RIT Women’s Hockey Team Video 2015-2016

Jess Paton: I honestly wouldn’t trade it for
the world, probably the best four years of my life.
Jetta Rackleff: I love that on campus hockey is the one sport everyone loves.
Haley Northcote: It was one of the best experiences of my life.
Announcer: The RIT Women’s Hockey team has it all; education, community service and results
on the ice. Scott McDonald: We’ve been proven winners,
we know how to win and we have the hardware to prove it. That we can accomplish what we
want, we have accomplished what we wanted. Announcer: The Tigers recent history includes
a Division III national title in 2012, then a remarkable transition to Division One that’s
included two league titles and a trip to the NCAA tournament in 2015.
Jetta Rackleff: It’s been awesome, unbelievable to win two championships here. It’s been more
than I could ever ask for. Carly Payerl: I think all the girls in the
locker-room now, like everyone is itching to get back there. It was so fun, probably
the best experience we ever had. Haley Northcote: What I gained here was a
sense of family as a team. Just having that sense of, no matter what happens we’re always
working at making each other better and lending a hand.
Announcer: The Tigers play in College Hockey America. They also play a competitive non-conference
schedule against many of the top teams in the nation.
RIT’s home, is the new on-campus Gene Polisseni Center. Jetta Rackleff: When you see on the side where
we walk in, it says “Home of the Tigers”, and every day I just shake my head like wow!
I feel so grateful that we get to play here. Carly Payerl: I get goose bumps every time
I walk out onto the ice for a game. Jess Paton: From our own gym, our training
room, this dressing room everything is just perfect.
Haley Northcote: The Corner Crew, the pep band, they bring an atmosphere to the Gene
Polisseni Center that is quite unique. Announcer: Founded in 1829 RIT is consistently
recognized for educational quality and value. The university has nine colleges with an extensive
selection of academic majors. Haley Northcote: The education at RIT is second
to none. Carly Payerl: I think I really appreciate
the teachers knowing who you are by name; you’re not just a number at this school. You
actually feel connected with your professors and your classmates.
Announcer: The Tigers consistently earn national and conference honors for academic excellence.
Jetta Rackleff: I have a lot of real-world experience. I’ll be walking out with almost
three years of co-op experience. Jess Paton: My program is a pretty rigorous
program, you have to keep a 3.2 GPA to stay in the program. So they really prepare you
for your life in the future and they really care about you. Announcer: The Campus is located in greater
Rochester, New York with convenient access to shopping, restaurants and entertainment.
The Tigers give back to the community, with games supporting awareness and fund raising
for causes like autism, cancer and mental health.
Carly Payerl: You know that you’re kind of making an impact and making their lives that
day little better for them. To be able to touch peoples in that way through playing
the sport we love. Haley Northcote: Either raise awareness for
a cause or raise money for a good cause and give back to the community feels really good
whether you win or lose. Announcer: Approaching 200 career victories,
Ontario native Scott McDonald, the Bruce B. Bates Women’s Hockey coach, has one of the
best winning percentages in NCAA women’s hockey. Scott McDonald: Over the last handful of years
we’ve been on quite a run on the ice. I think we’ve established ourselves as a premiere
program, because I think we’re the total package when you can add on the sports, the school
and the work that we do in the community. When they say, “Bleed orange” I truly bleed
orange for RIT. A complete student-athlete experience; the
women’s hockey program at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Carly Payerl: I’m super glad that I picked

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