RIT on TV: RIT baseball in the major leagues

ANCHOR>>When baseball season starts this
spring, a Rochester native will be in the dugout for the defending champs. An RIT product, meanwhile, working his way
through the minors. ANCHOR>>14 years after graduating from college,
Jeff Albert is a major-leaguer. The Bishop Kearney alum was a standout at
RIT and now his coaching career has led to a big-league job: the assistant hitting coach
for the Houston Astros. ALBERT>>When we have all these young players,
like the Alex Bregmans, the Carlos Correas of the world, I’m there when they walk in
the door for the Astros and see them play at every one of our levels and so, going to
the World Series in Houston, especially being there with my family, is really special, to
both share with them and see those players on the field. So, I certainly want to be in Houston again
and be in the dugout when we’re winning a World Series. ANCHOR>>Albert says his playing days helped
mold his approach to coaching the game. ALBERT>>Coaching just happened as a result
of what I was going through as a player, always working hard, trying to get better and all
that and just asking a lot of questions in bunch of different areas in related to training,
whether it was the mechanics of the swing, video analysis, the training side, asking
questions in any area that I thought would help me improve. ANCHOR>>Another RIT product is trying to
play his way to the big leagues. Will Gorman, the school’s all-time leader
in home runs and stolen bases. His first year in the pro’s was a good start,
hitting better than 300 in rookie ball. GORMAN>>It’s been a lot of work. The coaching staff at RIT has been incredible. Rob and all of the assistants, they’ve been
awesome in just working with me, being my support group with baseball and also getting
my name out there. If it weren’t for the coaches, I wouldn’t
even have been on the radar of some of the scouts that were looking at me for the draft. ANCHOR>>Gorman was a 32nd-round pick by the
Arizona Diamondbacks. Going from Division III ball to professional
ball was a bit of an adjustment. GORMAN>>I had to get used to guys throwing
harder as pitchers, just being able to catch up, the game’s faster and quicker but you
just gotta make adjustments and once you fall into a routine, once you start being able
to be comfortable there, then you can start working on more and more and getting better
and better. ANCHOR>>In case baseball doesn’t work out,
Gorman is taking classes at RIT for his fall-back plan … a degree in engineering. That’s your look at sports, we’ll have more
stories in the next half hour.

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