Renovating an Overgrown Baseball Field With Tractor

It’s springtime, which means little league
fields like this all across America are in terrible shape. It’s pretty common since these fields don’t
get a lot of attention. You’ve got weeds basically growing everywhere. Usually, people take care of fields like this
with a lot of help from handwork or maybe they will rent a tiller to tear up the ground. It’s really the wrong approach and it’s not
doing the field any good. Even though the Ventrac works really well
on a perfectly manicured field to keep it in tip-top shape, it also helps fields like
this to renovate them from being a complete and total disaster. Ventrac is the ultimate tool for this job
because once you’re done with the groomer on the field, you can take it off and use
the mowing deck or any other attachments around the park as well.

5 thoughts on “Renovating an Overgrown Baseball Field With Tractor

  1. Spring! Wow so nice to se grass beeing mowed. I have 30cm of snow on my lawn and -15c during the night😱

  2. Why does Ventrac always show softball fields? It’s easy to turn around a big tractor like that when you don’t have infield grass.

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