100 thoughts on “ROBLOX BULLY STORY – Soccer Champions (Football Animation)

  1. Heyyy!!! I hope you guys loved this animation!
    P.S: I'm sorry for the uniforms! I didn't pay too much attention to them, hope you bear me for that 🙂
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  2. That bacon is basicly me when I first started soccer I made a friend and they were bullying him they told him to shut up and stuff he stepped on my foot with cleats and pushed mommy mom said he was a crap head too.He was very small but older then me.

  3. Inter Milan as the winning team…
    Ronaldo is now at Juventus and not at Real Madrid
    You can't put Portugal vs Inter Milan bcs Portugal has Ronaldo and some players in Inter Milan are from Portugal so you made a really bad mistake
    Ronaldo is an striker that does NOT defend at mid they are just by the net and try to save it with body parts other than hands and why is only 1 player playing and the other 10 are watching and you cant just get 3 goals and win there is a thing called "TIME" if you didn't know so yeah good luck on making horrible grammar mistakes in the future just low effort videos with no motivation what so ever and this is not a message to stop bullying in football/soccer bullying is when you are on a team and the players never pass to you when you do exercise that's bullying and not this also the director and the coach of the club decide if you are a part of the team not the players lmao such a lowly put video just stop it's old and it sucks go quit youtube

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  5. It’s mean to do that doesn’t mean they are bad. Doesn’t mean you don’t include them. Just teach not threaten it makes it more easier. What if that happens to you if you have that behavior and they are better at something else from yours they do the same. If they are better at gaming and you are worse at video games they will do the same.

    Never have that behavior it is mean.

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  7. We should never be sad we should be happy if someone bullies you let me know and you should always be happy in life and if the bullies bully you everyday then I will come to help you from those bullies

  8. Bully: when you try your best and you don't sucseed! hahahahahah! LOOOOOOOOSER!
    Other team: sucseeds
    Also other team: when you try your worst and you almost sucseed but you dont. hahahahaha you said we're losers but look who's the looser now? shame on you douchebage!

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