Rio paragliding

In Rio de Janeiro there is a lot of fun things to do. One of them is paragliding. I had this company pick us up from our hotel and take us to the area where they do the paragliding. From the parking area, they carry me down to this bleacher section. at launching point. They got me seated there pretty comfortably and you can see this play is like a miniature airport. At the top level they’ve got people in hang gliders taking off. And then on the lower level, they have got paragliders launching themselves and it is really just a short launch pad. before they’re up up and away. There you go, you can see another hang glider there. This place a pretty busy little airport. [man] Is this your brother?
[Isaac] Amigo. The guy on the left was holding a camera, he liked to film himself as well as other people. He spoke both English and Portuguese of course Now they are trying to get me in a harness and figure out how to get me attached to this paraglider. So they’re gonna bring me down a level. It was pretty steep, the level here. [people speaking Portuguese] They did a pretty good job filming this though, I really liked it. It turned out pretty well. There was plenty of help at this minaiture airport as I call it so my travel buddy Isaac helped a little but he really didn’t need to be there, all these people knew what they were doing. They were pretty relaxed about it. They just needed to coordinate their efforts so they could make sure everything was ready to go and so they could all lift me up at the same time and take off at the same time. So it it had to be pretty well coordinated.
(Music – Ride of the Valkyries plays) But they were pros, they had done this many times before. So I was pretty relaxed about it as well. OK now we’ve got …they’ve got me lifted up, we’re going to take a few steps there, Watch out guys! He steps a [sound of wind] and we’re off! Wow, what a beautiful sight. and it felt so good, too to feel the sun on me. There’s Daniel patting me on the shoulder there. Wants to make I’m comfortable, feeling fine, which I am. I love paragliding, it’s one of my favorite sports. Such a feeling of freedom really. You can go in just about any direction you want. Of course as long as you find the thermals. Daniel didn’t seem to be looking for thermals very much. He was just gonna give me a viww of this side of Rio. and then take me back to the ground. Such a beautiful sight. up there. Seems like you can see forever from up there. Not only the lush green vegetation on the mountains, but you can also see over the ocean. over the beeaches there… …and Rio does have some beautiful beaches. It was really very relaxing up there, There;s Daniel again patting my shoulder up there. And I couldn’t be any more relaxed. Now he’s taking my hands and trying to see if I could reach up to steer the hang glider myself as they often do with passengers but I just can’t reach up that high. I would lover to control the paraglider but I just couldn’t reach up that high. So we’ll just ride the wind currents for a bit. There’s that beautiful ocean. [Gene] Hello everybody I’m in Brazil. You can really hear the wind whistling through that paraglider. It seems like it’s really rushing through, but I don’t know how fast the winds were. It just really sounded that way. You can see they build hotels all along this stretch of beach here. And where the beach ends the hotels end. Here we go, turning around. We came down one section of the beach and now will go down another. Here we’re getting pretty close to some hotels. And I mean really close. You can practically see into those hotels. After we buzz some hotels, Daniel decided it’s time to turn around, come in for a landing. Here we go, turning again. Right over the beach. He’s lining up for a landing. Here we come! He’s coming in hot. Ouugh, look like it came in fast but I was alright, I was fine. That was a great trip. (unintelligible)

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