RIT Men’s Hockey: 2016 Arena Intro

[ Music ]>>I personally just like to visualize certain situations, I’m sitting in the locker room hopefully preparing myself for anything that can happen during a game.>>Day in and day out I try to do my best. Never want to let a teammate down, you always want to compete hard for the player next to you.>>When I come to the rink every day they’re all I think about, and they’re always around us we’re always around them. It’s really great, to be able to play, to play for them.>>You always got to be ready to go, whether I mean- things can change, it’s a quick game, fast-paced game but it’s a 60 minute game, so it’s a long game so anything can happen within that duration of time.>>You can never give up, you always have to perservere, because when it comes to the playoffs, if it’s that final game and you’re down 2, you have to fight through because there’s no tomorrow.>>You’re gonna have your bad times, you’re gonna have your good times you got to stick together as a group and just fight through it.>>Our goal is to win a league championship, and then win the playoffs, and then we move on from there and just keep getting better and better each week, and just, never giving up on what our goals are. [ Music ]

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