Robotic Air Hockey Table

My name is Joost Elshof. For project AIR I was mainly concerned with researching and connecting all hardware. Besides that, I also focused on programming the AI. My biggest challenges were the mathmatical challenges that determining the gantry’s position posed. Hello, my name is Maarten Jensen. In this project, I mainly focused on simulating the puck’s position. And solving mathmatical and physics based problems. My biggest challenge was understanding the movement/coordinate system of the T-Gantry. Hello, my name is Rick Lamers. For project AIR I worked on the simulation of the Air Hockey puck. To predict the puck’s position based on the camera’s input. And I worked on the communication with the servos. My biggest challenge was maintaining cyclic communication every 8 milliseconds with the servo drivers through the CANOpen protocol. Hallo, my name is Kevin Worm. The past half year I worked on this project. My part was focused on the vision system to track the puck, but I also did a lot of work on the application’s architecture and code quality. My name is Niel Robijns. And during the past half year I have worked on the vision system, hardware installation and hardware communication. The hardest part of the project was the communication with the hardware. Because the communication with the servos had to be done cyclically. Hello, my name is Garrick Hatt. I have worked on project AIR. You can see it behind me. I mainly worked on the AI. And I also worked on some other parts, for example the smoothing algorithm of the robot arm.

3 thoughts on “Robotic Air Hockey Table

  1. Hello, congratulations for the work, it's very cool!
    Can you answer me a few questions?
    – What mode are you taking to control de Festo Drive, I/O mode?
    – What controller are you have to send the I/O to CMMS?
    – When you reach the position, you've got the feedback output to send a new signal to the new position?

    Thank you very much!

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