Roblox Gaming! HobbyPig in Natural Disaster + Hide And Seek Video Game

Uh oh! AHHH- Hey hobbykids, This is hobby Dad Who’s this guy? and I’m hobby pig hey hobby pig You wanted to see us play ROBLOX So we’re going to try it out. Have you played it a little bit? I play it a lot. You play it a lot? If you guys want to check us out we’re at RealHobbyKidsTV that’s our account. So if you see us that’s where we are, say hi hi So uh, lets see what are we going to play here? Whats one of your favourite games to play on Roblox? One of my favourite games…… umm… Can’t find it. Can you search it? Oh heres one of them! This is a good one. This one is called Natural Disaster. Natural Disaster. You know like sometimes a tornado happens or like an earthquake, this is what this game is about Wow! There like Natural Disasters. Huh. Gotcha. Can’t wait to see. It’s really… it’s really fun. What I like about Roblox is a lot of people make levels and there’s a lot of variety so you can find pretty much anything that you’re going to like on Roblox When- Oh no! Uh oh! double disaster. Those are always hard. Great. So, what’s going to happen? Two disasters? Either a tornado, or… Is that a barn? …or a sandstorm. Yep. Is everyone hiding in the barn? Well there’s more to the barn. Just like a glass building. So how do you win? Like you’re the last person to survive? Um… yeah. If you um… don’t make it, then you just like go into this- Remember that little spot where I was? Yeah. That’s where you go. Oh. You have to wait for the disaster to be done to go to the next- I’m trying to beat a top ten survivalist That’s cool. So they’re probably climbing up in case there’s a flood. I’m guessing. I was just about to say in case if there’s a flood. Ohhh! Woah, this is- A tornado? Oh, I bet you it is Ahhh! Wow. Is it raining? Wow. I– Oh wait. It’s a– I know what’s going on. What is it? It’s a– um… storm and… a earthquake Ow, wow. That’s why it’s called double disaster. three double disasters… That’s a good reason to call it a double disaster. Oh my goodness! Ah! Aw! We’re going to keep playing, but if you want to see more awesome videos remember to subscribe so you don’t miss one. Give us a thumbs up if you like Roblox Aw, I died. Hey, there I am. See? I’m right here. RealHobbyKidsTV Yeah! That’s awesome. Oh, and you could watch the disaster from here. Oh, really? mhmm. See? Oh cool! That’s the one island where all the disasters. Ohhh. That’s pretty sweet. One time– One time, there was a flood… One person survived. Woah! And there’s an other time where there’s two. Floods and sandstorms are… the ones— that’s my weakness. No survivors!? Oh wow! I’ve never seen that before! Crazy! I like how that person’s standing on your head. And jumped off… (laughs) Wow, I cannot believe that just happened. No survivors. You wanna play one more time? Do you know rare that is? Yeah. I don’t. super Woah. quasi Uber? More rare than rare. (Gibberish) Next map, here we go. Oh, so like kinda change up the island every time. Yeah! Uh huh. That’s cool! So that’s a lighthouse. Um, hopefully it won’t be a flood. Yeah– or a giant tidal wave. Everyone is going toward the lighthouse. Yeah, in case there if there’s a giant tidal wave; yeah. I see. Well sometimes they have tricks like if you stay in the tower you’re gone. Why? Like an earthquake happens and you all fall? Ooh! Oh no, it’s a sandstorm. I’m glad I stayed here. Looks like the sandstorm’s still kinda hitting people. So it makes it hard to see when there’s a sandstorm. Yeah, well if you go outside, then um… you get hurt. I see. It’s so crazy fun game. heh heh heh And the house is gonna… the lighthouse is gonna fall apart on the sand. Oh really? Yep. The sandstorm– oh look at that. Yep, it’s happening. The best thing to do is stay at the bottom. Oh! So you have like a power bar? Yeah, right here. There we go. The top corner. Woah. Hey this guy’s… Yes, some nice customizations on his character yeah. I tried.. a cool shirt heh heh heh I know it looks like almost you’re not wearing a shirt or your shirt’s just white. Hmm. That’s really cool. So it’s not a double, it’s just a one natural disaster. Yep! Oh wow, that almost hit ya. Uh yeah. That guy’s almost gone What happened to him? He must have fell on him. heh heh heh So you’re all just kinda waiting it out? Yeah, you need to like like that’s the smart thing to do If it’s a tidal wave, just keep running. heh heh heh Uh oh! Woah, I can like barely see– Yay! I survived! You survived! Wow! Huh. Cool. Let’s try another game. Yeah. Alright. (Sounds) There was one that you showed me that was kinda cool where you’re a cake.

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