RIT Volleyball Seniors – Class of 2020

the first thing that comes to my mind
whenever I think of RIT volleyball is just family. We’re all here for
each other and the support system here is incredible
I’m Shelby Doheny. I’m from South Glen Falls New York and I’m graduating with a
degree in industrial design. Hi my name is Maria Simonetti I’m from Rochester, New
York and I’m graduating with a degree in biomedical science. I’m Kelly Waters I’m
from Burnt Hills, New York and I’ll be graduating with a major in chemistry. Everybody works hard – like the work ethic that we have on this team is insane. We
work hard we support one another which creates this family dynamic and we’re
also just fully embracing one another as crazy individuals that we are so I think it creates a really fun – fun competitive atmosphere. I think like just going back
like last year we had a huge season and it was awesome like making it to NCAAs for the first time, winning Liberty Leagues for the first time and we’re just
excited to come out again like this year and how the opportunity to compete.
I’ve always, especially this season, tried to go in with the mentality of every
game is – it’s another team with another jersey and try not to have too much
emotional baggage going in. That like competitive edge like all of us coming together
it’s definitely going to be something like hard to say goodbye to but we’re definitely enjoying
the opportunity we have and we’re really grateful to still be in it.
You’re always going to have failures but if you can work through those then
you’ll reach your successes so from volleyball learning how to keep pushing
and keep working try to get better is able to like help me in the classroom
with focusing on if I don’t understand something keep working, keep trying, go
for help, go find that support system to help with school. I know like in every
season there’s ups and downs and that goes without saying that there’s gonna
be times like in your life or in the classroom where like you have a bad
grade or like something happens with your family and like knowing the skills
to like cope with that and knowing that you have a support system here it’s like
incredible. Looking back over my four years even asking coach it’s really
evident how much I’ve grown and changed and become a completely different person
and I think that evolution has really helped me in all aspects of my
life this past four years and I wouldn’t be the same – you know – confident player
that I am today without that journey. I was thinking about memories I guess
over this season specifically and I think the little things that we found
you know especially memorable the one day that we had the gym was just covered
in water and we all decided before practice to bring out a bunch of towels
and just hand wipe the entire gym down and somebody was playing Hard Knock Life in the background and people were dancing it’s kind of a fun
crazy environment but that was an extremely memorable day and I think it
really shows our relationships with one another we – you know – we get down to
business but we definitely have a lot of fun while we do it. The energy in general
just like being able to play with like 16 girls that have literally become like
your family like I’m definitely gonna miss that a lot. I’ve been playing since sixth
grade. I remember the day I like the week before I started – um – I was in
sixth grade but like I was probably 5’8 5’10 like I was that really
awkward tall person and our varsity volleyball coach was like standing in
the sixth grade hallway and then he walks he sees me and he goes, “Hey,
do you play volleyball?”. I go – I’m just scared it’s like my first week I’m
like, “No.” He goes, “You should.” and like hands me a flyer I don’t know why he just had them but then I started playing volleyball. At middle blocker a six-foot two-inch senior from Burnt Hills, New York
number seven Kelly Waters Not similar to Kelly’s I wasn’t the tall kid surprising but um my like story is
actually like more personal my older sister and started playing volleyball
and I just like always wanted to be like just like her so I’d always like play in
the backyard with her and like she would just hit me in the head with the ball
like I learned like I don’t know I learned a lot from her and honestly that’s when I
started I think I was in probably going into fifth or sixth grade I’ve been playing for
a while but my sister actually played at Fisher so I’m her senior year my freshman
year we got to play each other and it it was just like a really special moment
for us because volleyball was definitely we like
really bonded over over the years. I was similar I think I was either sixth or
seventh grade that I went into volleyball but I think I had the hard
time because my father played soccer and my mom played volleyball so I felt like
I was choosing between the two yeah so it came down to choosing I felt really bad I’ve never been good at contact sports so I asked if I
could search to volleyball and I did and I’ve loved it ever since and it’s
surprisingly still a contact sport at middle blocker, a five-foot-ten-inch
senior from Moreau, New York, number 16 Shelby Doheny. When I first came here I was super shy like I was so nervous honestly and there
was like two like older like I think they were like a junior and a senior but
they really like took me under the wing and that helped the transition a lot and
ever since had I’ve like always been close with a lot of girls on the team who have left and I text them all the time and I don’t know you definitely learn like
through their example like how to be a leader I just I appreciate everyone who
they came before us ’cause they taught us a lot. At Libero a five-foot-three-inch senior from Rochester, New York number two
Maria Simonetti. I would say my previous teammates have helped me tremendously
over the years whether it’s watching them on the court as a player and seeing
their determination and wanting to push myself to be at that level or seeing them off
the court or the way that they interact with one another I think we had really
great leaders in the past few years and I’ve learned a lot from them and it’s
been great because we have this really big family that’s – they’ve come back year
and year time and time again and that just shows I think how much love and
support we have on our team For any like incoming freshmen coming in
just never taking anything for granted your next four years are probably gonna
be the best years of your life so just like enjoy the ride and for all the
teammates like just always like trust in yourself and know that like we all
believe in you and like if you ever need anything we’re always here like we have
your back always not many people have opportunity to be where you are and just
never take it for granted go after everything with the intensity
that it could be the last moment play every point to the best of your ability
and don’t ever let anything try to step you down from like what will be your
best to any incoming freshman or any other player I think reminding
yourself that even through the toughest days this is a game you love so if you
have the opportunity to push yourself and it’s a tough day just keep going
and remind yourself the little reasons why you love the game because
that’s what turns just another day of practice another day of hard work into
the game that you love pushing yourself and reminding yourself that you love it
and you’re surrounded by a family and this is why you’re here definitely all
the teammates and like RIT Volleyball will always have like a special place in our hearts so I don’t think I would just like to be able to walk away. Like we will definitely be as involved as we can. A
little tip for practice I’ve been doing it this year and I think I would have
benefited from the last couple years doing it to I think I find myself in our goal
sheet that we do every day my last goal every day is to either make
a teammate smile or make a teammate laugh because adding that little bit of
lightness and happiness to every day makes it that much better

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