RIT Women’s Hockey Team Video 2015

Lindsay Grigg: It’s been amazing, it’s been
a great four years. Celeste Brown: To play in the Gene Polisseni
my final year is like a dream come true really. Morgan Scoyne: A Lot of memories over four
years. And obviously I don’t think we could ask for anything more. Announcer: A lifetime of memories; from teammates,
to championships, to a renowned education, the RIT women’s hockey team has it all. In
2015, playing in a brand new home arena, the Tigers once again captured a league title,
and qualified for the NCAA Division One tournament. Scott McDonald: To be one of the final eight
teams at the end of the year, was a truly special moment for everyone involved. Marissa Maugeri: Getting to the NCAA’s was
just another step in our program and for us as well. We just wanted to keep getting better
every year. Morgan Scoyne: We are on a national stage
now, in our third year of Division I, that’s incredible. Announcer: What a stretch it’s been; RIT won
the Division III national title in 2012, then moved to Division I and have now won back
to back College Hockey America championships. Celeste Brown: We play Tiger hockey, which
is basically hard work, we sacrifice a lot to get to where we are. It’s very rewarding
if you get to experience what we did. Ali Binnington: From a national championship
to two conference championships, to an outdoor game to a brand new facility. Announcer: The Tigers home is the brand new
Gene Polisseni Center. Lindsay Grigg: The atmosphere is crazy, the
fans, it’s wonderful. The facilities, everything in this building, it’s just like perfect.
Celeste Brown: I can walk down the hallway and be in our weight room and I can put in
extra work there, or I can take ten steps and I’m right on the ice. We have top of the
line locker-room and training room and I mean, look at the rink, it’s amazing. Announcer: RIT’s conference, the CHA has six
teams. They also play non-conference games against many of the nation’s top programs.
Ontario native Scott McDonald, the Bruce B. Bates Women’s Hockey coach is RIT’s all-time
leader with 186 victories. His career winning percentage is among the best ever in women�s
college hockey. Scott McDonald: Making the tournament for
the first time, especially in the first year that you’re eligible to make the tournament,
it’s just shows how much dedication and commitment the players have had to the team. We’re aggressive
on the ice, we’re gritty on the ice, we have the attitude that we are going to prove something
when we step on the ice and it’s going to prove that we’re the best team on the ice.
At the end of the year, it’s about that one trophy, that one moment that we’re able to
win together and enjoy that as a group. Announcer: The unforgettable hockey experience
is surpassed only by the Education. RIT has nine leading colleges with an extensive
selection of academic programs that include business, liberal arts, health science and
engineering. The dynamic and diverse campus is located
in greater Rochester, New York, three hours from Toronto and five hours from New York
City. Ali Binnington: I’ve gotten a second to none
education here at RIT, while being able to play a sport that I love at the same time. Announcer: The Tigers were one of only seven
Division I women’s hockey programs to earn a Public Recognition Award by the NCAA for
its excellent Academic Progress Rate. Morgan Scoyne: You get the support from the
professors too, they’re very understanding of you athletics.
Lindsay Grigg: They have small classrooms, which are really good, you can have a lot
more one on one. Celeste Brown: The education at RIT is fabulous.
It’s top notch, I think it really helped me find exactly what I love to study. Announcer: The women’s hockey team gives back
to the community every season, with awareness games for special services and charities. Marissa Maugeri: They give so much to us by
coming to our games and support us, it’s really nice to finally give back to them and see
what we can do for them . Lindsay Grigg: Just a very special feeling
to give back to the community and to these special organizations as well.
Scott McDonald: In big picture, that’s what it’s all about, is preparing our players to
be productive citizens outside of the hockey program.
Announcer: A memorable hockey experience, a distinguished degree and a commitment to
community; the women’s hockey program at the Rochester Institute of Technology.
Marissa Maugeri: With this new facility, this education, everything you’ve got here, it’s
the best you could ask for. Ali Binnington: Coming to RIT was the best
decision I every made in my entire life. Celeste Brown: You walk away with amazing
memories and amazing friendships and amazing bonds, that will never be broken.
Morgan Scoyne: An amazing four years.

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