RIT on TV: Baseball in First NCAA Tournament

>>The RIT baseball team takes to the field
Thursday against Alvernia. It’s just one game but it’s beyond significant
for the program. Toby Motyka has more from Henrietta. >>You will have to forgive the guys on the
RIT baseball team for acting like they’ve never been here before. Because they haven’t. >>When I caught the ball, I looked toward
Ben at first base and we both just had the biggest smiles on our faces knowing we did
it.>>RIT’s baseball program has been around
for 65 years. Friday’s Liberty League championship clinched
its first ever NCAA tournament berth. >>It was the first time we had a real good
reason for a dog pile and it felt good.>>I shook one coach’s hand and waited to
shake all the other coaches’ hands. I said I want to see the boys enjoy it. They have done so much work. They have come so far.>>So here we are on May 15 for the first
time on the field, the music is still blaring. The cage is still popping. >>I’ve been waiting to be done with school
and just play baseball. Like a lot of my buddies did at other schools. Now I finally get to do it. >>But this is no Cinderella story. With 12 wins in a row, and in 25 of their
last 26 games overall, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone playing better baseball than
the tigers. >>We expect to win. We’re a top 25 team, so we can compete with
anybody in the nation. >>So yes, this may be uncharted territory,
but…>>It’s still baseball. So we’re going to go play the game we know
how to play. >>We are excited to be here, and it’s the
first time we have been here, but we’re not just happy to be here. >>We are ready to play game one and win,
find out who our next opponent is, win that game and keep moving on. >>This Tigers team has contributors from
all over including Section 5. That goes double for the pitching staff with
Brian Reed, Brett Bouchard and Jameson Moran. The Penfield, Fairport and Geneseo products
all have ERA’s of 2.20 or lower. If they keep pitching like that, and who knows
when RIT’s run might end? With the Tigers, Toby Motyka 13 WHAM Sports.

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