[RTP] David & Xavier 14 The Hockey Player (EN.ES.FR) Trailer

We’re never together, we never see each other… I don’t even remember the last night we’ve slept together… It wasn’t exactly this, what I had planned for us. Do you regret having moved out of your mom’s house? – No why! That’s not even an issue! Are you sure? If you were at your mom’s perhaps, today you’d be more relaxed… Maybe, but that doesn’t matter! You could do that search! You have more time than me! – Me? Don’t you forget that I work & study too! When I’m not here, I’m studying at home! You know what I think, David: I’m the only one doing an effort for this to work out! Susana, seriously: Don’t start it! This is hard for me too! – But you have more free time than me and you didn’t even look for houses on the web! These landlords can show the houses only in the morning! I’m working all mornings, so you have to go there! Moreover, I already scheduled it! – Seriously! Why did you do that without telling me? It’s a really bad day for me, today! Ok, David, If you don’t wanna go, don’t go! I got it: you just wanna postpone this matter! It’s not that! I’m not postponing! But you know I have to study! – Ok, no prob! You don’t wanna go, don’t go! I’ll see the houses when I can! Are you sure? – Maybe you were in a bad mood, in the 1st place, and that’s why you looked at them in a bad way. – Don’t start it! – It’s true! David, I’m so excited about moving in with you and you don’t even care! – It’s not that! I’m not in a bad mood! But the houses were really bad! What can I do? Things are not like that! Our dream house won’t pop up just like that! Let’s keep calm and let’s look for it. Be patient!… – Ok… If I’m bothering you with this ‘house thing’, just tell me! – It’s none of that! I don’t wanna discuss this issue again! – Oh, really? Why? Because you have doubts about moving in with me! Right? Admit it once and for all! – No! What bothers me is your anxiety! You want it all ‘for yesterday’! Things are not like that! You’re pressuring me so much, that I can barely focus on my studies! – David, I’m doing it for us! Ok? But I can’t make this relationship work all by myself! You’re my girlfriend! I’m in love with you! I just think there’s another way of doing things! I don’t wanna move into the first stall we find! – Me neither! Moreover, I don’t like what you’re doing with your life: You’re leaving your course behind! I don’t like that! So, that’s the real reason! You’d prefer me not to work, to be at my mom’s, so I wouldn’t move in with you, right? No. It’s not that! I just think we don’t need to rush things! So what do you want? Do you wanna break up? It has been hard to deal with me, right?… I’m sorry! You don’t need to say ‘I’m sorry’ again. You know I wanna live with you too, but that anxiety of yours is being bad to us. I know, but I just wanna solve this as soon as possible. And it’s not just for us. I feel that I’m bothering Daniela already. But, it’s ok! I promise you that from now on I’ll deal with this much calmer! Thank you for being so understanding! Did you know that you’re the best boyfriend in the world? – And the only one, I hope! That too, yes! You just need one more thing to be just perfect: To move in with me! And look: I’m not stressing! I’m just keeping the dream alive! ‘Cause I know one day we’ll make it! – Of course! We’ve got a house! – What? What do you mean? – We’re almost sure that Ana will move in to Gonçalo’s place and we can keep her room for us! What about Daniela? Did you talk to her? Maybe it’s not a good idea to live there. Perhaps she won’t like it. No way! I spoke to her and she’s cool with us moving in! – Wow!… And for you? Is it ok? Yes! No problem! It’s gonna be great, baby! I guess you need some brain vitamins… You’re getting insane! – Insane? I’ll ‘show you’ the insane! Look, did your mom say anything? – Not to my phone. Perhaps she’s at the job interview yet. It’d be great if she gets this job. We passed there yesterday, just to check it out. It looks like a high classe restaurant club. I bet they pay good money. – Let’s wait & see! I’m going to the shower! Go!… And then come to meet me at the workshop. On the day that we were supposed to be paid… He never showed up. So, you won’t get a single penny! – That’s right… Me & João won’t get any money for all of our work… This means, I won’t be able to leave the house. So, I can’t give you Ana’s room. I’m sorry. But, there’s nothing I can do… Wake up, kid! – Stop! – Get up! – Stop it! You guys are annoying! And hurry up, ’cause I need a shower too! – Now wait! The crisis came to everyone. You did the best you could… See the bright side: at least we have a house! And we’ll get used!… In time.

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    EN: David Lopes (Duarte Gomes) moves from his hometown Coimbra to the sunny capital Lisbon, to become a chef. Meanwhile, he gets in the middle of two girls who happen to be best friends. But everything will change when the hockey player Xavier Cardoso (Sisley Dias) moves in with his family to the same neighborhood, to shake up David's life.
    PT: David Lopes (Duarte Gomes) muda-se da sua cidade natal Coimbra para a solarenga capital Lisboa, para se tornar um chef. Entretanto, ele acaba por se envolver com duas raparigas que por acaso são as melhores amigas. Mas tudo mudará quando o jogador de hóquei Xavier Cardoso (Sisley Dias) se muda com a sua família para o mesmo bairro, para agitar a vida de David
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    David appears on video-episode #01;
    Xavier arrives on video-episode #14.
    Songs in this trailer:
    Lúcia Moniz – "Os Nossos Dias": https://bit.ly/2DLhN8U
    Carluz Belo – "Cavaleiro da Manhã": https://bit.ly/2VdyVz0

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