Rescuing a Bat in Need | Bandit Patrol

(NARRATOR) Temperatures are
soaring in Western Kentucky. NIKKI CHRISTIAN: OK. We’re here. Let’s go get a bat. (NARRATOR) And wildlife
rehabber Nikki Christian is at the local courthouse
to help a bat beat the heat. Hello. Hey, are you lady with the bat? – I am.
– All right. Nice to meet you. My name’s Nikki. I’m Darlene. Where’s the bat at now? He is all cozy in
this little crack. See him down there? Oh, my gosh, he is. So was he just like
crawling across the road? DARLENE COLEMAN: My boss
noticed something hobbling– like a big– it looked like a big spider– across the street. And he come right on
across the street, and got in that little crack. He’s been there ever since. Could you see
him like actually moving all of his little limbs? He hobbled across the street. But I don’t think he can fly. OK, well I’m going to try
to get him out of there. It’s not good for a bad to
be on the ground like this, especially with this heat. He could literally
cook out here. Something’s definitely
wrong with him. I know. You don’t want to come out. I wouldn’t want to
come out either. Nice and cool down there. Hi, baby. DARLENE COLEMAN: Look at him.
NIKKI CHRISTIAN: I know. I know.
I’m so sorry. So sweet. NIKKI CHRISTIAN: I love bats. They’re probably one
of my favorite things. The mosquitoes kill alone– oh, my gosh. Bats– they get a bad rap. It’s a big misconception
that all bats have rabies. That’s just not true. It’s less than 1%. They’re absolutely
amazing animals. There’s no reason to
be afraid of them. He looks like he’s
moving everything. So nothing looks broken. All right. Well, I’m going
to get him in here and get him home and
just see how he does. I don’t know exactly what’s
going on with this bat. I’m going to really examine
him well, make sure he’s not dehydrated, there’s no
broken bones, no little tears in his wings, and kind of
look him all over a little bit closer.
All right. Thank you again. Thank you.

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