Russian Major League Season 3 Vlog #2

— It’s a flying camera!
— Wow, such a great special effect! Do you remember… We’re doing it now all the same. Breaking the archives, driving off, leaving the JoyStiCK solo And then you can effectively plant the bomb Just securing that angle Who was that Mozzie picker? It’s not interesting to watch If the score is 14:0, then it’s bullshit Our game should start at 18:40 What time is it? And now it’s only 15:45 and there’s second map already with 4:0 score But there will be break for 2 minutes. 2 minutes, guys! I hope that if it’ll begin earlier they will give more breaks Year, hour-long I hoped that this game will be more interesting This one… but no ShepparD, have you seen the poster with phrase “I want to see the ShepparD’s interview”? — Yeah
— Where is it then? — There’s none and never ever will be
— Oh how I want to see that interview Me too! ShepparD: Who the hell?
cameraman: Who the hell? (laughs) I’ve taken the blue bar’s door I’ve checked the green wall, and there was nothing there He hid maximum to the right, just near the wall That was a total fail Buck left, they’ve open the door and I was just like: Amen. They will not let you go I thought that they would attack you from above — I thought so too!
— And that guy was just countering the corner And when you’ll run away he kills you Our strategy… we will not use it until bootcamp ever again Super slow strat Scyther enters the big window, activates Lion gadget Eveyone thinks it’s fast push We’re entering through the VIP and everyone is there sitting and waiting That Mozzie guy… If the Scyther told you the info, you’d killed him He was waiting in the VIP near the guitar You could’ve shot him through. But Scyther told you nothing I don’t want to analyze it We’ve won Coastline with 7:4 score Coastline was easy, everything was under control despite 7:4 score The only hard round was When I’ve been lost in smokes, knifed someone and then droped dead That was Gorilla 3000 passed by Another round was when I’ve blowed myself up Wanna know why I did it? Because I didn’t bring my keyboard to not make it so easy I’ve played with default keyboard that was there, I’ve enjoyed it I’ve misplayed the buttons, tried to throw C4 and to win a round by doing it and I’ve pressed G and you’ve seen what it led to. Ending line. You can go to hotel, we’ll join you there What are you doing here? Let’s go Everyone’s waiting. You can give your interview there The best game is obviously the most awaited, most viewed Everyone was waiting for Empire vs forZe, now you’ve seen it as default I mean, default try-harding, nerve-breaking We’ve lost Coastline a bit, we were not agressive enough. — We’ve won Consulate.
— I’m shocked! But Bank was top notch It was very interesting to play and to witness We’ve been playing vs Empire toe-to-toe, but we were a bit weaker Let’s think of this game as grand repetition before the grand final We’ve lost sadly 2 or even 3 first rounds, it was heartbreaking But then we’ve managed to brace ourselves. As expected The real fun starts tomorrow We’re gonna chill at bo5 as hard as we can First we’ll train with some tough guys like Unique or CrowCrowd and then we will show you some real chill-show. Half of banana! (unaudible) And the second half for your friend? Yeah, so he can carry hard too And the winners of RML Season 3 is Team Empire! Our next step is to get ready for Six Inivtational 20202 Actually we were not prepared to play Russian Major League We were playing it lite-style We had no hard aim to win this tournament Or it’ll be the end of the world To tell you the truth, for us RML was a test if we’re still on low moral period or not It seems we’re fine by now Even when there were some failed rounds no tilt happened, everything was fine And you can see the result. It’s an unreal gunnery! So cool! Especially beats. Beats are so chill! Beats at winter RML were better! And these beats are childplay level. Why do you think the final game was so easy? Because of you or because of forZe? There are too many factors and it’s hard to name them all. First of all, we were not confident enough when playing the first map and that’s it, actually. That’s all, really! There were many clutches that gave us boost to morale and debuffed the morale of forZe Also, forZe played bo3-series before and though it was not hardcore enough it still costed them some strength. Also, we’ve played vs forZe before that and it was much more hardcore and equal. Winning bo5 versus them was so much easier, in my opinion Earlier they fighted vs us at bo3 series like wolves and our chance of losing was so high! Especially on the last map when we were losing with 6-7 score, or something like that They could have showed the better skill — But something went wrong
— Next time, I hope! This tournament cost us not that much strength. We will continue to train as usual. Nothing new! The peak of training activity will be before the Six Invi. … on the bootcamp… We’ll sit on the bootcamp and that’s it!

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