100 thoughts on “Rowan Atkinson Dusts Off An Old Comedy Bit

  1. Sir aap jis tarah ki COMEDY karte hai…..Uska koi mukabla hi nahi kar sakta GENIUS.
    Love❤️and respect🙏from INDIA 🇮🇳

  2. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH❤ Just seeing him already makes me happy and even though his already old, I'm still his number 1 fan. Wishing you a good health and long life Our Mr. Bean❤😘

  3. Why do these US hosts act so hyper? Over-acting. That's marketing gimmick. Trying to show they have loads of energy when we know they have not. They need to learn to be themselves and also more humane. Megalomaniacs? To beat competition? Making fast bucks, literally. Give viewers more time with such celebrities, not these hosts.

  4. I love this man. He is just great!! A honorable actor with a reputable career that make people laugh out loud!!!

  5. What makes me mad is the one of the greatest comedy geniuses goes to a American show only 4 minutes. The propaganda the commercials and mentcapted people believe this is enough! SHOWS THE TRUTH AND POLITICAL PROBLEMS WITH USA. DRIVEN BY THE MONEY NOT THE SPREADING OF CULTURE. OUTRAGEOUS REALLY!

  6. Mr bean . V love u sir. From India. Two eyes for comedy one is Charle champlin and another u sir according to me .

  7. Blackadder goes forth has great lines like …. Ask them who they’d rather meet, Squadron Commander Flasheart or the man who cleans out the public toilets in Aberdeen, and they’d go for Wee Jock Poo-Pong McPlop every time

  8. Blackadder and mr bean, this guy is a real comedian, to bad he wasn’t in Monty phyton to become more legendary

  9. Rowan Atkinson delivered my favorite burn ever. I forget the comedy special, but it was shot in England in the ‘80s, multiple acts, and somehow Howie Mandel was billing himself as a comic at the time and was on the bill. Mr. Mandel went on, screamed, and continued screaming for his whole set: no jokes, no wit, even his attempt at audience interaction devolved to screaming… just noise for eight minutes straight. The audience is stunned and silent. Mr. Mandel finally leaves the stage, and poor Rowan Atkinson has to follow that, so Mr. Atkinson takes the spotlight, turns to the silent audience, pauses a beat, then simply says: “Something a little quieter…” He begins his routine to laughter and applause. 🙂

  10. I know it isn't, but based on the brief description given here it sounds like Johnny English 3 is a ripoff of Get Smart (2008). All CONTROL spies' info have been leaked but because Max is not technically a spy his wasn't, so he goes into the field.

  11. the BlackAdder series is fall on the floor funny. schtick, slap-stick, genuine humour and mindful of history to boot!! you will better yourself if you binge all four series.

  12. Stephen, if you ever decide to leave the LS format and go all out 1 hour interviews with guests, make sure to put Sir (?) Rowan Atkinson in your top 5 list because this 7.5 min chat was way too short.

  13. He was the original cringe comedian. We can laugh at his idiocy but secretly admit we commiserate with it.

  14. Looks like the Stuart era, my friends. When we made Stuart 6th of Scotland the king of United Kingdom as Stuart 1st. This was the Stuart who brought witchcraft to Europe!

  15. it is unfathomable why Rowan Atkinson (RIP) was never knighted, or given the OBE.
    Anyway, look for season 4, Blackadder Goes Forth, the very last show.
    Have tissues ready.

  16. cut off, interrupted and shown out the door by a cook?!!!!!!! He was also an incredible speed car driver, he also did dramatic movies, and you cannot even tell he has a speech impediment!
    I hate what you and your program scheduler for that episode did to such a treasure!

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