Robots learn to use their hands

You’ll see many amazing robots doing
amazing demos but there’s no robot in the world that can come to your messy apartment clean your kitchen and wash all your dirty clothes and clean it all
up. There’s just no robot that can handle all those different types of things
I’m Pete Florence
I’m Lucas Manually We’re here in the robot locomotion group at MIT. Tthis latest work is self supervised
correspondence in motor policy learning. I think what’s particularly
exciting about it is that we can enable robots to do a wide variety of tasks
with a very small amount of human effort for example for some of these tasks we
used as few as just six minutes of training data for the robot to then be
able to do the task reliably. So we want to put in a very small amount of human effort and have the robot learn a new task such that we can put in a small
amount of human effort for one task and another task and eventually be able to
scale up such that robots can do a whole huge variety of helpful tasks.
This is a quite different paradigm to be in In a lot of traditional robotics
where the robot basically looks once at the environment and then decides what to
do and closes its eyes that’s much different than constantly looking at
what’s happening in the world and constantly deciding new things in the
second paradigm where we’re doing this real-time feedback it certainly helps
them handle the wide diversity of objects and physics that robots will
encounter in the world

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  1. Fricking 17 seconds ago. I'm fast as f boi

    Also, very cool! You guys are designing the future of human assistance

  2. If the MIT YouTube channel handler sees this please post more videos cause they are really interesting 🙂

  3. My dream college is MIT. I hope one day I will there exploring different possibilities. I will work very hard to get into this college.
    Love from India 🇮🇳.

  4. Actually It doesn't surprise me at all.
    Even though it puts a huge smile on my face… 😍❤️
    Very well done, guys! Congratulations.

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