Russian Rustic Wooden Coffee Table Made of Stump DIY

So I finished the preparatory phase – working with a chainsaw it was even easier than I thought. But still a bit of a tired arm. But I liked it. Now for continuation of
I will need the knives. To do this, I went to the store and I advised one of the models. Very sharply. Neatly. It will last for a long time. Here you go
for your works-how many you are going a 100 units do? No, one yet. You do not have to sharpen at all. Yes, it’s ready to go! What are you there for the event? And we decided last Saturday of the month to arrange the lecture. It’s good for us, too. On the street it is very cold today minus 11 degrees, so I decided to make big mess at home near the fireplace. And
at the same time I will smack my garbage fireplace. I’m done making this coffee table. Initially, I wanted it to be simple natural color. But in the process
coating it with oil containing wax it turned out that his imperfect
rotten fibers became even more clearly visible. That me get back a little upset and
so I decided to tone everything with white wax This slightly concealed his imperfections. Of course it may be worthwhile to find other, more fresh foams, but in
the woods I haven’t found. Or could this particular stump to cover dark
oil, black or oak color But that’s what I did, and that’s what I’m gonna have. All goodbye and thank you for watching. Until next time!

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