Roto Grip Halo Vision Bowling Ball – Roto Grip Halo Vision Video Review Episode 40

Welcome here from Unterföhring the home of to a new Episode of our Ball Reviews. If you’re visiting our canal for the first time and want to see more reviews, subscribe to our canal and press the bell so you don’t miss a video anymore. Today is about the new Halo Vision from Roto Grip. The Halo Vision is the latest release from the HP4 series of Roto Grip and a supplement to the very successful Halo and Halo Pearl balls. Now for the technical specifications, The Halo Vision has the eTrax-H19 hybrid surface with a box finish of 4000Grit Abralon. This surface has never been used before and represents a premiere. I expect Halo Vision to mix Halo and Halo Pearl because of the different surfaces. So the ball should roll as strong as the Halo and show a weaker backend movement like the Halo Pearl. The core was the well-known Centrum Core, which was already used in the other two Halo balls. The RG value at 15lbs is 2.49, the differential is 0.050 and the intermediate differential is 0.018. So this core is an asymmetric core. The ball is available in the weights 12-16lbs The ball is played by EMAX and Storm Staff player Manuel Mrosek. His layout on the ball is 40×4 1/2×50 The game is played at Dream Bowl Palace, the largest bowling center in Europe, on the Haus Pattern, which is 42 feet long. You will now see some Shots from Manuel and get a conclusion from me. I wish you a lot of fun with the shots and see you soon. Welcome back. I will tell you now my conclusion to this ball. As I mentioned before, my expectations of the Halo Vision were very clear. After the Halo Pearl became one of my favourite balls, the anticipation for the Halo Vision was also very great. What surprised me very much was that the Halo Vision starts rolling very early with my layout and gets contact with the Lane. This is even similar to the original Halo in my way of playing. From the backend reaction it is exactly as I expected and therefore a bit less angular as with the Halo Pearl. All in all this ball is a bit too weak for very oily Lanes, but a bit too strong for played Lanes. So I would say that this ball will be perfect for the 2-4 matches in a series. If the Mid Lanes are already a bit gone but a change to a Pearl would come too early, then the Halo Vision has its place. For players with less rotation and a moderate speed between 23 and 26 Km/H this ball will be very suitable for the games 4-6 of a series. For players with higher rotations the Halo Vision will be very well suited on a house pattern. For fresh sport patterns I see the problem that the Cover is a little too weak for these conditions. However, from game 2 an excellent addition to almost every Bag. I hope you enjoyed our video. For more videos subscribe to our channel and as always share, liken and tell further. Until then goodbye

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