about men’s love? Love is all about appearance,
love is totally…? Some soap name… yes… Lust. Well you are wrong then. See even after she is burnt
half, He is here to marry her. That’s what I call love. He looks smart, Doctor,
Well settled… Nothing really matters. It’s a feeling. A guy, who would do
anything for me. I’m sure you will
feel it one day. Don’t judge guys ok? There are guys who gives
his life for love. And there are guys who love
their lover like his life. Sister… Sister… Sorry. For what? For everything… For scolding you and
for ignoring you. I’m not going to
change my stance. I believe in love. Ok… Love is true.. Enough? What can I do sister? I haven’t seen any one
like you mentioned. Even, no one have
proposed his love to me. It’s not my mistake any ways. Look into my eyes. You are already engaged,
don’t forget that. If someone comes and propose you.
Will you accept his love? I don’t know. It’s not going to
happen anyways. What if someone comes? If he comes… Will think about it then. Sister, come to my home tonight. Tonight? Yes.. It’s my birthday tomorrow. So we have arranged a small
family get together tonight. Sure you will have to come.. Ok? It’s time for me to start
using Dual SIM Phone. Welcome my opponent. Why bro? -I love this sound. Goofy guy. Daddy… let me check. Hi… -Hi Kavya. Hi sister… -Hello. Happy Birth… Welcome Vishwa. Come in. Mom… I would like you to
meet REMO sister. Oh sweet heart!! Aunty, please don’t
make a big mistake. I’m of the shy type.
So no huggies, please. Dad… Meet Remo sister. Oh sweet heart. Did I over acted now.
Will manage it. He looks exactly like my daddy
with same ‘ANGRY BIRD’ nose. You carry on, I will join.
-Come soon. Then? Where is my gift? Sister… Where are you taking me? What’s wrong with you? Why you brought me here ? You could have given
it to me downstairs. It’s not mine. A guy asked me to
give this to you. Guy? Yes… See what’s inside. Open it. What’s this sister? This is a whistle. You
need to blow this. Don’t I know that? Well blow it then. No I won’t. Don’t feel shy. Do it. ‘Whistle Sound’ Who gave this to you sister? Who gave this to you sister? How do I know that? He asked me to give this to you. So I did… that’s all. Why don’t you go and
find it yourself. Hey selfie… Happy birthday! I’m standing in front a girl
for the first time. Like this. It took me 27 years to find you. I can’t wait anymore. So ill be
quick with what I have to say…. I’m in love with you No need for any hurry,
take your own time. I’ll wait. ‘Vishwa calling’ Everything perfect. Take some money with you. We need
to pay advance for catering. That catering seems
so expensive to me. So what? Its for my
daughter’s wedding. Think before you spend generous. I’m in love with you. No need for any hurry. Take your time… I’ll wait… ‘Whistle sound’ ‘Whistle sound’ Hey… When are you going to
accept my proposal? What will be her mindset now? Put the other end on your ears. So finally she is in love. Come again..? It’s evident in your eyes. What? I can see your eyes
are waiting for him. Someone is ready to take this
one away from your fingers. Go and do your work. Doesn’t this aunty
knows anything else. Leave it, tell me when are you
going to perform that magic trick? You and Sidharth became friends? No. Ill perform that magic once
Sidharth also becomes your friend. Ok. Now, It’s also evident
in your face. I guess you are
in love with him. Hello. Hey Selfie. When will you say ok? Listen. Now I’m on duty. Don’t disturb me. Ok then, will meet at bus. I won’t come. I will.. evening at bus… bye. Hello… Hello… I love you. I…LOVE…YOU Will she take the bus or not? It is heads. She will come.. yes. What are you doing here? Duty time over. So
planning where to go. That’s great. Come with me. No I can’t come by
bus, I have some work. What’s so important? What should I say now? I have to watch a TV series. The series Vani – Rani
is about Multiple roles. They have an interesting
episode going on this week. I can’t afford to miss it.
Please understand. My cheese weasels. Its more important for
you to get in that bus. I will come and join
you guys later. You won’t listen to me. Come. Someone please help me. Come with me sister. Doctor can I get
down next stopping. Why you have to? To change over. What? We reached the stopping. You
please check is he there? Just be seated. There …There… There… Where? Where? Where? There it is fried chickpeas. Its delicious. Let me go and get them for
you with some extra pickle. No thanks. I’m not hungry. Dear God. Please help me. My eyes are on you My love, My nurse maid. Nothing I find better than
this rose and you in this bus. Do you even realize
how amazing you are? I love you. It’s for gifting.
Come to dating. Hey Baby Bat. -What? Thanks for saving me
from this nightmare. What? I don’t get you. What are you doing? Scoundrel… Hey, stop it. Hurry up, get down from the bus. Sister… Hey, ‘I am God’ Rajendran. I’m in big trouble.
Please come and save me. Wasn’t she chasing me?
Very well then. I won’t stop chasing you
is that a boutique ? Stop. Excuse me ladies. Oh my god! ACCIDENT! It’s delicious. I was saying about the carrot. Hey stop there. Do I look like someone
celebrating ‘Holi’,
Idiot. I won’t stop chasing you. Let
me have a face wash first. I wonder how these girls are
dressing up like a girl. I don’t understand how these girl’s
are acting like girls daily. Sweet heart. Are you going to undress? Bald Skull scoundrel, curse you. Look straight and drive. Will we reach there tomorrow? Will reach in the morning. Go yourself then. Give me that. I’ll take it. Hey Selfie. When are you going
to accept my love? Please, sit elsewhere? Will you accept my
love if I sit there? Tell me now. Didn’t you find anyone
else in the whole world? Why are you behind me? I’ve never found a girl
who is fair like you… …and tall like you, especially
with the name ‘Kavya’. And also no other girl has got inside
the bus that I wanted you to get in. I can’t believe that guys
never tried to woo you. And see how lucky I am. You are single. I think there is a Love
Bus running between us. Who told you that I’m single? I’m already… You are already engaged. I know that. -You know? And also my marriage…
-2nd of next month. That also I know. Have you gone mad? You know everything about me. So stop following me, blow
Whistle on me, Phone calling me. Better stop doing all this. You got me, right? You won’t follow me
here after, Will you? ‘Whistle sound’ Stop looking for me when
you hear a whistle sound. I will stop following you. ‘Whistle sound’ “Come with me Tamilselvi. I take
you shopping to the Nalli.” “Don’t go pushing me aside. Don’t you
know that I’m a Daring hotshot?” “Come with me Tamilselvi. I take
you shopping to the Nalli.” “Don’t go pushing me aside. Don’t
you know… This boy is heavy?” “I’m tired of being
a one side lover” “Accept my love, let’s
start our two sided love.” “I’ll get a closeout bike…” “Lets go for a ride in it.” “Do you want me to run our love
story in a movie theatre.” “Come with me Tamilselvi. I take
you shopping to the Nalli.” “Don’t go pushing me aside. Don’t you
know that I’m a Daring hotshot?” “Come with me Tamilselvi. I take
you shopping to the Nalli.” “Don’t go pushing me aside. Don’t you
know that I’m a Daring hotshot?” What? “I will give you my stipend without
taking off single specie.” “Being a good hubby…” “Lets Flirt In between my
work shifts through phone.” “I will worship your parents. For
giving birth to such a gorgeous woman.” “Whatever jokes you guys crack on.
I will laugh out loud for you.” “Just say ok for me one time.” “I’ll handover my
soul in your hands.” “The fish that can’t be hooked.” “I won’t lose my hope. Let our
hearts get synchronized.” “Come with me Tamilselvi. I take
you shopping to the Nalli.” “Don’t go pushing me aside. I’m
reciting, My mouth is aching.” “Come with me Tamilselvi. I take
you shopping to the Nalli.” “Don’t go pushing me aside.
Don’t you know…” “Come with me Tamilselvi. I take
you shopping to the Nalli.” “Don’t go pushing me aside. Don’t you
know that I’m a Daring hotshot?” “Come with me Tamilselvi. I take
you shopping to the Nalli.” “Don’t go pushing me aside.
Just go after saying ok to me.” Kill you. Congrats bro. Now I can guess why you
broke up with Reshma. It’s easy to breakup
with some girls… …some guys go beyond
extent to marry some girls. And I will… This isn’t good. I meant fried rice
isn’t tasting good. ‘Whistle sound’ ‘Whistle sound’ Hello. Yes, tell me! Sorry… 2 minutes… What do you want? You want to marry me?
Come let’s get married. What? Come lets go. That’s what you want, right? No. -What? Please listen… -What? Don’t you have sense? I’m going to get
married in a month. Don’t get any idea that blowing whistle
on me is going to work anymore. Am I crazy to accept you? Or am I going to say yes to you
because you keep on poking me. Sorry. I just thought of
apologizing to you. The mistake is from my side. Sorry for the trouble. Here after i won’t follow you,
Whistle or phone call you. When are you going
to accept my love? I won’t be asking
that too here after. Bye. ‘Whistle sound’ ‘Whistle sound’ Guindy, Please get down. How is this? Won’t you pick any
other colours? I like pink. ‘Whistle sound’ ‘Whistle sound’ Here after I won’t follow you,
Whistle or phone call you. ‘Whistle sound’ ‘Whistle sound’ This isn’t good. You guys have no idea how annoyed she was
its better that I changed the track. That sounds super. Keep quiet and play. This is what we
call Method Acting. Girls are like, when we approach
closer they stay distant… When we keep distance
they will come closer. Just wait and watch how
close she comes to me? She came very close to me. She is here I think I’m
going to get caught now. I can’t figure out how
she knew my address. I wrote the correct address
in those certificates. Well done. Wait… Wait… Cool. First school disperse. Is there any evidence left?
-Only one left. There she is coming. Can’t you guys go
and check the door? Mom.. Just wait.
Where are you going? To open the door. I can smell the gas leaking. Hey.. It’s you. Go to the terrace and check. Why should I go to the
terrace for that? I can’t even lie properly. Please wait for a second mom. Do anything to distract her. See this. Who you think you are Kala
master’s cousin brother? Any idea? There is no other way to go.
It’s time to finish your mother. That doesn’t mean to kill her.
Excuse me. Chris gayle. -Yes. No one dies getting hit
by a wooden stick. Who said that? -Director
Sunder.C said that. Try. -Good try. What’s going on here? Why are
you guys playing like a kid. I don’t know who is at the door. Please forgive me mom. I have
committed a huge mistake. What did you do? Did you disguise
yourself as a nurse? Yes mom. She’s standing outside. Please help me mom. Is she that innocent? If she knows the truth, I’m finished.
Please help me. I’m going to ruin this completely
by telling her the truth. Please listen to me. Boys… What are we going to do? Hide and seek. Twinkle twinkle little star. Why are you singing this?
-Why you sang that? I meant, we will hide. Magizhchi! (Happiness!) 1… 2… 3… Is he washing his face? What are you doing? Can’t you see I’m hiding. Go and hide somewhere else. Hi aunty. Dude.. Gotcha! Go and hide somewhere
else, you clown. Is Remo sister here? You mean my daughter. She’s having a shower. Is your sister taking
shower inside? It’s me. Great family. Wow, She is really gorgeous. Hey you, oh I forgot. What was the name
you called out? REMO. We call her Remo in short. Remo… Please come soon, from your shower.
Your friend is here. I think we should learn
acting from my mother. Have a seat. Why is there only
nails on the wall? You don’t have photos
to hang on them? If hangs… Will get caught. Pardon? If he hangs photo
he will get caught. It’s a Poetry. What would you like to have?
Coffee or tea? Coffee. Ok please wait. She’s too pretty. Did she accept your love? Not yet. One side love. You feel prestige for that? Whom you are
speaking with aunty? I’m Psychic. So, I used to chat with myself. Only today you are
genuine with your words. Aunty. Here you are… Wow.. I can smell
some delicious aroma. What are you preparing
for the lunch? Who is that joker? Service boy came to
check gas cylinder. Why is his face covered
up with Dosa batter. It’s too hot outside. I’ll have them after it
gets roasted in the sun. Ok I’m leaving. Ok I will wait in the Veranda. I love this aroma. I don’t cook aunty. Don’t worry dear. I will
take care of all that. What sambar is this aunty? Lady’s finger. It helps to improve
proper brain functioning. How do you prepare
this sambhar aunty? What was that sound? It’s your friend. Ok I will go and check. You go and have chat with her.
I will get you coffee. Sister… Sister… Hello Doctor. When did you come? Just now. You please
open the door. Give me a minute.
Let me dress up. Did you see him anywhere? Who? The Whistle guy. Why you want to know? Anyways you don’t
love him,right? Not really. I just… Well… There you are… She will come. Come
and have this coffee. When our Anglo Indian
aunty was sleeping. I did this… I stole this gown
from her wardrobe. Are you getting late? She is always busy
grooming herself. Please wait. Touchwood! Son You look lovely. Daughter! Da-d-dy… She seems so confused
after my father’s death. Don’t over act. What else doctor. I’ve to shop clothes
for my wedding. It would be nice if
you come with me. I won’t come. She’s insisting that it would be
nice if you went so better go. She’ll definitely come with you. Please bless me aunty. My blessings dear. I will come. Hey, I like her so much. You can do anything for her. Don’t miss her. Take that green one. Look at this. How beautiful this is. Isn’t it Vishwa? Mom I like this one? Pink? That wont suit you dear. Try this one… green… Yes, green suits you.
Look at this work. Mom…
I don’t like this one. Kavya! What’s wrong with you?
Everyone wants to see you in this saree… …so go and try this one. Just try dear. People around you might
know what suits you. But, they won’t know
what makes you happy. This is the one you like and
that’s the one which they like. Decide yourself which one
to choose. Whom is she going
to choose? Wow, you look so gorgeous
Your choice is good dear, it looks great. She is like a Bride ready for marriage. Vishwa, How is she in this
pink sari? It’s not looking good.
Pack the green one. That’s my favourite colour. Hey Vishwa, This one suits her.
Please listen to me. Never mind him. You looked this gorgeous just by trying
a sari that which you like… …marry someone who you like. Your life will be happy. Aunty you wear tussar silk,
You will look great. Really? I’m leaving. It’s already late,
So I’m leaving. Going where?
its late night now. It’s better you stay with me tonight. No way, I need to go. Then go,
hereafter don’t talk to me. Doctor, Please don’t compel me. How am I supposed to sleep
with this dress? She has transformed me into a
‘Maid’ from a super model. Is it good? Yes I’m feeling comfortable
with this outfit. Come and sleep next to me. Next to you? No way.
I will go and sleep with your dad. Sister? Sorry… just kidding. Enough with your jokes.
Come. It will be disturbing for you
to sleep with me. So it’s better for me to sleep
on the floor. That’s not a problem,
come up. Doctor!!! I promised my mom that I won’t sleep
with anyone before marriage. Don’t be so shy.
So pity of your future husband. But your future husband
is super cool. ‘Singing’ Who can be this fortunate guy in this world,
to sleep in girlfriends room… …and that too wearing her
Night wear. ‘Phone call ‘ Whistle’.’ Sister… Sister… Great, she is asleep. Hello ? Hey selfie. Who is this? You looked really gorgeous in
that pink saree. You? told me that you
won’t show up again. Why you calling me then? I felt like some cupid struck
on my heart. So thought that you might have
thought about me. Why should I think about
you this late hours? So you didn’t think about me. Nope. Ok bye. Hey wait… Good night. Shall we meet? Tomorrow, Coffee shop
just 5 minutes. Till the coffee gets cold. Why should we meet? I’m know that? Just pretend that I’m some guy who came
for a marriage proposal. You can say no to me after having coffee
with me just 5 minutes would do. Are you ok with it? No way. What an idea sir ji…!!
Extra-ordinary performance dude. ‘Whistle sound’ This isn’t good. Will you marry me? This is too much. What? Chasing a girl who is already engaged
and soon to be married. With what hope you are trying? The girl who is soon to marry a guy
is now having coffee with me. That’s my hope. We are not yet finished. I had the coffee,
I’m done. Hey… What about that
which I asked you? Will end up with this. Girls don’t ask boys to
end up like this. Better hold our hands forever. Hey… What’s your name? “Let me spell your name
with mine” “Join my hands together forever” “Hold my hand and
I’ll go anywhere with you” “A flame that melt my heart…” “Will stay always inside me…” “Every time I close my eyes.
I see you” “Don’t smile… Don’t smile…” “Don’t mesmerize me with
your smile” “Don’t hit me… Don’t hit me…” “Don’t hit me with your beauty” “A Drizzle that never made
me damp” “A floral umbrella which won’t
wet on showery” “A moon that wont set
Don’t you see (Know) me” “I want to speak truth all
time with you” “I always wants to give you
the love you wanted from me. “I want to tell you the dreams
that i see” “Can’t trap myself not to
get into you” “Don’t… Don’t…” “Don’t let this day end” “Don’t go…” “Don’t go…
Don’t go leaving me behind” “Don’t come closer” “Don’t come closer
I can’t hold back my feelings” “Don’t open…” “Don’t open…
Don’t let my heart open to you” “A Drizzle that never made
me damp” “A floral umbrella which won’t
wet on showery” “A moon that wont set
Don’t you see (Know) me” “A Drizzle that never made
me damp” “A floral umbrella which won’t
wet on showery” “A moon that wont set
Don’t you see (Know) me” Hey. It’s too cold, right? But, I feel hot. Can I ask you something? Are you going to ask me
if I know how to cook? Why do you love me? Do you want me to lie
or speak out the truth? It’s ok even if you lie. I think i might have rejected
you in our last birth. That’s why you are taking
revenge on me now. Seriously i don’t know
the reason, kavya. You will have to seek
the answer inside me. Why I am crazy about you. It could be your smile. Your eyes. Even you push me away,
It makes me follow you. Apart from all these…. Your Nevus. Like a symbol sent to kill me. Please kavya,
I can’t take it anymore. I’m not able to control
my feelings for you. ‘Whistle sound’ Kavya… Kavya, stop. Kavya please,
just answer this for me. Would you have fallen in love with me
if you weren’t engaged? Hey… Will tell you tomorrow. Would you have fallen in love with me
if you weren’t engaged? Look at you,
Don’t you have sense? You could have waited somewhere,
or called Vishwa. He would have picked you up. Go get dressed properly. Hey, Sun… When will you be rising up? Don’t forget to rise tomorrow. It’s a very big day for me. Mohana!
Pour some water. Mohana!
Pour some water. Actually I got an offer from London,
Need to get there next week. So… I asked our parents
to cancel our marriage. You don’t worry. I asked our parents to arrange
our marriage tomorrow itself. But uncle told me that it will be fine
if could do it day after tomorrow. Like a simple marriage
in register office. You and me. You and me. Hey, I’m feeling really
happy for you. You proved that you are an actor.
It’s not that easy to impress a girl. You don’t know how much i had to lie, Cheat,
Played drama, tackled everyone. Whatever i did so far, just to make
her fall in love with me. Wont it be happy for me? Yes definitely. But I’m not. I feel like I have cheated her. All these never came to my mind. All I had to look was just
to make fall in love with me. After she left today,
I feel like I was selfish. What are you thinking about? Everything was arranged so quick,
are you unwell? Why didn’t you talk to
them properly? Nothing dad, I’m okay. You left your engagement
ring on the table. Vishwa and his parents would have got
offended if they had seen this. Wear this at once. Mom, I swear that i won’t lie
again, If I get her. You didn’t cheat her,
you love her a lot. It’s better if you realize
your mistakes. Tell her when you meet
her tomorrow. She will understand. Don’t confuse yourself. Go and get some sleep. Hey… My mom is eager to know
when we are getting married. I came just to get
an answer for that. You asked an excuse for one day. So now you tell me. When will you marry me? I shouldn’t have got this
from you. I shouldn’t have talked
with you. I shouldn’t have met you. I thought about this. Let’s not meet again. What happened kavya? Whom should I talk with? Your mom or dad.
Let me talk with them. What are you going to
say to them? About our love. Did I tell you that I’m in
love with you? Tell me, Did I?
-You didn’t. You were about to kiss me
in the bus last day. I saw them in your eyes. Your eyes still shows how
much you love me. Why are trying to hide them. Please don’t start over
again kavya. Please stop, kavya. Tell me what’s your problem. But don’t say that you
don’t love me. What’s wrong with you?
Can’t you understand? What you expect me to understand? You are just engaged that’s all. That doesn’t mean
you have to marry him. Kavya, you can remove the ring easily,
but you cannot erase me off. And my marriage is
not next month as you think. It’s tomorrow. In Register office. Kavya, don’t try to fool me. Is your marriage tomorrow? Yes. You are my first love and
I can’t let it go so easily. Please answer me for one
last time. Don’t you really love me? Those who are hurt prefer to go to a bar to
booze, This fellow chooses a banner. Weird! Hey, it’s your mom.
Hide that bottle. Good Morning, Mother. What happened? Why
did you drink? What shouldn’t have happened
to a guy, has happen to me. I am a Love failure. You approved, but
she rejected me. She is going to get married
with him tomorrow. What is he saying? She is going to get
married tomorrow. Am I duff? I was asking
why did she say so. She doesn’t love me, it seems. Real Men don’t cry. Ask girls to never hurt men. I’m not strong enough to cry,
which is why I drank alcohol. Don’t they show in movies that Liquor
Drinking is injurious to health. Like so it would be better if they
show love is injurious to life. Don’t blabber, Lets go home. “Love – Pain No, Better avoid” “Love – What? I’m very innocent” “Love – Pain No, Better avoid” Get lost. “Love – What? I’m
feeling unhappy” “An angel who bowed
an arrow on me” “Come to me, My green parrot” “She vanished into thin air
I was been played fool” “All of a sudden, she left me.” “I was in a dream
while she woke me up” “She tricked me so cleverly.
Throwing off my love.” “I kept her safe in my heart.” “She swept me off I’m sad,
depressed and it’s eating me up” “Sonu… Sonu.. Sonu… Don’t
show your attitude to me.” “He is good and smart dude.
Don’t leave this chap.” “Sonu… Sonu.. Sonu… Don’t
show your attitude to me.” “He is good and smart dude.
Don’t leave this chap.” “Love – Pain No, Better avoid” “Love – What? I’m very innocent” “Love – Pain No, Better avoid” “Love – What? I’m
feeling unhappy” “I tried my best to keep
you locked inside me” “But you broke them
and flew off.” “Like blood and meat I
tried living with you.” “But you chopped them
off like a butcher.” “I lived a life
without any sorrow.” “Now it’s hurting me with a
pain I felt never before.” “I lived a life
without any sorrow.” “Now it’s hurting me with a
pain I felt never before.” “Now I’m blabbering
and boozing.” “On my ears…” “With love…” “Left me…” “I kept her safe in my heart.” “She swept me off. Now
I’m weeping like a kid.” “Sonu… Sonu.. Sonu… Don’t
show your attitude to me.” “He is good and smart dude.
Don’t leave this chap.” “Sonu… Sonu.. Sonu… Don’t
show your attitude to me.” “He is good and smart dude.
Don’t leave this chap.” “An angel which bowed
an arrow in ma heart.” “Come to me, my green parrot.” “She vanished into thin air.
I was been played fool.” Magizhchi! (Happiness!) You couldn’t even makea
girl fall in love with me. Nothing wrong to beat
the hell out of you. I trusted you… Cheated me, right? Don’t leave her alive. -Yes. Kill her. Hey you! Give that
oil can to him. Pour it on her. Now, burn her. If I see you once again… …will get u buried down. Don’t get your face spoiled. It’s flame, burn her down. let’s see… Can’t tolerate these guys. Hey, What is this? Mom, contamination. Oil is contaminated. The only thing that is not
contaminated is a boy’s heart. Hey, mark my words. I want that girl to be
my daughter in law. If you are sincere on your goal.
Sure you will achieve it. Mom… Just shut up Don’t you know anything
else to advice with… Mom its her on the phone. Attend the call. Hello. Oh my god! Why did you force
me to fall in love? Why did he come into my life? Why he proposed me? Within 10 days, he made my
entire life upside down. If I haven’t seen you
both in my life. Nothing would have
changed for me. What happened? She told them that she is in love with
someone. And not interested in this marriage Do not weep. Its all over now. Sorry dad. It’s all my fault. I had no other way to go. I tried hard not to
fall in love with him. But i couldn’t. Even now, I told him
that I don’t love him. …and my parents are
important to me. But I can’t live with that
lie even for one day. How do you expect me to
live with it forever. I won’t be happy dad. Go… Go, where you will be happy. What’s going on? What are you waiting for…
Leave. No one have to sacrifice
their happiness for us. I love him. “With my eyes closed…” “Seeking for answers…” “My beloved…” “My disguise are without lies.” “Truth without honesty.” “My absence even
in my presence.” “Dear…” I’m not going to believe you. Why? Then say I love you to me. I love you. Once more. Stop kidding me sister. When are you going
to say this to him? I want to see him. I need to tell him how much I
love him looking into his eyes. I want to confess something too. But don’t get angry on me. What is it? I am actually…. I flew all this way to marry a girl
whom my parents arranged for me. Now all of a sudden, You both
plays some cheap tricks… …and asks to call
off the wedding. Do I look like some
baby sucking thumb. You looked pretty. The only reason
why I accepted this marriage. I still couldn’t get how you fall in
love with that low class dumb-ass. Listen… We have invited everyone
tomorrow and this has to happen. After Three months I
will get you divorce. You go with anyone you
want, where ever you want. I don’t really care. Because I want you to
be rejected by me. Don’t create a scene,
get inside the car. I don’t want my
hands doing this. Well do then. Dumpty face. If you dare, do then. Who you calling a
low class dumb-ass? Fighting for a girl whom your parents
arranged for, does it seems good. He is guy, who is fightng to
marry a girl who he loves. How much he might have
struggled for her? I know that creating trouble
for a girl creates trouble. But I never assumed that you will
actually create trouble for me. Get her. Are you trying to
create a scene? You have seen me as
a doctor so far. Well, I’m a Boxer. Exactly, you have seen
me as a woman so far. Well, you haven’t seen me as a guy.
right? Wait guys. You guys must be
knowing just Karate. But I know… “Deer Karate…” “Deer Karate…” Go catch her. Hey stop. Get her. Don’t be adamant, Come with me. COME. Do you think you are Di
Caprio from Titanic? Would you only date
engaged woman? Bride is kicked out, Bride’s
friends are also kicked out. Please accept my love. I’m in… ‘Phone rings’ Isn’t this Remo sister’s mobile? Where is she? I got this phone
while I saved her. Please take this and
attend her call. Hello. Remo sister…. Nancy… Come fast, sister. Why did you leave me? You won’t leave me
hereafter, right? Promise? Promise. Now Sidharth is also my friend. You had promised me that you will be doing that
magic trick when sidharth becomes my friend. What’s that magic about? Elephants? I can change myself into a boy. I will do it some other day. I won’t go for operation until
you show me that magic. Good girl, right? First you do your operation. I will show you the trick
once you come back. What if I never come back? Please, sister. Won’t you show me that magic? Girls do arranged marriage only when
they are not looking good and smart. So reject him. I’m in love with you I love him. Will you go for
your operation now? Kavya, please listen to me. I know it’s all my mistake. Tell me what should i
do but don’t go away. Kavya, please…
-Don’t touch me. How dare you face me? You have any idea how
much I trusted you? I threw everything away for you. I fought with my parents I created
one hell of a situation for me, Just to be with you. But you have simply treated
me like a toy and cheated me. How cheap your love is. What else? Sacrificing our love? Or living a life with another
girl who you don’t love? I’m not such kind of a person. For me, should marry
the girl who we love. When I saw you on the road
for the first time… I felt that my life would
be happy with you. I followed you and came to
know that you were engaged. I felt like everything was over. I didn’t feel any grief even
for my father’s demise. But you made me cry. Remember the day when you
came up to me on bus? Did I asked you to get me a job? Like a fate It happened. I treated it as my last
chance gifted by god. Ordinary guys like me never
get opportunities easily. We have to make one. What did you told me? When
I asked why you like him? He is a doctor, educated,
well settled… Now tell me. What is my qualification? What do I do? Where am I from?
Where is my home? Answer me. You don’t know. You threw everything off without
knowing anything about me. I did everything just
to make you understand. I would do anything for you
and I will continue to do so. All I want is to hold
your hands forever. “My disguise are without lies.” “Truth without honesty.” “My absence even
in my presence.” Girls really don’t
understand the fact that… The reason behind every
guy’s mistake is a girl. What other options
do men really have? Will have to accept the fate. A few months later… Hello. -Hey Selfie. When are you going
to accept my love? Can’t you understand. How many
times do I have to tell you? I don’t like you. Whatever
you try will go waste. Don’t call me again. Excuse me. Idea number Three. Have you seen this
girl anywhere? Are you mad or what? She
is not at all a girl. Yes, she is not a girl.
She is my Angel. Go away. All is well. What’s wrong with you?
Do you want to get hurt? Mind your own womb Grand Father. Hey, It’s you? You are the very first one
to approve all my getups. Hi Dear. Hi Grandpa. Why didn’t you show
up to hospital today? What happened to your eyes? Did he turn up even today? No, He phoned me now. He is torturing me like hell. I have changed even my phone
number Forty-Six Times. I wonder how is he getting them. Don’t worry. Next time show him to
me, I’ll rip him apart. Did you change your
phone number again? Don’t forget to give
me if you get new one. Good girl. Can I ask you something dear? Don’t you really have
feelings on him? On him? The only reason why he revealed his
makeover was just to make a kid happy. That’s what he is. He will do whatever he can to
make his close ones happy. Whatever, He is little fraud. But still I love him. Let him suffer the
consequences of lying to me. Brilliant dear. Who can cheat you?
Cheese weasels. So when are you going
to propose him? Sure I will. It’s his birthday next month. Really? I’m going to surprise him even bigger
than what he did for my birthday. I’ve got a super plan for him. Wow… That sounds awesome. Really? Why? What happened? Why are you crying? Thought this will ruin while
doing make up in a hurry. Are you going to kiss me? No, I’m going to beat you. You are such a cheat. You will never change. Do I
look like an idiot to you? Can’t say. But people will,
if you start speaking What the hell. I think she is getting
ready for the marriage. Seriously i don’t have any
other getup to go with. Hey, Kavya… Stop. I’ll be acting with Alia
Bhatt in my next film. I’ll marry her and telecast
my marriage in STAR network. You will regret
your mistake then. Unknowingly spoke my thoughts out loud.
Anyways don’t give up. Hey, stop. ‘Whistle sound’ Hey. When you going to say Yes to me?
-What? But, I’m a fraud, I do tell
lies, I used to cheat you It’s ok. Marry me, I will
adjust myself for you. I’m standing in front my
fiancée for the first time. Like this. It took me 6 months for
you to make me love. So I can’t wait any longer. Can we get married? Double ok. Bed Number 2, 4, 5, 9 are
been discharged today. Doctor? Who is he to say that? Who else has to say then? All these old chaps are not
leaving because of you. Why Grandpa? Oh my god! Don’t
call me grandpa. What should I call you then? I meant asking, should
I call him ‘OLD MAN’. Listen ‘Silk’, No need for
any further arguments. Tell us whom you love among us.
Rest of us will leave the hospital. That’s all? Ok.. Ok … You carry on. Hello sister. I’m inviting
you to my marriage. Marriage? -Yes. You could have told me about this
before, I would have proposed you. What? I meant, I would have
come for the engagement. It’s not an arranged marriage.
Love marriage Love marriage? -Yes. Listen doctor, only bad girls opt
for love marriage these days, Don’t blabber, It doesn’t seem
to have least bit of logic. It’s just magic, so don’t
look for any logics. Show me his photo. Show me. Don’t try to fool me doctor,
Is this guy in love with you? Siva… Cut… My mom used to tell me… Now I believe on her words. If you are sincere on your goal.
Sure you will achieve it.

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