Russian football hooligans fight – young Zenit vs Ataka CSKA Saint-Petersburg

What are you watching? go here Gray, come here Yes look pissed already Look at his eyes opta Let’s jump let’s let’s Jump! Come on! Come on, come on, come on let’s Come on, come on, come on, let’s work Minor small blyat Minor, rose fucking Minor, stood up! Minor, stood up! Help Minor, rose fucking Jeka, rose Jack stood up Let’s get up, get up Minor fucking Small fight Krasava! Oh! Oh, handsome KrasAvia Come on, guys fight Come on! Krasava! In ebalo Work, work krasava Come on! Come on, Eighth Come on, Eighth let’s So handsome. Come on, Eighth Let’s catch up With his feet Come on Finish Him Come with his feet On his feet, with his feet, with his feet hold it With legs! So do not bother fucking Get up. Minor, fight fucking boys Fuck full Hey, Bob, let us work Behind with legs! Correctly! With his legs to fuck Kidneys with his feet, like this And now, with his feet in ebalo And now yes like that And once again in the kidneys Yet Help, Bob, let’s fucking more Vebi you to him, so he did not get up to fuck fuck stronger fuck Come on, come on, come on Come on, Bob, let’s Fuck! Jump! Help the Has finished, Three, finished off on his dick to fuck Strong, strong, Vasya, stronger Jump on it jump That’s how come Jump once more Let’s jump fuck kidney Kidney, kidney Kidney, kidney his feet Otbey his dick Fourteenth let’s boys Guys, down With their feet finish off with a leg What you do huilu? Throw the bitch Come on, come on, come on Yes Man What are you fucking? down Do Fuck what you got? let’s You what? Where are you going? Where to go on a dick? Where to go on a dick? Kidneys vebi you here to fuck it What have you got on the dick? Come on, let’s hit him seek his Hit him, hit him Fuck on the dick Here Come on What do you regret it? Come on, come on. fucking Like this Come on, come on, come on, come on let’s Come on, come on Jump on it, jump Jump, Little Jump on his dick Let all finish case let’s Jump on it, jump Come on, come on, come on With his legs let Misha, handsome, Misha Let’s fucking go Dobey Zhenya, help Help the bitch Go dohuyarivay optit With feet in ebalo With legs like that

16 thoughts on “Russian football hooligans fight – young Zenit vs Ataka CSKA Saint-Petersburg

  1. Was für Lappen. Diese dummen Kinder….da hat wohl die Erziehung nicht funktioniert. Vermutlich sind die Eltern genauso dämlich.

  2. Die in gelb(Zenit?), was für Wixer u. der Kommentator wo anstachelt gehört als erstes weg gemacht diese MisSgeburt!!!Hirnloser Abschaum!!They mean they have win,but they are the greatest looser!!!!!

  3. Промойте мозги мутику под №8! Что за дичь у оппонента на голове прыгать!

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