100 thoughts on “Roasted bat meat as superfood in Indonesia – vpro Metropolis

  1. Those animals are endangered species! hey indonesian please dont eat these kinds of animals! look! your mother nature is getting mad!

  2. this shit turned my stomach – boiling it in coconut milk is not going to erradicate the disease flowing through it – plus sis is not even wearing gloves – they have to know this is beyond disusting. 😂😂😂

  3. Guys, as humans, we eat meat, we're omnivores, meaning we eat meat too. Every place is different on what style they eat. We eat cows, we eat fish, we eat ANIMALS. It's what we do. I get dogs are pets, but so can cows be pets, althohgh they're not common, stop fussing and let them eat like normal people.

  4. الله يلعنك تاكل كلب وانت فخور أو تقولها شغل ماكاين والو الحمد لله على ديننا

  5. The bats smell bad because they hang upside down and piss and shit on themselves ! Is that what i just heard ? And ya'll still eating that shit ? 🐵🌚😲Remind me to Never kiss no Indonesian woman !!!!!!!

  6. the news everyone who is eating bats may has got a virus and will be dead very soon

    china we all eat bats here, we eats dogs and cats and yeah, fuck, run.

  7. All in this market are stupid ass people. Even doctor never said eating any kind of wild animat good for health benefit. Prove it if can, dog bring rabbies, bat bring virus? So what good here???

  8. how ironic is it that they say eating bat cures asthma, when many people are currently experiencing respiratory issues from the coronavirus that most likely originated from these animals.

  9. There must be a very fine line between 'respecting other peoples' cultures' and just plain stupidity. We saw that with islam and islamic practices, and now we see it with the coronavirus. smfh, sad that innocent people will start suffering from this now.

  10. Also, coronavirus aside, it makes little sense to eat bat in the first place; it's not like there's a lot of meat on a bat to begin with…
    so why risk getting an incurable (as of now) virus just for a little flesh? Just go climb a tree or plant good crops and harvest those, tf…

  11. To think of it, most people who travel as tourists/immigrants are from China, Indonesia and Phillipines. And In all these countries, they eat bats. Therefore, they are the carriers to this coronavirus. Don’t they know bats have a high zoonotic disease? With internet around, I’m sure they can Google and find out if it’s safe to eat. Don’t be ignorant and believe that it bring health benefits to you when it doesn’t. Also, pls don’t let this people come to your country!! They are not human beings. Human beings eat normal food.

  12. WTF !!!! I'm an Indonesian people but I never know this exists in my country… really insane people who eat wild animals….. god will curse you !!!

  13. I find it funny when he said "eating bats will make you feel young and gives good stamina." 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Believe it forever and CORONA VIRUS gonna eat you.

  14. Huh make people stronger now china is weak because the fking coronavirus is taking our the world china:are you crazy people is dying from this fking meat.i can say to everyone change tobe vegan and stop eating meat its horrible

  15. Makes you lighter and ur hair grows b$&ch your stupid they believe in these fairytales they are told! How could u eat a bat they look scary asf you demonic savages

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