Resortera táctica BAT RTS tiro a 30 metros

If Sylvester Stallone, and his crew of Expendables, will use slingshots It would be one Like this I call this design the “STS” STS stands for “Starship Tactical Slingshot” Starship is the name for this kind of long pistol grip style slingshots Why a long slingshot? To be able to gain more “Draw” And what is the draw? Draw is the length between the fork and the pouch like the length that you can stretch the bands With a normal slingshot My draw is approximately 32 inches Is the distance from the forks to my pouch That´s my draw with a normal slingshot Now, with a Starship Slingshot I can add like 8 more inches of draw Which gives me more powerful shots and greater distance For this design I got the inspiration from air rifles You can see the rifle style handle With a simulated trigger It also has a forearm support And at the fork I added a LED lantern, to be able to do some night shooting The bands are attached with acrilyc plates Later on the STS version 2 I replaced this plates with buckles To be able to get a better band attach and make a quicker band replacement. Other than that the Starship works the same as a regular slingshot We are going to make some test shots from a distance of 33, 65 and 100 feet to see how the STS performs Here we have the 0 Let´s start counting Going on… Thats my Camera Man This is the 33 feet mark And here is my best boy 33 feet, and then On this other stone I´m going to place another can , at the 65 feet mark And at the end Over this big rock The 100 feet mark I´m going to be shooting from that spot Very well let’s get started Let’s make the first shots, there is a can at 33 feet I´m shooting with 3/8 steel balls Camera Man: “As you can see there is the impact The can fully exploited This was at 33 feet, let´s try at 65 feet Ok, second shoot, 65 feet Too low Almost! Too high Camera Man: “He almost hit it, but it was too high” Yes! Camera Man: “There is the hit and there is the exit” Indeed, but put the can in frame son, eyes on the camera Here Here is the entrance hit And here is the exit At 65 feet Now let´s do the 100 feet shot Camera Man “Let´s continue wit Bat Slingshots shooting from 100 feet Third test shoot, there is a can at 100 feet Let´s see if I can hit it Just on the side Camera Man “Just on the side” (I’m fast forwarding to the # 12 shot that was the one that hit the can) YEEES !! At last! he made the shot! Let´s see the shoot I think this is the entrance hit, I´m not sure, this would be the exit It’s a little confusing Best Boy: “Ho I know! Here is the entrance and here is the exit” Well this is all for today We made a 33 feet, a 65 feet and a 100 feet shots Now It´s time to pick up all the mess we made And Enjoy some refreshing drinks Subscribe!

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