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welcome to Ruckus our weekly food for thought fight
from left to right and the center over the news of the day
in the trends of the times I’m Mike Shanin the Ruckettes join
may shortly in addition to roasts and toasts our topics
this week the chiefs head to Miami the Lee’s Summitschool
board heads the Saint Louis to find a new superintendent and
Jackson County goes to city hall to find a new
administrator and that’s where we start with our newsmaker
segment and talk about issues in Jackson County government
with the chair of the county legislature and joining us now
is Theresa Cass Galvin who represents the sixth district
and is in the second year of her second term she was elected
to serve chair in twenty nineteen Theresa Galvin thanks
for joining us congratulations on your new job as chair of the
Jackson County legislature let’s talk about what’s going on and
there’s a lot to talk about there there’s a lot going on I
guess the biggest controversy in Jackson County government
and there are several is the battle over property tax levels
and the sense that may be most people were taxed at too
high a rate there are lawsuits that are going on various
people looking at the situation you’re right there in the
center of it what’s the status of these tax issues and the tax
debate well last year the legislature we passed an
ordinance stating that there would have to be physical
inspections for anything that was increased for any
properties that were increased more than fifteen percent that
means you have to physically go to the property there is no>and
look at it and see it’s really
worth the>exactly go knock on the door I’m here you know can
you help me>and that wasn’t
done that was not done this this
past reassessment however that will not take into effect until
the next you know ah assessment and the peroid that
goes on>what about
these people who got the large bills and say they can’t pay
for them weren’t they supposed
to pay the taxes by the first of
the year taxes were due December thirty first are
people paying them? People are paying them some are
paying under protest ah some are
still going through the appeal
process and if you have an appeal I believe you don’t have
to pay them and that they will you’ll get a letter stating you
know what your new tax bill is to be and you have thirty days
from the point of the tax bill to pay it>so obviously
somethinghas to be done about
the property tax situation in
Jackson County is that fair to say absolutely all right whose
responsibility is it I know there are three court cases at
least three lawsuits have been filed
is it the court’s obligation is it the Jackson County
legislatures position to get something done
or is it the state legislature so it’s at the state level the
actually the assessor she reports to the county executive
so the legislature has no control over how the assessment
is done or anything like that except for passing that
ordinance so I know the state does have some legislation
going through this year that they are looking at capping and
the different variations and you know again the physical
inspections or something they’re bringing up also
they’re also bringing up whether or not the assessor is
to be elected Jackson County and Saint Louis county are the only
two counties in Missourui that have an appointed assessor
as opposed to elected assessor another huge issue in Jackson
County is the jail and that’s not new that’s gone on for at
least several decades I think what’s being done about that
are there plans to build a new jail I know it’s costly
absolutely it and it is costly we’re looking at probably two
hundred million dollars so this isn’t something that we’re
going to do overnight and we formed a working group and the
stake holders in the working group are myself the county
executive and the sheriff we on December sixteenth of last year
December ninth I’m sorry of last year the legislature
approved a contract with JC- DC an organization to work as
an owner’s rep and they have started their first step as far
as going through and looking through you know all the
reports that we had had done over the past few years they are
looking at those reports and they’re coming up with their you
know, report of their own with
their information and they’ll be
addressing the legislature on the twenty seventh to give us
an update of what’s going on sounds like her several steps
away from a new jail yes yes this it’ll be a four year
project it’ll be four years
before we have jail I think you played
a key role in the hiring of the former city manager Troy Schulte
to become the new County administrator of Jackson
County I think it’s a wise decision by
the way I know he’s only been on the job a short time but do
you think he’s getting a bit of a handle on what’s going on and
and the starting to see some ways to solve these tremendous
problems I think he is a you know if course with any new
position there’s there’s a learning period even though he
he was right across the street and he does know all of our
issues that are going on you know it’s now being actually
being in the trenches he’s been great to to bridge a gap and he
someone that’s great to talk to, I can call with
anything that comes up and he’ll he’ll make a phone call
he’ll do what he can to help if he can help how’s your
relationship with the County executive Frank White you’ve had
some battles have you not>the legislature’s had some battles
and the prior legislature had a different relationship with
him than the current legislature does I would say
that Frank and I have a good relationship as far as if he
has an issue or hear’s some rumors or gossip or if i hear
rumors or gossip will pick up
the phone call each other and say
Hey is this true or what’s going on there’s some distrust
between the administration as a whole and the legislature as a
whole and I think in time you
know maybe that a long pass speaking
of time ours has ended but it’s been a pleasure meeting
you and good to talk with you come back and see us
another time I will thank you for having me thank you that is
Theresa Cass Galvin she is chair of the Jackson County
legislature now let’s meet the panel and start a Ruckus
Annie Presley is an author publisher and GOP fundraiser
Jon Stephens is president and CEO of Port KC Jason Grill is
founder of J Grill Media a public affairs strategic
communications and media relations consulting firm Jason
grill approved this introduction and Ron Freeman is a
motivational speaker and writer thanks to all of you for
joining us good to have you with us good to be back to you
with all of you let us begin where we left off talking
about the myriad of issues facing Jackson countians and
the folks who represent them and the County legislature we
tried to cover a lot of territory with ms Galvin and
her work as chair of the county legislature let’s start with
this Annie you watch the interview what’s your overall
reaction what’s your impression of what Theresa Galvin say
she’s smart and she knows what’s going on but I’m I’m
having a hard time believing that she’s going to be able to
overcome this distracted leadership that we’ve been
suffering for so long in Jackson County so she has her
hands full but there was nothing that she said that was
particularly surprising John ah anything that stood out
to you during the conversation yeah I think the
mention of Troy Schulte stepping I think that’s an important
piece of professional management staff management I
think that’s going to give a little bit of a buffer between
I think some of the contentious relationships between some of
the elected officials and and maybe put a little more process
into some of what I think sometimes it’s been maybe
emotional reactions knee jerk reactions to things it kind of
hopefully puts a little buffer in there I was talking with her
a little bit before the interview and we were talking
about Troy Schulte and I think the thing about a
professional administrator is he can grasp the size of a
problem and realize it can be solved otherwise people look at
it and say there’s nothing we can do it can’t be resolved
administrators learn how to resolve these issues absolutely
and and I think Troy particular with his experience in KCMO in
just his overall experience he’s had big problems there he’s had
big problems and I I think one
of the advantages that Troy brings to
this position in Jackson County is he knows how to break big
problems into digestible pieces and advanced things in a in
a in a way where you know a two hundred million dollar jail
could easily be a three hundred million dollar jail and
likely will be and likely will be and and you’re gonna have to
plan and work hard to do it in the right way because it’s a
generational decision so Jason you think the public’s lost
confidence in Jackson County a probably a little bit but I
think what John was talking about is probably going to
restore it I think most of the
public likes Frank White as a human
being as a person as a legend in Kansas city
that’s been my experience with that to so the I I think the
Troy Schulte hire was was
perfect at this time and place and I
think that’ll help restore some trust I think back to to the
administration>I wonder if
he’ll have trouble getting people to back him and
the County simply because he’s new and he came in at a high
salary and with a strong reputation you know I don’t
know about that but I think that a he’s gonna command the
immediate respect of alot of
most of the folks especially those that are
have worked in government for awhile because of his
experience Ron some of the people we’ve talked with on
Ruckus over the past several weeks of suggested that the
whole concept of Jackson County government ought to be reviewed
maybe changed completely what do you think well I think we need
to grow up a little bit it’s too easy to point the finger
and say it’s the executives fault to legislatures fault
let’s just come together to make
good decisions again Troy Schulte provides
an opportunity excuse me and the leadership to get that done but
do we have the maturity in the legislature to make it happen
County jail has been discussed for as long as I’ve been in
Kansas city and that’s in a few years do you get a sense from
my discussion with theresa
Galvin that there may be some
resolution of that issue in the relatively near term it’s
getting higher on the priority list which is a good thing and
um a two hundred million dollar jail sounds small compared to a
billion dollar airport that we’re dealing with so maybe
we’re to the point where four or five times the number of
prisoners in a single jail is a breaking point and maybe
we’re there Jon what was your sense of this whole battle
about property taxes and what ms Galvin had to say
well obviously rightfully people are upset but I think
and and what I’m gonna say may not be popular with a lot of
people but I think historically Jackson County property values
have been under assessed>I
think on purpose and that was part of
a plan and and the assessments have been inconsistent and I
think this was a large increase for a lot of people and
rightfully people are upset that being said hopefully in
the next cycle things can settle out I do think that the
commercial industrial real estate things like that
probably need to increase I think neighborhoods need to be
looked at more thoughtfully more consistently but the
reality is taxing jurisdictions in a lot of these things need
real assessments in in real collections in a in a a right
priced way if we’re going to afford things such as a jail
and services and Ron our guest suggested that this property
tax problem should be resolved by the state legislature do you
have confidence that will be done well I think it
who’s fault is it that right who’s gonna take care of it but
I do think the yeah look at it
and it woke up the populists right
it happened for a long time>
people are aware now they’re looking after
assessments more carefully and they’re going to raise
questions and I think
we’ll have an answer before yeah that’s a good thing that
the public’s engaged in the process what a concept people
paying attention to its government all
right for the Lee’s Summit school board the Buck stops
there Dr David Buck from near Saint Louis is the new
superintendent following weeks of controversy over equity
training former superintendent Dennis Carpenter an African
American left the district with the three quarters of a million
dollar settlement after protracted battles over
diversity issues Dr Buck is not a minority comes from a
district much smaller than Lee’s Summit Buck was chosen after a
national search and won’t begin work until July the first so
Ron I know you follow this closely will this appointment
end the battle over equity in Lee’s Summit or is it going
to continue I don’t think it will end the the battle I think
it’s a public battle and a lot
of it has to do with ah I was at a
board meeting last year when the current um consultant was
hired they asked him if the
equity approach that he was gonna use
would help close the achievment gap which to me
is the goal of education and he said point blank he said that
it would be disingenuous and I quote directly for us to say
that our work will close the achievement gap which is why
people said we don’t want to use
that guy but after weeks of peppering
you know your racist if you don’t do this that they
capitulated and gave into but no and there’s no proof no
evidence it is going to make a difference wheree kids live is there equity training at
Lee’s Summit there is did they go ahead and hire the
company and that they did go ahead and hire the company and
to make it clear htat you go
back to twenty sixteen when the
agreement was we’re gonna look
at an equity plan and it’s just that
this particular approach hasn’t yielded the result that we would
like to see what do you think Jon you think this new
superintendent the appointment of someone new to that job is
going to end this battle well
the little bit I’ve read of the
finalists and of the of the selected new superintendent
comes from a district that’s faced a lot of challenges
there’s been a lot of a lot of things that he has been able to
take head on he is a a teacher focused a superintendent so I
think that there’s a lot of positives there I think he’s
stepping into a challenging environment somewhat of a
caustic environment and I really do hope for the students
that he can do it and and kind of bring that the that the
school board and that the the families will stop will will
support him in bringing some little bit of healing to that
community Annie educate us what is equity training you have any
idea well I’m sure you do the
best example I saw was there was a
study done of what the teachers were actually teaching and how
they were teaching it and how they were communicating with
the students and they would identify the times when they
could have said something more racially sensitive instead of
the way they presented it so the whole idea is that you
provide all of the information not just some of it
Jason who is equity training for are we training teachers or
>traing teachers>training
students. training teachers training and
training administrators and I
brought this today I got a letter from
Missouri bar Mike that we’re now required as attorneys in
Missouri to do one year or excuse me one hour of implicit
bias diversity inclusion or cultural competency training
every year so this is a this is a so you can’t be hostile
toward a host of programs protected class
it’s not going be required of
attorneys in the state of Missouri to take similar
training well it’s Ron shouldn’t teachers already have
a sense that there were different kinds of students in
the classroom and that’s not a
new concept that there are racial
mixtures in schools well one of the glaring realities is you
have African American students who are valedictorians who
earned scholarships to excuse me Havard to Stanford so people
are being educated how’s that working instead of looking at
the the idea that somehow it’s skin color maybe there’s some
other factors and we know this I
mean in terms of parental
involvement in terms early childhood education those
things are factors that make it that’s whre equity is lost we
think about equity in general
it’s an economic term it’s with some
value based that I bring to the table well excuse me you have
kids who come to the table where they didn’t have lunch or
breakfast where they didn’t have
two parents at home no one held them
accountable academically and how do we solve those problems
in terms of moving kids forward and that I think that’s where
the equity piece misses it is with those issues the former
superintendent Mister Carpenter maybe Dr Carpenter I”m not sure
has remained in Lee’s Summit I believe and formed a
consulting company and he feels he’s been mistreated he had a
public speaking engagement for I think fifteen hundred dollars
that was canceled you know about that ah that yeah I’ve
heard about that’s really interesting because last summer
I was actually scheduled to
speak to a new teacher orientation and
Carpenter himself vetoed my presence. He saw you on
televison. Yeah right but wait a minute you did that
how do you make that case but you know what we play in an
environment where he I guess he
feels like he can get away with it can the
training its success or failure be measured and if so how
the that’s a tough one but I do think that that equity training
and bias training both implicit bias training and unconscious
bias training both racial ethnic you know sexual
interaction other things those are important I mean they’re
they’re valuable for educators and the public and in business
leaders and everyone to have continual knowledge and
presence of understanding of how we treat people
respectfully we’re going to see this kind of training not just
in schools but in as you suggest businesses we have in
our organization we we’ve implemented it and we continue
to implement
I think it’s a valuable thing for for gender racial social
equity and understanding of each other there is nothing
wrong with understanding people better Annie you agree with all
that the implicit bias is probably the most what’s the
distinction what’s implicit bias versus
explicit bias whatever you know as an individual you apply to
others we your with and and sometimes it’s offensive to
others and you don’t know it and you don’t recognize the
maybe assumptions you make
before speaking right so this is what the
teacher example like I gave this was the problem that she
had she was teaching she was popular but she didn’t realize
that she was veering off on to an area that
others found offensive so it’s a pretty tricky. It’s a sticky
wicket. it is truthfully I took the assessment
I don’t have any
biases you guys should know this
Harvard but the Harvard bias the whatever implicit bias
assessment I’m good so you guys listen to me
and you need to listen to me because I’m going to reading
from the teleprompter it took five decades half a
century for the Kansas City Chiefs to win a second trip to
the Superbowl but it happened last Sunday when the chiefs
took the AFC championship ending the season of the
Tennessee Titans now ruckus is hardly a sports discussion
program but it’s hard not to talk about what the Chiefs
success means to the team and to the region and difficult as
it may be for younger panelists to believe some of us were
actually around when the Chiefs made their first Super Bowl
appearance in nineteen seventy for those of you who were not
Jason how does it feel very close Mike feels very good
actually I think it’s a huge thing for Kansas city it’s a
huge thing for the team and it’s
a huge thing for economic
development and pride right and
civic pride I was out of
town last weekend during the game and I was in DC and there
was chiefs jerseys all over the place which is really cool to
see band I was on the way here today and I was listenin
national show and they were talking about Patrick Mahome’s
brother and his Tic Toc page I mean just all these different
things about the Mahomes uh stuff going on with Patrick
Mahomes with the city I mean
it’s through the roof and it just is
so many impressions throughout this world that the Chiefs
are now doing so will it translate into economic
measures I mean more more people come to Kansas city
because the Chiefs are going to
the Super Bowl I think it will help with
that I also thing to help local businesses as someone who owned
a co founded a sock business in two thousand fourteen and
fifteen it was a very good e-commerce year for us and
local sellers sorry you got out
aren’t you true yeah
put crowns on everything I didn’t want to explain that
asking that question of Jason about being here the last time
does not imply I think Annie Jon and Ron were too old to be
asked like what this is compared to the
excitement Kansas Citians felt when the Royals were on
the way to winning the World Series well it certainly does
there’s just so much enthusiasm right now for red and I love
the idea that we get all this national attention they show
that photographs downtown is all lit up and the people are
so excited and just think about that celebration of the World
Series and all those people in
blue and in the mean 800 thousand
yes very uplifting and everybody is
a Chiefs fan really that’s different about
it is it’s like one or two days right three days of games and
then the yeah the Royals was was a full
couple weeks I mean it was just continually in our minds is
there such a thing the committee called civic pride oh
absolutely I mean we’re wearing
it I think we’re seeing
it we saw it start I I think there was a ground swell before
the Royals twenty fourteen twenty fifteen magical runs but
they amplified you know in in economics there’s a there’s a
principle called psychic income and it’s it’s it’s hard to
quantify a lot of times but there is a psychic income comes
with boosterism of people being proud gaining pride in their
city and then there’s awareness and for cities like Kansas city
there is a proven benefit to when we’re a smaller city you
have this awareness boost factor and then we can’t spend
the money that New York Chicago Los Vegas spends to advertise
tourism to our city we get this we get this free benefits of
all these commercials and all the cuts to this and it does
have an impact it has a real and meaningful impact that
hopefully we can take advantage of as a community we can build
on unlike the four of you I have
an ear plugs and I have
communications from Eric Mater our producer who hates for me to
say something incorrect because then there will be nasty emails
it so I should point out this is the third trip the Chief yes
yes the whole yes true second time second time that I recall
but the second time the Chiefs
are going to win to win the Superbowl so
most businesses many businesses benefited from this obviously
sports merchandise well
there’s there’s always more restaurants bars and yet the
people going out celebrating but then there’s there’s the
the sales but then there’s also the the secondary benefit of
the economic development of business is taking a little
more interesting Kansas city there’s always cities have
proven not city that hosts necessarily but the city center
participate participate the next twelve to eighteen months
you see a slight up tick in tourism visits people are like
oh well wait a minute I didn’t
know about eighteenth and Vine all well
have some pretty neat things there I’ll come check it out
for a weekend you can’t turn on the television
without the Chiefs Patrick
Mahomes same
kind of thing the nineteen seventy six Republican
convention did for Kansas City
there is a clear Kronkite who was familiar with
city was hankering for CBS apps a final quick question
Annie how many more commercials will Pat Mahhomes be seen in?
You know when he first came here his
agents said they were gonna
do slowly move him into the sponsorships and I thought okay
they jumped off the cliff last year because he’s you do seem
all the times He’s hosting
Ruckus next season It’s come to
that. It’s time now for roasts and
toasts where the Ruckettes
have thirty seconds each to scold uphold or fold let’s
begin with Annie I’m toasting Lamar hunt his family today in
nineteen sixty he got an idea on an airplane about his
entrepreneurial as you can get to start a new football league
and here we are these so many years later
and all in love with red and I also want to make a little
shout out to our former chief Ron Freeman who what a
privilege and he brought cookies today
that’s the yeah it’s your birthday Mike two days ago happy
belated but it’s my birthday now Jason
well I would love to toasts the Chiefs too but we forget about
the Royals right there a they do a lot of stuff to that new
managing new ownership but Salvy is a becoming an American
citizen this week United States citizen is out he’s getting in
doing the paperwork getting sworn at fan fest and as a US
citizen I want to toast Salvy because these memories of the
chiefs are now bring back memories of the Royals two
thousand fourteen fifteen run so kudos to Salvy I’d like to
toast him on being a US citzen since hi John sure I’d like to
give a toast to a local nonprofit called uncover KC
their organization that connects willing volunteers
with local charities that need a volunteer and support
services I believe they have it brought in fifty thousand
volunteers and have raised almost two and a half million
dollars an impact for four hundred local charities so
please check them out and Ron I’m gonna toasts Patrick Mahomes
because he’s been the catalyst that kinda took us to
the next level and just not just a fact on the field off
the field just a good person who treats people to walk humbly
friendly very engaging guy and I’m proud to call him a Kansas
chief had to do a lot of research to get to that one the
I while and finally with the
nation facing a budget debt of more than twenty two trillion
that’s trillion not billion it is fascinating to learn how some
of the money is being spent a few examples two million to
improve TV programming in Moldova one point two million
the study online dating habits ten million to promote green
growth in Peru and almost half a million dollars to study the
mating calls of frogs in Panama you know which ones
those are they’re wearing the straw hats
did you get that they told me that wouldn’t play
and that is ruckus for this week we’re back next Thursday
at seven now for the Ruckettes and the crew Mike Shanin saying
thanks for watching and goodnight

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