(11:44 PM) Blue team will start to hide from 11:50 And the hide and seek starts from 12 There’s one condition You can’t run inside the museum Should we walk fast? Alarm will be ringing? (Korean is difficult to Victoria) You should make step before you takes off the other foot That’s the rule of race walking You don’t need to follow the rule No? You felt hurt right? You were scolded I would fight back if my brother said this I am an actor I can see eyes It’s amazing that you can see my eyes (Blue team starts to hide in Gyeonghuigung Palace) (Gyeonghuigung Palace is connected to the museum) (One of the 5 palace in Seoul that kept its history for 400 years) (We start hide and seek in Gyeonghuigung Palace) (Alarm gear that you hiding team should wear) It’s covered with the case So we can’t do anything Let’s wear this one by one We don’t know when will the alarm work It advances day by day The other team departs at 12 and it’s 11:50 now (Horrible alarming sound that you can never turn off) It started like this We can’t even turn off this Is this carol song? (One of the BGMs of Diehard) Our team will be divided in two teams Let’s survive (Two team as Gyeonghuigung Palace and museum) (Jaesuk and Gwangsoo hide in Gyeonghuigung Palace) (But this wide palace) (If you get to dead end, there’s no place to hide) (Eventually) (They moved to Jajeongjeon, behind the palace) (Gwangsoo climbs to the woods behind the wall) Can you see me? Hardly, stay there (Flat) (Yooruce Willis looks for the place to hide too) (The problem is) (Can’t see) You can make flash with smart phone Please give it to me I don’t have my phone Can you see me? (Yes.. but) I look like the ghost (Why did you hide in that dark place) (Current location of Jaesuk, Gwangsoo) (Hide and seek starts) You can see this road right This is the only road you can go to Gyeonghuigung Palace Let’s split up we don’t have the time (Museum : Junkyu, Haha, Victoria) (Gyeonghuigung Palace : Kim Jongkook, Gary) It’s too wide (It’s too wide for seekers) (12:5 two chasers entered in the palace too) My stomach hurts (Yooruce Willis hurts his stomach when he gets nervous) (At then) (Jongkook and Gary approached to Jajeongjeon) (And where Jongkook headed was) (Jaesuk’s side) (Between one wall) (Will he see his end like this?) Why he’s not here (Lucky Yooruce Willis escaped the crisis) (But) (Alarm) (Loud alarm sound) (Left time) (I heard something) (Muscle chaser who has sense of animal) Did alarm ring? What’s going on (Didn’t hear) (Yooruce Willis saw the hell for 20 seconds) I nearly had a heart attack How often does this ring (More fearful because he doesn’t know when will it ring) (However Jun’s location was revealed by his alarm) Where (Victoria found him) First floor (Lee Jun gave his pursuer the slip) (And disappeared) (But) (Does anybody saw Lee Jun?) (He is disappeared from camera and his VJ) Jun (Where is he) Rather moving to the museum could be favorable (But this muscle chaser is blocking the way to museum) Let’s wait here Sound will come At least once (Yooruce Willis moves forward) (But) (Second alarm) (Jihyo is surprised too) (Sukjin heard that in the hallway) (Still Lee Jun is missing) (He heard this time) (It’s near here) (Muscle chaser follows the place of origin of the sound) (Where Jaesuk hided) (Jongkook is there) (Jongkook moved up) (Instinct of master of hide and seek) (This is the only chance to get out of here) (Yooruce Willis enforces to escape) (Stable jumping ability) (Faster than anybody when he’s escaping) (Pioneer of hide and seek) (Jaesuk escaped the palace) Did you see Jongkook going up there? (Meanwhile) (We still can’t find Jun) You should film (Jun is there) (He came back to the camera after 20 minutes) (Soon his secret place is revealed) (He hides again without VJ) (Gary moved back to museum from the palace) (Left time) (Where Lee Jun is hiding) (3rd alarm) (Alarm sound comes from the stairs of hallway) (Bad luck… as soon as he appeared) Hey (As soon as he meets his VJ, runs) (Junkyu and Haha move too) (Jun hides to the deep hallway) (Dead end) (Haha found Seokjin) (Caught by Junkyu) (Seokjin out) (Jun out) Where were you hiding? I got out later cause it was too scary (Here) (20 minutes?) (Yooruce Willis heads toward the museum) (As the expert of the hide and seek looks inside) Seokjin is caught He saw me (Make a U turn to the palace again) (Victoria came out to catch him) (Left time) (Gary joins catching Jaesuk) (Alarming sound comes from near) I saw him (Victoria gets near to Jaesuk) (Jaesuk’s alarm) Victoria is behind You were here (Emergency of Yooruce Willis) (Victoria laughs) (I can’t over this Diehard) Haha (Haha moves again) 2nd floor (He’s the rat in the trap) (Many crisis) (Name he got after many despair) (Hide and seek’er Yooruce Willis) (But) I caught him (But he didn’t get the glory of god) (Jaesuk out) Rather being caught by Kim Jongkook I’d be caught by Haha (Useless sense of rival) Thank you for supporting Diehard people Yooruce Willis ends like this Sorry (But later he revives) (At the same time, Gwangsoo) (Jongkook circles around) (Dying) (Alarming sounds come out again) (This time they heard right) (Better than Yooruce Willis) (Alarm worked before 5 minutes) (Hope nobody heard this) (But) (Jongkook got the feeling) (Beast) (Gwangsoo desperately escapes) (Succeed escaping?) (Gwangsoo disappeared) (He was hidden in the grass again) (Gwangsoo out) This is unfair (4th victim) (Left time) (Now only Jihyo left) Jihyo please (Last hope of the blue team) (Is in the 3rd exhibit) (50 minutes before) (She came in this quiet place) (Made the shield) (Hides) (Left time) (Red team hurries) Less than 2 minutes left (Red team needs to catch only one member) (Found some space) (He comes closer) (Left time) (Race over) (1 hour lasting hide and seek is over) (Heroine of today, Jihyo) (Where was she?) (Blue team obtained 2 running balls)

24 thoughts on “[RUNNINGMAN BEGINS] [EP 8-2] | HIDE AND SEEK with ALARM (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ (ENG SUB)

  1. SBS RUN A FULL HD SERIES OF RM BEGINS, give modern day rm a new episode every two weeks and run the old ones in between alternate style. This not only lets the writers who OBVIOUSLY have no ideas left some time, but also might breath life back into the members themselves to readjust their characters. If they need time to regain their past energy, then give them all they need. The structure of long interview in one location, game in location to split teams, long explanation that guests obviously don't understand, game (which is one of only like 2-3 games) which is either played at the restaurant if its big enough or on the bus, and then the final location is just dog shit. What RM used to be was a concoction of various sub units, this not only allows guests to open up and be more intimate with their team members but also builds up camaraderie.

    What it is now is stale and boring and we've been watching basically the exact same thing for about 30 episodes now. Interview where they insult kwangsoo for no reason, dog on kwangsoo or sukjin to the guests with varying and increasing levels of inappropriate jokes. Dog on yang se chan for being ugly, and have so min act like she wants to marry the guest.

    Trust when I say that if you guys at SBS air the older episodes, you'd probably dominate viewership easily. I easily see ep 1-250 RM surpassing 10% again if you air it today.

  2. We miss this. 😍 and i miss the time when fair screentime for all casts , and obviously guest should be given spotlight…😌 but im not sure now haha. Anyway, congratulations for ur fan meeting in Korea 😘

  3. Let's also appreciate the VJ's who are running along with the Running Man casts 🤣 They're also tired from running ang catching up with the Running Man casts. 🤣🙏

  4. OH MY! i’ve been searching for this episode since last year and i couldn’t find it and it finally showd itself to me

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