RIT Women’s Hockey Team Video 2013-2014

Melissa Bromley: I’m so happy with my choice
of coming here and getting all of the experiences I was able to have.
Erin Zach: It was probably one of the best experiences of my life. I wouldn’t change
it for the world. Announcer: The RIT Women’s hockey program,
already in the midst of a very successful era, will take another significant step forward
in 2014 when the Tigers begin play in the brand new Gene Polisseni Center. Scott McDonald: The size of the arena, the
upgrades everywhere, the state-of-the-art type of facility that we’re going to have,
it’s just going to take us to another level. Melissa Bromley: The Polisseni Center, I can’t
even imagine. It’s just going to be one of the coolest things ever and one of the
best rinks in college hockey. Announcer: The last three years have been
remarkable; In 2012 they won the NCAA Division Three championship.
In 2013 they moved to Division One. And in 2014 RIT won the College Hockey America
League Championship. Erin Zach: We accomplished everything that
we possibly could while I was here. The national championship at D-three and league championship
at D-one. Kourtney Kunichika: It’s like all you could
ask for, I guess, when you come to college for hockey and for a sport. Just having fans
that support you so well and they get you going too, they�re part of why we�ve been
so successful. Scott McDonald: I think as a program, we�re
in a great spot right now. Moving up to division one, so early on to win your first league,
conference title in your second year, it�s a great start for us. Announcer: The competitive C-H-A has six teams.
RIT also play non-conference games against many of the nation�s top programs�and
the Tigers make a difference with special games for autism, cancer, heart disease and
wounded warriors. Last season they also played an outdoor game
at Rochester�s Frontier Field! Melissa Bromley: The outdoor game was absolutely
amazing. It was snowing you know, we had to hop the boards and go shovel.
Erin Zach: You grow up playing pond hockey outside with the snow and the cold and everything,
but then you get to play in a real game, that was amazing. Announcer: RIT has 24 varsity sports- with
outstanding facilities that include state-of-the-art fitness and weight rooms.
The unforgettable hockey experience is surpassed only by the Education. Founded in 1829, RIT
has nine leading colleges with an emphasis on career education and experiential learning.
The extensive selection of academic programs, include majors in Business, Liberal Arts,
Health Science and Engineering. The dynamic and diverse campus is located in greater Rochester,
New York, three hours from Toronto and five hours from New York City.
Kourtney Kunichika: The education here is like top notch.
Erin Zach: The support here, with the academics, like you can go for tutoring, for writing
help, anything. They get you to where you need to be. Melissa Bromley: It�s such an amazing outlet
here at RIT with the academics and the athletic facilities. I feel like I�ll be ready for
the real world. Announcer: Ontario native Scott McDonald is
RIT�s all-time leader with more than 170 victories. His career winning percentage is
among the best ever in NCAA women�s hockey. Scott McDonald: You have to guide them and
lead them in a certain direction and we believe in certain values and we have a mission statement
that we�re going to follow as a team. We tell them if you�re going to develop and
be a champion, then you�re going to practice and play like one every day. Love it here,
it�s been eleven years now, between the guys and the girls and I�m looking forward
to many more years. Announcer: A memorable hockey experience,
a distinguished degree and a commitment to community; the women�s hockey program at
the Rochester Institute of Technology. Erin Zach: The atmosphere is just amazing
and I�ll never forget it. Melissa Bromley: I�m really glad I came
here, I wouldn�t change it for the world.

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