RIT Women’s Hockey Team Video 2018-19

Logan Land: It’s been everything I could have
imagined, even better, it’s exceeded my expectations. Terra Lanteigne: I want to see our team go
to the NCAA’s. Next goal is winning CHA’s which is going
to be the ticket there. Announcer: RIT women’s hockey has a rich tradition
and now a new direction toward NCAA Division I national prominence. Chad Davis: We made a lot of gains in our
program. We want to continue to move forward and create
a championship culture and ultimately compete and win a championship within our conference
and beyond. You keep raising the bar a little bit. At the end of the day we want to win a national
championship. We have the facilities, the resources and
we have the drive to do it. Announcer: In 2019 the Tigers improved dramatically,
with impressive victories over Brown, Dartmouth and Penn State and they went unbeaten against
league champion Syracuse. RIT had the player of the year in the CHA
and 17 Tigers earned CHA All-Academic honors. Terra Lanteigne: We definitely have our eyes
set on the prize for next year. It’s definitely an upward slope with this
team. We’ve been working hard and we build off each
year. Logan Land: We call it Tiger Hockey. It’s hard work on and off the ice, in the
classroom, everything we do, we do it to our best. We all live together, we’re with each other
almost 24 hours a day and we all get along very well. Announcer: RIT’s storied women’s hockey history
includes an NCAA Division III National Championship in 2012. They then made an immediate impact at the
Division I level with two conference titles and trip the NCAA tournament in 2015. Chad Davis: It’s a mentality, it’s just a
strong mindset, a belief in yourself to be a champion every day. The player and the student-athlete that decides
that they’re going to bring the best attitude every day. You can see it on the visit, you can see it
in the classroom, you can see it on the ice. It’s contagious. Announcer: RIT’s hockey home is the beautiful
the Gene Polisseni Center one of the best on-campus arenas in college hockey. Terra Lanteigne: Playing in the Gene is incredible,
it’s a beautiful facility. We have our training room, we have two dressing
rooms. Logan Land: A lounge, we have the workout
room, we have all the facilities and pretty much anything that we want. Chad Davis: The band’s here every night. Then you get the Corner Crew. It’s definitely home-ice advantage here. Announcer: Tigers are members of College Hockey
America, competing against Penn State, Syracuse, Robert Morris, Mercyhurst and Lindenwood. RIT has a prestigious athletic program with
24 teams and a highly success Division I men’s hockey team. The Rochester Institute of Technology, an
internationally renowned university with nine leading colleges, offers a wide range of majors. Logan Land: The education has been great. The program I’m in now is ranked sixth in
the nation. Terra Lanteigne: It’s really great to be able
to play at a school that really values academics at the same level as athletics. For that’s been the biggest and best part
of playing here, being able to fulfill my degree at the same time as playing Division
I hockey. Announcer: The RIT campus is located in greater
Rochester, New York, a city with many options for food and entertainment. Bruce B. Bates hockey coach Chad Davis arrived
at RIT in 2019 and immediately restored a positive atmosphere for the program. Davis won 150 games in seven seasons at Adrian
College and was named the 2017 Division III National Coach of the Year. Chad Davis:
If you’re going to ask the players who play for me they’re going to tell you that you’re
going to find a coach that’s passionate, that’s driven, that’s willing to do anything to help
you succeed. We want to set them up for success as they
get into the next chapter of their life. I love it, yes, wouldn’t want to be anywhere
else. Announcer: An education and experience for
life. The women’s hockey program at the RIT. Logan Land: It’s been fun to have a big family
here and it feels like home. Terra Lanteigne: I wouldn’t change this for
the world.

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