Rishtay Biktay Hain | Episode 4 | 30th Sep 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

What? My sister is hospitalized? Your sister was lucky to get a new life. And you don’t even know. Not at all. Don’t mind but you didn’t do good with her. You should have thanked God for changing your financial condition. remember, she is your same sister who helped you in your bad times. Now when she’s in need, you’ve cut off ties with her. Go see her, she has become a walking dead. Who would do this with their own flesh and blood? You tell me what I could do when Affan himself refused to get married to Zeba. And how can I now pressurize my son to agree to what I say? But you have three sons. If one didn’t agree, ask for her hand for another. What is the name of your second son? Hammad? Yes Hammad. I’ve heard he lost his job again. He’s very irresponsible and immature. Give him responsibility and get him married to Zeba. He will become responsible once he’s married. He’ll be fine. If you don’t mind, I’ll tell you. The entire family has ganged up against you. Everybody is saying that all this new money made you reject your poor niece. I’m telling you, make good use of this opportunity. Kill two birds with one stone. Khalda will be happy and your useless son, forgive me, will get married too. Because if something happens to Khalda, you’ll regret all your life. You’re a mother and you know how a mother feels about her children. It kills you slowly. It’s all your wish now. I wanted to make you understand and I have tried. How are you, sister? I’m still alive. I’m not dead yet. Don’t say like this please. And what did you do? Averted your eyes from your sister once you settled down. I’m talking to my sister. Shamim please stay out of it. People like you love creating rifts. You’re fueling up the fire rather than winding it down. And you? Why did you have to be so upset on what I said? Don’t things happen between sisters? You could have talked to me! Arguing doesn’t mean you cut all ties with me. I didn’t break off any ties, you did Farhat. Yes. I broke it off but I’m here to fix everything now. It doesn’t matter if Affan doesn’t want to marry Zeba. I still love my sister and will always do. Don’t worry about Zeba. She will be my daughter in law. What if my elder son doesn’t agree. I have another son too. I ask you of Zeba’s hand for Hammad. What happened? What were you praying for? You prayed for me right? I know that all you ask for is me. Always. But I’m here with you. Why are you crying now? I really love you Affan. I cannot live without you. I love you too. And I’m not leaving you. Are you telling the truth? Yes. You’ll never leave me, will you? Never. Be careful now. Come inside. Sit here. sit here What are you thinking Khalda? People come and go in our life Khalda
but God never leaves us alone. And Affan isn’t the only boy in the whole world. We’ll find a better proposal for our Zeba. There is a proposal. Farhat has asked for Zeba’s hand for Hammad. What nonsense is this? How dare she say something like this? Zeba isn’t a toy that I’ll give her younger son to play with if the elder one doesn’t like her. Has she forgotten how to respect relations? But…
No ifs or buts, I’ve listened to you enough. I will not agree with this at all. You’ve supported her enough already. But I’ve seen her real face already. I’m not sending my daughter to her house anymore.
It’s not happening. Rida, weren’t you a bit too rude with Babar yesterday? You shouldn’t have done it. Everybody was watching. I actually said a bit too much to him yesterday. Not a bit, but too much. Yes, I know but stop embarrassing me already. Do one thing, get me something to eat
. I’m hungry. Alright. Khalda, how are you feeling now? I’m feeling better now. Better? But you look ghostly pale. It seems Farhat’s changing colors has affected you. You and your husband took care of her like your own and they turned down your daughter’s hand. What will people say now? Zeba will have to carry the burden of a broken engagement. How will you answer everyone? Really Khalda, Farhat didn’t do good. I’m telling you, get Zeba married as soon as possible. You can only stop all tongues from talking once Zeba is married. Else people will keep talking. If you’ll delay it
it’ll create problems in her marriage later. Guys.. How are you? I’ll grab a chair. Babar? You can sit here if you want. Thank you so much. And.. I’m sorry. I said a bit too much the other day. No. It’s completely okay. No worries. Can we be friends? But you didn’t want to be friends with me. Actually, I thought you would be the same as other boys. You know what I mean. But I realized I have been wrong. You’re different. That’s why I want to be friends with you. So, friends? Yes. Friends. Then please join us. Sure. What are you reading? Nothing important. Just making notes for the lecture I took. Are you sure you want to be friends?
You were very rude that day. Yes. I’m sorry. I told you I thought you were like all the other boys out there. Babar. Rida. Nice to meet you. Nice to see you. Mom? Soup. This is such a tasteless soup. Did you not put salt in it? please have some, it’s good for you. No. Take it away. I don’t want it. Mom, you aren’t eating anything, You need it.
Don’t you understand?! Take it away. I don’t want it. Why do you keep sitting here on my head?
Go away. Just go away from here. I don’t want anything. Don’t take me wrong but it’s all your fault. You were very ungrateful.
I brought so many proposals for your daughter. But you clearly said NO every time. You thought your sister would take her. We were in for bad luck. Now, I am counting upon you. I just want my Zeba to be married as soon as possible. I have a proposal but.. But what? The man is about 40 years of age. He has two children and his first wife is dead. But he has a lot of money. Your daughter will play in luxuries. No. My daughter has just had her engagement broken off. She isn’t divorced. But look at your daughter’s age. Boys ask for girls who are 16 years of age. Your daughter is now above age.
She’ll get a similar proposal. No. Not at all.
Bring me other proposals, please. It’s your wish. I can only tell you how it is. She already has her engagement broken off.
Don’t make a mistake again. This is a very good proposal trust me.
I already have so many people asking for it. It’s hard to find proposals these days. Parents are now rushing off to get their daughters married to divorced or widowed men. He has a lot of money. I’ll take your leave now. Think about it. If you think anything, let me know. You and your husband took her in and she paid you off by breaking off your daughter’s engagement. What will people say now? Your daughter is now tainted for life.
How will you answer people now? Khalda, Farhat has done you wrong. I’m telling you, get Zeba married as soon as possible. Zeba? Where are you lost? Who will turn off the tap? Don’t you know how things are done? What do you want? Do you want me to get sick again and be hospitalized? We don’t have any more money. If we had the money you’d have been married off by now, not sitting here on my heart. Mom? Don’t be angry, you’re still unwell. My luck is bad, I have nothing to do except being unwell. What has Zeba done? She was mistreated. It wasn’t her fault at all. It is all her fault. It’s her fault that she was born to us.
We’re ashamed because of her today. It would have been better had I too had a son. If I had a son.. I too would have been holding my head high like Farhat. But God gave me only one child and that too a girl. I feel helpless when I see her walking around the house. Tell her not to come in front of my eyes.
Tell her to stay away. Why do you have to be so hopeless? She’ll get a good proposal soon. Don’t be so hopeful. Nothing will happen. It doesn’t matter to boys if their engagements are broken off. For girls, the world comes crashing down. Nothing will happen. She’ll stay with us for the rest of our lives. I won’t stay with you people forever. I’ll leave. Please say yes to aunt Farhat dad. I accept Hammad’s proposal. What are you saying Zeba? Zeba? Zeba? Babar, all you could find was Rida to be friends within the entire university? Why? What’s wrong with her? Everything. She looks average.
Doesn’t know how to dress up or anything. Don’t say wrong Shehzad.
A girl is known by her character. Not their wardrobe. And she has a strong character. She’s a very nice girl. Don’t say that. I will never understand. Then don’t. She’s a great girl. What’s wrong my child? See, your mother is just being emotional. She cannot think straight at the moment. But you’re a sensible girl. Why are you saying like this? I’m saying this because of mom. She’s very tensed because of me. Doctors asked us to keep her away from all tensions. But she keeps thinking about me at all times. I cannot see her like this.
She’ll be more tensed if she sees me around. Her worries revolve around me. And do you hear what people say? I will not be able to forgive myself if something happens to mom. I’m telling you.
Get me married to Hammad. But dear, Hammad doesn’t deserve you. Dad only time can tell if he deserves me or not. I never knew myself, that I didn’t deserve Affan. Mom is right, I won’t find a prince. Do one thing, call aunt and tell her I’m ready. The kind of proposals I’m getting, Hammad is the best amongst all of them. I will decide what is best for me. You don’t have to worry. I will not marry Zeba. Why? What’s wrong with her? If there’s nothing wrong with her, why did Affan call off his engagement? He could have married her. I’ve always worn his hand me overs but this doesn’t mean I’ll marry the girl he left. She was so close to Affan. Why should I marry her? Wow. See Hammad. Try and understand.
You won’t find a girl better than Zeba. I’m okay with that. But why won’t I?
Didn’t Affan find a better girl? I will too. I will only marry a rich girl. Look at yourself before you dream too big. Don’t compare yourself with Affan.
You both are two worlds apart. He, he works day and night.
And you, you keep sleeping. Who will give their daughter to a useless boy like you? It doesn’t matter. I won’t marry Zeba. You won’t marry Zeba? No. Then get out of my house. I’m not keeping you here. You don’t care for your mother, I won’t care for you.
Go, marry whoever you want to. I’ll see how will you find a good girl. I will go find a rich girl to marry. You’ll see. He’s as useless as a good for nothing crop. Mom, how long will the food take? I’m hungry.
What are you people doing? Studying. Who sent this big box of sweets? Uncle did. Why? Has his daughter Nimra passed her intermediate exams? I really should praise her self confidence. She failed intermediate three times and still stays put. She won’t really achieve something even if she gets her degree. I think its good for her she didn’t study much. At least they found a good match for her. Rida, I think no matter how much a girl studies, she has to manage her house in the end. Doesn’t mom say the same? Of course. Laugh and have these sweets. This isn’t a box of sweets but a slap they threw on our faces. I don’t know what I’m being punished for. People are getting their daughters married.. And here we are, waiting desperately for good news. What happened? Why are you people so quiet now? Laugh? My brother send these sweets. He has only one daughter and now she is engaged too. He’ll be free from all his responsibilities now. And here we are.
We have three big responsibilities. And nobody dares do anything. When will our burdens end?! Rida? Where are you going? Rida? Mom, why did you have to say all this? She just came home. She must be tired.
You don’t even realize. You’re right. And it’s not in a girl’s hand to get married. She doesn’t like being rejected again and again. You always keep hurting her saying all these things. So, what should I do? Am I not hurt? Who will I share everything with?
You’re my children. I need someone to confide into. But just be careful. You don’t have to start every time. Go take her some tea and give her biscuits along. I’ll go check up on Rida. Rida? See Hammad, try and understand. She’s our mom.
She has gone through a lot of things for our sake. She was angry when she said this but it doesn’t mean you really have to leave this house. And you’re also being stubborn without a reason. What? Why don’t you want to marry Zeba? The same problem you had
. I want to marry a rich girl. Why do I have to marry her? Hammad, my situation was different. It’s not necessary that you’ll find the same opportunity. Zeba is a nice girl, you’ll be happy with her. If she’s such a nice girl, why did you call off your engagement? See, A person needs more to be happy more than anything else. And you know this very well that why you chose money over Zeba. No. It’s not like this Hammad. If it’s not like this, you marry Zeba and I’ll marry Hania.
What nonsense is this? Do you even realize Hania is my wife to be? Reality is always hard to digest. Not everyone can bear it. It’s useless talking to you. You waste my time. Useless… Have you ever looked at me as lovingly as you’re looking at the moon? You’re my moon. Really? Then why are you looking at it since long? It’s a bit far away that’s why. This means I should be far from you too so that you’ll care more for me. I don’t want you far away ever. I’m just saying this will make you pine for me too. Being separated from you will kill me. I don’t want this to happen ever. I promise you. I’ll never leave you alone. I’ll fulfill all your wishes. You want to travel right? Let’s do one thing, we’ll go on a world tour once we’re married. World tour? Are you serious? But, we’d need a lot of money for that. And we don’t have them. You’re right.
We won’t get married until we can save much money. It’s so beautiful. A person should see himself before he dreams too big. You compare yourself to Affan? You both are entirely different. He.. He’s working day and night and you keep sleeping all day. Who will give their daughter to you? See Hammad, try and understand. She’s our mother. She has gone through a lot for our sake. If she said something to you with anger, it doesn’t mean you take it too seriously and leave home. And you’re being stubborn without a reason. What problem do you have with Zeba? The same as you. I want to marry a rich girl. Why do I have to marry my cousin? Hammad my situation is different. You might not get the same chance. And Zeba is a good girl. You know her well. You’ll be happy with her.

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