Rohit Sharma’s Three Double Century in ODIs | Most Runs In An Innings | Batting Records | In Hindi

Press the Red Button to Subscribe my Channel. Also press the Bell Icon to get notification on latest upload. In this video i will tell you about top 10 Batsman who made Most Runs In An Innings In ODI No. 10 Viv Richards from West Indies. He made 189* against England With 05 Six and 21 Fours On 31st May 1984 On Manchester Ground No. 09 Saeed Anwar from Pakistan He made 194 against India With 05 Six and 22 Fours On 21st May 1997 On Chennai Ground No. 08 C. K. Coventry from Zimbabwe He made 194* against Bangladesh With 07 Six and 16 Fours On 16th August 2009 On Bulawayo Ground No. 07 Sachin Tendulkar from India He made 200* against South Africa With 03 Six and 25 Fours On 24th February 2010 On Gwalior Ground First Cricketer Who Ever touched 200 mark in ODI No. 06 Rohit Sharma from India He made 208* against Sri Lanka With 12 Six and 13 Fours On 13th December 2017 On Mohali Cricket Ground No. 05 Rohit Sharma from India He made 209 against Australia With 16 Six and 12 Fours. On 02nd November 2013 On Bangalore Cricket Ground. No. 04 Chris Gayle from West Indies. He made 215 against Zimbabwe with 16 Six and 10 Fours. On 24th February 2015 On Canberra Cricket Ground. No. 03 Virender Sehwag from India. He made 219 against West Indies with 07 Six and 25 Fours. On 08th December 2011 On Indore Cricket Ground. No. 02 Martin Guptill from New Zealand. He made 237 against West Indies with 11 Six and 24 Fours. On 23rd March 2015 on Wellington Cricket Ground. No. 01 Rohit Sharma from India. He made 264 against Sri Lanka with 09 Six and 33 Fours. On 13th November 2014 on Kolkata Cricket Ground. Please Like, Comment & Share the Video You may also subscribe my Knowledge Channel – Amazing With Simran – Thank You!

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  1. And also also to rub in those wounds Pakistan made 400 with only 1 wicket fall afcourse I will dire arguments viral kohl I but he ain't even close to that

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