Robert Mueller’s Public Statement on the Russia Investigation | The Daily Show

Since the Mueller report
was released six weeks ago, everyone has shared
their opinion on what they think it means. According to President Trump,
it’s total exoneration. According to the Democrats,
it’s the road to impeachment. And according to the
fortune cookie I got last night, the lucky numbers are six, 14,
which I think means Trump is gonna get impeached
mid-June, maybe? Yeah? Either way,
everyone has weighed in on the Mueller report. Everyone except Robert Mueller. Since the report came out,
we haven’t heard from him. In fact, you realize
we haven’t heard from him ever. Think about it. This guy was
in the news for two years and never said a word. We don’t even know
what he sounds like. Yeah. For all we know, Robert Mueller
could talk like a Minion. We don’t know. Yeah. He could come out
and just be like… (speaking gibberish) “No Russia. Collusion.” (laughs) We don’t know. So that’s why…
that’s why earlier today it it was such big news
when out of nowhere, Robert Mueller announced that
he would be making a statement on camera live at 11:00 a.m., which is a good time because
The Bachelorette isn’t on. And nobody knew what
the statement would be about, which meant
that cable news had an hour to go into
wild speculation mode. The big question is
what exactly will he address. Will he get into the substance
of the report? NEWSMAN: Will he contradict
the attorney general? Will he defend
the investigators? Will he say anything
about Congress? Will Robert Mueller only talk
about part one of the Mueller report
and not part two? Will he resign? Will he rebut depictions
of his report? Will he address
his public testimony? “Or will he bring charges? “Or will he bring sexy back? “Or will he tell us he’s replacing Adam Levine
on The Voice?” Uh, or will the news just wait
for a goddamn hour to see what
Robert Mueller actually says? I don’t understand.
I will never understand why cable news is so obsessed
with predicting something that we’re all
gonna find out anyway. Like, all of these people
on the news would make the worst
Planet Earth narrators ever. Yeah. No,
’cause David Attenborough, he doesn’t predict. He just
tells you what’s going on. That’s what makes it good.
He’s like, “The lion crouches
in the tall grass, her prey blissfully unaware
of her presence.” If cable news had that job,
nature shows would suck. It would be chaos. They’d be like,
“The lion is about to attack. “Will it work?
Will the gazelle get away? “Will the buffalo stampede
completely screw everything up? “I think there’s a chance “that the gazelle
might even eat the lion. “We don’t know
what’s gonna happen here. This is madness. We’re trying
to figure this out.” (applause) So, after an hour,
an hour of cable news trying to Magic 8 Ball
Mueller’s press conference, finally, the man himself,
the myth, the legend stepped up to the podium and he said what he came to say. I’m speaking out today because
our investigation is complete. I’ll make a few remarks
about the results of our work. Russian intelligence officers who are part
of the Russian military launched a concerted attack
on our political system. There were multiple
systematic efforts to interfere in our election. And that allegation
deserves the attention of every American. Okay. He says every American needs to pay attention
to Russian muddling, but he’s really talking
to one particular American. No, ’cause let’s face it. Trump is the only one
that matters. I-I don’t think
Mueller is going on TV because he’s worried
that Phil from Quiznos isn’t taking America’s election
seriously enough. Yeah, Phil’s got enough
on his plate securing
the Quiznos bathroom, okay? It’s for customers only. It says right there
on the door, people. I told them, Phil. I told them. But let’s be honest.
Like, no one tuned in to hear Mueller talk
about the Russians, right? People tuned in to hear
if Robert Mueller thinks that the president
obstructed justice or not. And the answer
was a resounding… (mumbling) Under long-standing
department policy, a present president cannot
be charged with a federal crime while he is in office. That is unconstitutional. Charging the president
with a crime was therefore not an option
we could consider. If we had had confidence that the president
clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so. Wait, what? “If Trump didn’t commit a crime, we would have said so”? So Trump did commit a crime? Or did he just not not commit
a crime? Like, Robert Mueller, why don’t
you just speak English, huh? Even Yoda would be like,
“Mm, report confusing you make.” What is this? Like, the press conference
was so confusing. My– Like, Mueller might as well
just have come out and said, “Okay, you have a chicken
and a fox and a boat, and on the other side
is obstruction, okay?” And, look, and, look, the way Mueller phrased
this information was confusing. But most people agree that the
underlying message was clear. Right? He said what he said.
It was just hidden. Like, imagine you’re about
to have sex with someone and you ask them,
“Hey, do you have herpes?” And their response is,
“Well, if I had confidence “that I did not have herpes, I would have said so.” You’d be like, “Okay, this (bleep) has herpes.” That’s what happened here. So, for now, Robert Mueller refuses
to just come out and say that the president
has obstruction herpes. And if you were hoping
that Congress could force him to say it out loud,
my friends, you are fresh out
of luck there, too. Now, I hope and expect
this to be the only time that I will speak to you
in this manner. There has been discussion about
an appearance before Congress. Any testimony from this office
would not go beyond our report. So, beyond
what I have said here today and what is contained
in our written work, I do not believe
it is appropriate for me to speak further
about the investigation or to comment on the actions of the Justice Department
or Congress. “Mm. I don’t have
anything more to say and I’m leaving.” See, that there, my friends,
is the conviction of a man who has booked
a nonrefundable vacation. He’s not gonna let Congress
screw it up. And, look, even though Mueller
dropped a major hint, many people weren’t satisfied
with how little he said today. But I’ll be honest–
I don’t think anyone’s gonna shake this guy. And I know this, because I sent
our correspondents to the press conference
to try and find out more. On these few remarks,
it is important that the office’s written work
speak for itself. Mueller, ain’t nobody about
to read that long-ass report. Just tell us.
Is Trump guilty or not? We are not commenting
on the guilt or the innocence of any specific defendant. Hell you ain’t. Every defendant
is presumed innocent -unless… -Forget all that.
There’s got to be something on Trump in that folder.
I want to see… -The indictments allege,
-Oh, okay. -and the other activities in our
report -That’s what’s up, fam. -describe, efforts to interfere
-I’ll catch you later on. -in our political system.
-Just give me the folder! -They needed to be investigated
-Just– Ronny! -and understood. -Get him
from the other side, Ronny. -I got it, man. (grunts) -And
that is among the reasons why the Department of Justice
established our office. That guy doesn’t mess around.

100 thoughts on “Robert Mueller’s Public Statement on the Russia Investigation | The Daily Show

  1. 6:46 I READ IT! Flojos! Lazy dummies read the report yourself… Trump is guilty AF and Muller wants congress to impeach him.

  2. I think he made it as obvious as he possibly could. "It was impossible to say he's guilty. I could only say he's innocent. I'm not saying he's innocent. Ever."

  3. Mueller has just Proved to me that he is what most people have said about Him that He's a Bumbling , Stumbling,Mumbling and Quite Inept ! Look Trevor YES he was talking about how Russia interfered in the Election ,and that person was NOT Trump he was Talking about Hillary ! I mean she DID buy a Dossier from the Russiansgiven to her by Steele ! Mueller kNEW this ! The Dumbocrats KNEW what the Hillary Campaign did ! They didn't care ! As long as Some of their MOST Ignorant Base got wind of this and if their fake News kept pressing this FAKE Narrative they Did their job ! Only Problem is , THEY are not dealing with Ignorant people , They will ALL Now be Investigated ! Including Mueller ! Who will most likely be DisBarred , for Ethics Abuse !see you in Jail DummyCrats !

  4. Hahahaha hmmm 🤔 interesting lol 😂 I don’t watch much of news but I love watching this y’all if you love this country you will understand what he’s saying but oh well trump is white so who cares lol 😂 I’m glad it wasn’t president Barack Obama time can you imagine what would’ve happened y’all omg 😲 guns would’ve been on the streets lol 😂

  5. Muller could have done what Ken Starr did to Clinton. Just list out what the crimes were. He could not do that since there were no crimes.

  6. As much as we gripe about the media, our appetite for content about the Trump scandal is so voracious that we'll put up any amount of nonsense.

  7. Trouble is: Mueller has integrity, and he takes it for granted that other people have integrity as well; also, Mueller is principled, and a true American, and he unfortunately believes that other citizens of America are principled and true Americans. He didn't count on the people he was investigating being Russian at heart, with North Korean dictator souls. He wants to uphold and uplift America, and he did not take into account other supposed Americans might want to crush American democracy.

  8. Charge Obama's. Time to put a boot down on their throats and crush with full force of Americans will

  9. I do not think that Mr Mueller could have made a fairer statement. He does not join the fray, but he does not exonerate. He has worked strictly within the constraints of his mandate, given to him by the Department of Justice. And he has given the result. He is for the time being the very embodiment of how a fair and honest justice system works. Considering all the insane flak that has been thrown at him by trump, I think this is the perfect response. Measured, dignified and fair. Now the fact that trump is incendiary in his comments, just shows how far a very corrupt president as trump is, feels entitled to do go beyond the rule of law and justice to destroy his own country's foundations. So please take heed. Contrary to what he said on his inauguration speech, that guy is not there to protect and serve the laws of this country. He is there to destruct them. And now because of his insane tarrifs measures in his dealing with China, he intents to destroy too many Americans' livelyhoods. Please take heed. This guy is not working for you. He is engulfed into an insane egotrip. Unless you are able to see what he really stands for, I wish that at least you enable the US to come up with a sane person to represent you , from whichever side. Because a lot of damage has already been done.

  10. I love Muller the only one that just does his job which is a-political and has not let either side sway him Muller seems to be the only adult at this point

  11. wth ……if the president murdered someone while in office he could not be charged ………what bullshit ……… the way is he more powerful than Congress

  12. Trevor’s brilliant!
    But did he know that about 90 percent of the world population has herpes 1 and about 12 percent has herpes 2? Both viruses are virtually the same except for where the virus hangs around and hides. And joking about it is a.bit insensitive to those who have it hiding in their bloodstream evading getting killed by drug treatment. Think of acne; that’s virtually the seriousness of herpes except it hides. It’s not the dread advertised.

  13. 😳 Oh my God, that ending! How did you do that? That was so fucking clever. 👌 And extremely funny. 😆😂

  14. The orange Racist Fascist Pussy Grabbin LIAR …"…committed crimes…" IMPEACH THE MUTHA FUKA NOW!!

  15. The Daily Show used to be more about real information. They didn't have fake videos and stuff. Now it's easier for people to brush off The Daily Show as just fake news…

  16. You know They interfered and he benefited but 2 years and you come with this bs after you charged everyone he told you to charge his enemies! No ethics or honesty whatsoever!

  17. Hey folks, it is none of my business but Mueller seem to meant this: the policy does not allow us to charge a sitting President. If you can kick him out of the White House, through impeachment or any means, we will definite charge him…no 2 ways about this. He was dead serious.

  18. Muller Translation: "This man's (Trump's) actions are a clusterfuck. The line between criminal intent and genuine innocence is so clouded by his infantile stupidity that we genuinely can't tell where his actions lie on the spectrum. Either this man is the dumbest criminal on the face of the Earth, is hopelessly ignorant of what constitutes legal conduct, or is some kind of mastermind masquerading as a bumbling moron skirting within the legal boundaries whenever eyes are upon him. Regardless, I've got no fucking clue; I'm out bitches."

  19. Come on Trevor…YOU really don't get what Mueller was saying in his Public Statements?


  20. The United States of corruption wait until the money disappear it will be a shit show you will understand why morals is important.

  21. From 4:05 to 4:12
    "The president can not been charged while he is in office. That is unconstitutional."
    So D.T. has to be re-elected or he'll be charged.

  22. It is unconstitutional to charge the president for committing a crime while he is in office? What the fuck? The 'murrican justice system ladies and gentlemen.

  23. For any dumbass who still thinks that Mueller had left you bredcrumbs of Trump's guilt. You need to go and read a book or two, you don't need to be super smart to understand that in this country we do not prove innocence, you can't prove negative, you can only prove that someone is guilty. Mueler is just an activist monkey that played with words because he cant leave his side with nothing (which what he has) as a person of law he knows that he is saying bullshit, if you don't believe me ask any lawyer

  24. "In FACT, you realize we haven't heard from him [Robert Mueller] EVER… We don't even know what he sounds like…"
    The former FBI chief…?

    I'll help,
    Here is two hours Nineteen minutes and 39 seconds of him speaking at a oversight hearing. Note in this video he is answering questions that he didn't know ahead of time let alone a prepared statement. I don't know if it's just me but, I can hardly watch the latest one, I can actually feel some of his fear and stress when I watch it. There's a huge difference in his body language and demeanor between his prepared statement and his oversight hearing…
    I love the show, and you connect to with a lot of people,
    Please don't mislead us. Because that's what everybody else is doing right and left…
    I digress.

  25. He’s not allowed to indict a sitting president. And, he feels he shouldn’t accuse a person if they cannot have a quick and fair trial.

  26. William Barr has been told by Putin's bloody left hand – the Russian Mob – that he will keep Trump in office no matter what he has to do, or he will be killed. That much is REALLY obvious. Meanwhile, Trump is desperately seeking a WAR to start, so that he can invoke the War Powers Act. But Putin has instructed him that it should be in the western hemisphere, so that Russia and her satellite states are not harmed by nuclear fallout. Ergo his ridiculous stances on Mexico. And by cutting the numbers of immigrants from this hemisphere, Trump can import more FSB Agents (the current version of the KGB), many of whom have been revealed and kicked out of European countries they were working to destabilize. The worst part of this is that none of it is actually ILLEGAL… It is, however, treasonous as it is attempting to further the interests of an enemy foreign nation at the expense of the USA.

    Trump has been working with Vladimir Putin since his first trip to the USSR (yes, communist Russia) in 1987, when Vladimir Putin was a KGB Agent posing as a TRANSLATOR FOR FOREIGN BUSINESSMEN in the "gateway to Russia" – East Germany. His mission, which he has admitted in writing, was to find foreign businessmen who could be bribed, blackmailed, bullied, coerced, or flattered into becoming Russian Assets. Trump was millions of dollars in debt, about to lose his failing casino and possibly a lot more of the business empire he had inherited from his father, and no American or European bank would lend him any money at all because of his horrible record in business. Then, after his 1987 trip to the Soviet Union, he suddenly got some money from somewhere. There is a good reason that Trump refuses to show his financial or tax records – they would prove that he's been working for Vladimir Putin and his Russian Oligarchs all along. However, that was not exactly ILLEGAL until he became a Presidential candidate. It would just be proof that he had been working with and for an enemy foreign nation, which is now TREASON since he did get elected. 10 years of tax records would show the financial ties between Trump and known Russian Oligarchs with direct ties to Putin. 6 years would probably still do so, because Trump was greedy enough to deduct interest on the outstanding loans they made to him.

    Mueller's job was to investigate specific things, and he did so. He found ties to lots of other things, but at the time some of those things were not illegal for a private citizen – however, they do illustrate that Trump has and had financial and other motivations to commit treason against the USA. The ONLY body that has a right to indict a sitting President is the House of Representatives. That indictment is called Impeachment, and it should only be done after a thorough investigation by the House of Representatives and the revelation of all charges and evidence to the American Public. Thank goodness that the Republicans don't control the House right now. Since they do control the Senate, we know that they'll just whitewash everything and ignore the validity of the impeachment charges. So it's up to the House of Representatives to bring all the charges and evidence to the final and most important court – the court of public opinion. In the end, it will be up to the American People to take our country back from the treasonous slime-ball – Donald Trump – who is currently in control of so much of it. Hopefully we can do that before he starts a nuclear war.

  27. @5:09 "he said what he said…" haha, but in a way that Trumpelstilzkin can't understand it. Brilliant

  28. AG barr said there was no obstruction , mueller is double minded when it came to the report he did this purposely to plant a seed of doubt in the minds of the Democrats , and the minds of the Americans people to continue on the harassment , and the hate ! If trump broke the Law then Democrats should impeach and stop his circus 🎪 game.. Democrats are posing the minds of the people for political gain to stay in power and sell America to are enemies, money and power..

  29. Omg Robert Mueller is like Pinocchio or us adding unnecessary words to reach a word count on an essay.

  30. So a public statement was blamed for Senator Clinton losing the last election and now? He's imposing some sort of kick off penalty to President Trump by making a public statement about an investigation to even things out from the last time?

  31. I agree with most of Mueller’s first comments here. It is DOJ’s POLICY not to indict a sitting president. However, I don’t agree that it’s unconstitutional to indict a sitting president. I have no idea where he gets that from! Someone show me the part of the constitution that says that, please.

  32. His comments are perfectly clear! I've found him guilty of obstruction but cant prosecute a sitting president!,so why keep repeating myself? People what dont you understand?

  33. The irony I don't understand with the statement, you can't charge a President with a crime is, and that means you can't remove them first? Everyone is going crazym.. ARTICLE II SECTION 4..ARTICLE II…ARTICLE II. Like bat shit crazy people that would do anything if it benefited their emotional response. But the irony is, it's like they all skipped the 14th Amendment Section 3 because that one allows impeachment for any officer including judicial and legislative. ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. if he's guilty but Mueller & DOJ cannot bring charges or even say he's guilty than whats the point of this entire investigation? People are found "Not Innocent" they couldn't find enough to charge him so he's Not Guilty. Mueller's statement was to protect himself from blowback from the left while still going after trump

  35. Robert Mueller’s Public Statement it is kind of funny
    i did not know this report is not about müller it is about trampel

  36. It’s very clear that we should all read the report as Americans or whatever. Idk the law but it seems his not supposed to comment and considering it’s out there just read yourself. I mean shit.

  37. Ok I'm not an American but I want to read 450 pages of the Mueller Report while I take a break from YouTube.

  38. Trump is a racist who constantly lies & misleads, appears to be a sexual predator, pays NO taxes steals from charitys & is friends with a child molester. He is evil, & so are the people who protect him

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